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What is Firefox supposed to do?
  • Advertisers are already tracking everyone. Firefox is providing another option to help preserve privacy. You still have the option to disable or block anything you want, Firefox hasn't taken that away. This doesn't effect you, it effects the average user who doesn't already block everything. I don't see how having a new option that helps preserve your privacy is a bad thing. The goal would be for this to catch on, and then eventually be able to prevent more personal tracking that occurs through cookies today. It would be a net benefit.

  • What's the best reason to vote for Trump?
  • A lot of people are very religious and oppose abortion. And that is literally the only issue they care about. Trump stacked the Supreme Court and got abortion made illegal in many states. They love him for that.

    Some people think he's stronger on the economy. They just think "look at all this inflation we've had under Biden! It wasn't like this when Trump was in control." Of course they can't think far enough to realize that perhaps a global pandemic caused this inflation and there was little that Biden could have done to stop it.

    I think those are the big two reasons. But then there is the propaganda. People are made to believe that crime is running rampant despite the fact that violent crime is actually relatively low compared to in the past. Illegal immigrants are vilified as criminals who are bringing drugs and crime into the country while taking advantage of government benefits. The propaganda says that Democrats are the cause of these problems, and Trump is the solution. Tons of people fall for it. And Democrats are really bad at counter-propaganda.

  • The answer to your Google search may depend on where you live
  • The article is quite interesting and has nothing to do with Google customizing results based on location, which many commenters seem to be assuming. Rather, the article is taking about how you can get dramatically different results by searching for the same thing in different languages. While that is pretty obvious, since the "same word" in two different languages is effectively 2 entirely different words to a computer, there are some interesting implications to it.

  • [Discussion] What is your price range when you get a new phone?
  • I don't think I have ever paid more than $300 for one.

    I bought a pixel 3a discounted to $300 when it was maybe a year old. Then when the 6a came out, I was able to trade in the 3a for a $300 credit, so ended up getting the 6a for maybe $150. Before that, I had a Nexus 5 which I also bought at $300 and held onto for years.

  • What made you stop watching anime and why?
  • Back in the 90s, TV kind of sucked, so I got really into anime because I found the stories really original and entertaining. After several years of watching way too much anime, it became apparent that it was also full of tropes and unoriginality, the same stories repeated with slight tweaks. I eventually stopped watching for the most part. In recent years I have started watching anime again on occasion. There is a lot of good content to watch these days, and sometimes anime is good too.

  • Inside the 'Nightmare' Health Crisis of a Texas Bitcoin Town
  • Well there is not really any reason to speculate if you read the article. They say it's the sound. It reaches 90 decibels right outside of people's homes. Some people are literally losing their hearing, and doctors in the article say that exposure to loud sounds can cause all of these heart issues.

  • As an outsider, please explain me how people like Biden and Trump are allowed to run for president of the most powerful nation in the world?
  • Well for one, there are no laws to prevent them from running. But as for why it's them, as opposed to other candidates, the parties have elections (called primaries) to decide which candidate they will put forward in the general election. These two candidates got more votes in the primaries than any of their opponents. In the case of Biden, he was an incumbent, and no one generally runs against the incumbent of their own party, so he wasn't really competing with anyone.

  • AI's Future Hangs in the Balance With California Law
  • This bill seems somewhat misguided. How in the hell is something like a large language model going to cause a mass casualty incident? What I am more worried about is things that could more realistically pose a danger. What if robotic dogs patrolling the border have machine guns mounted on their backs, then a child does something unexpected and the robot wipes out an entire family? What if a self driving car suddenly takes off at full speed through a parade? They are trying to slot AI into everything now, and it will inevitably end up in some places that are going to cause loss of life. But chatbots? Give me a break.

  • Nintendo Refuses to Use Generative AI in Their Games|Game8
  • I guess I just don't see the appeal. If I wanted to interact with an AI, I can do it right now without launching a game to do it. And pointless NPCs are already one of the most annoying parts of games for me. I don't want to waste my time reading meaningless dialogue from 100 characters trying to find the 1 person who will actually let me advance and continue playing the game. It will be even worse when they are all taking an unlimited stream of shit instead of 1 or 2 canned responses, because it will just be even harder to know who is wasting your time.

