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[Post-Match Thread] Manchester United v.s. Arsenal F.C.
  • What an absolute stinker. Can’t believe we won that. Definitely worst game I can remember in a very long time, can’t really find any positive, other than the opposite team luckily being ManU so they couldn’t punish us.

    Haven’t checked any statistics but it must have been the game with most lost balls in the season?

  • Content / Image posting restrictions (based on network)
  • All my devices and networks are constantly on VPN, it’s just basic obscurity, and it’s such a hassle posting on Lemmy now - my activity is probably down 90%.

    Could you please consider allowing basic text posts and / or comments from