  • 12-year-old's death at North Carolina wilderness camp ruled a homicide

    A 12-year-old boy who died at a North Carolina wilderness camp was smothered, according to an autopsy that was released on Monday.

    The autopsy shows the boy's death is now being reported as a homicide. The child was found dead at Trails Carolina on Feb. 3. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services revoked the facility's license in May, saying it failed to comply with state regulations. The department said the camp failed to follow state law regarding the rights for people living with mental illness, developmental disabilities or substance abuse.

    An April report by the state found that the camp failed to check if the boy was breathing while requiring him to sleep in a "bivy," a small sleeping-bag-like tent, that was covered by a plastic sheet. At some point, staff determined "there was an issue" with the zipper, according to NBC News. An unidentified staff member assigned to sleep next to the boy heard someone "breathing heavily" at one point, but couldn't determine if it was the boy or another employee.

    Staff members called 911 when the boy did not respond to attempts to wake him and emergency personnel were unable to revive him, the camp said at the time.

    In the wake of the boy's death, Trails Carolina was barred from taking in new admissions and all existing children were removed from the facility. Amidst the investigation, a former student sued the program, claiming staff members dismissed her claims of sexual assault by another camper in 2016.


    My monitor has a headphone jack in the back. Can I use it only sometimes without having to plug/unplug it?

    I would occasionally like to use (wired) headphones, but 90% of the time I am fine with just hearing the audio that comes out of the crappy monitor speakers. If I plug the 3.5mm cable into the monitor's headphone jack (even without headphones attached), then no audio will come out of the speaker anymore.

    It is really cumbersome to plug and unplug the cable from the monitor, because I have to pull my desk away from the wall and bend upside down to even be able to see the port where I am supposed to plug it in.

    Is there some simple solution to this problem, or am I just stuck using one or the other? I have a small desk and don't really have room for external speakers.


    'Muppets Treasure Island' edited to 'Toy-Box - The Sailor Song'


    I finished visiting all 41 of North Carolina's state parks!

    I just want to give a shout out to North Carolina's fantastic State Park system. These parks are completely FREE to visit! It was such a surprise when I went to parks in SC and VA that required entrance fees.

    Me and my wife started our journey through the parks with Jockey's Ridge back around 2018, and just finished up with the Great Dismal Swamp a few days ago. Along the way, we got to explore a great number of places in North Carolina that we otherwise would have never gone to, finding lots of cool towns and local shops and restaurants.

    While not every one of the 41 parks was an amazing experience, by and large they were a great way to explore and learn more about this great state!

    Personal Finance Zarxrax

    (USA) Do supplemental cancer/critical illness policies make sense?

    Me and my wife are in our 40s, and currently in good health. I get insurance through work, but it's a high deductible plan. I have enough in my health savings account to cover the out of pocket maximum for a few years.

    Cancer does run in my family, so I was considering a cancer policy. My grandmother has one with Aflac, and she received a good payout when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have seen that she also only has to pay a few hundred dollars per year for her policy, which seems pretty reasonable.

    However, I never really hear these policies discussed much online. Can it make financial sense to purchase? (And I guess I would keep paying it for the rest of my life) Or are these something that should be stayed away from?


    What is actually up with the tournament mode in SF6?

    Is this thing just broken, or what? They locked 3 achievements behind the mode, but I almost never see any tournaments being held. I saw one a while back but it was at some ungodly hour in my timezone, so I couldn't participate. Then they held another one today which I thought I would be able to play. I went into the battlehub shortly before the tournament, registered, and then... at the appointed time, it tells me I was removed from the tournament because I was not in the battle hub. Even though I was standing there the entire time!


    Thoughts on the TMNT DLC?

    So, the TMNT content came out of nowhere and was a nice surprise. But along with the Onitsuka Tiger thing, it's clear that Capcom is going to do a lot of sponsorships and product placement along these lines going forward.

    As for myself, I generally don't care much about cosmetic items. I might spend a few bucks here or there if I think something is really cool, but I'm generally not going to engage in purchasing that type of content. It's still fun to walk around the battle hub and see other people using it though.

    However, the prices on this content absolutely floored me. I figure a reasonable price for the entire bundle of content would be about $10 maybe. But just a single skin costs closer to $20 (and you can't straight up buy them, you have to purchase the coins which are only available in certain denominations, so you are left with leftover coins). These skins are almost replicas of each other, they just have different weapons and mask colors! But each one has to be bought separately? And if you want to buy just the mask, each color has to be bought separately?? What happened to the dyes that you can find in game?

    I get that it's just cosmetic content, so no one NEEDS it. But it just seems like a dumbass move for them to try charging so much. What are your thoughts? Anyone purchased it?


    BlindWarriorSven wins set at EVO

    I was not aware of this player before now, but I think it's really awesome that Street Fighter has such good audio and accessibility features to allow all types of people to enjoy the game.


    Court denies Texas Pete hot sauce maker’s request to dismiss lawsuit accusing North Carolina manufacturer of false advertising

    A California court says it won’t buck the false advertising case against the maker of North Carolina-based hot sauce Texas Pete, meaning this battle is only just heating up.

    Filed by plaintiff Phillip White on Sept. 12, a class action lawsuit claims that T.W. Garner Food Co. is deceptively marketing Texas Pete as a Texan product when it’s actually made in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. White’s complaint, filed on behalf of all people in the U.S. who have purchased Texas Pete, asks the court to force Texas Pete to change its name and branding and to give money to past customers.

    15 Voters Can Now Get Free Photo ID Cards from County Boards of Elections

    Registered voters who do not have an acceptable identification card for voting in North Carolina can now go to their county board of elections office to get a free ID.

    Registered voters who do not have an acceptable form of identification for voting purposes can now get a free photo ID from their county board of elections office. No special documents are needed. Voters will simply provide their name, date of birth, and the last four digits of their Social Security number, and have their photo taken.

    In most counties, voters will be able to get an ID printed and given to them on the spot. A few counties may need to get the required information from the voter, take their photo, then mail the ID card to the voter or inform the voter that the ID card is ready to be picked up, whichever the voter prefers.


    Not seeing all comments

    When using Connect, I don't see all of the comments. I was just looking at a post where the counter showed over 40 comments, but I counted them and only saw about 16. Then I opened up the same post in my web browser and I was able to see all of the comments there.


    Is Asuka preparing to leave WWE?

    Asuka recently posted a video on her YouTube channel where she meets with an architect to discuss plans for building a huge house in Japan where she will be able to enjoy playing video games.

    It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that one would go through with unless she were planning to actually be able to live there and enjoy it.

    Could this mean that we might be seeing her final run in the WWE right now?


    InvokeAI 3.0 released

    It's looking really good! Major features include controlnet, support for SDXL, and a whole bunch of other cool things.



    (Official) Street Fighter 6 Character Guide - Rashid

    CordCutters - a place for those who have unsubscribed from traditional cable TV or satellite service Zarxrax

    Peacock announces price increase Peacock’s prices are going up in August

    The price hikes go into effect on August 17th.

    Peacock’s prices are going up in August

    Premium increasing by $1 per month, while Premium Plus has an increase of $2 per month.

    1 North Carolina medical marijuana bill likely dead for this year, House speaker says

    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- Legislation that would legalize marijuana use for medicinal purposes in North Carolina is probably dead for the rest of this year's General Assembly session, House Speaker Tim Moore said Tuesday, citing opposition by many fellow Republicans in his chamber.


    support for ruby annotation for Japanese Lemmy supports ruby annotations (furigana) in markdown as of 0.18.1: {学校|がっこう} -

    You can now use furigana in your posts via the DenDen Markdown syntax for furigana. If you write the following markdown {学校|がっこう} It will come out like this: 学校がっこう


    Some post titles display weirdly

    When browsing some communities, I would notice post titles full of urls and stuff. At first I thought these might be spam or something, and then I noticed that they look a lot different from the mobile site.

    Trying to post images here, hopefully this works.




    Which interface are you primarily using for Stable diffusion?

    I was using stable diffusion a lot previously, but haven't really touched it in the past several months. I was wondering what interfaces people are using these days?

    Automatic1111 still seems to be popular, and that's the one I am most familiar with. I know there are some others now though, like comfy, and I guess maybe invokeAI is still going?


    What's up North Carolina? What are your summer plans?

    Have any cool plans for the upcoming July 4 holiday? How about any fun vacation plans (within NC) coming up?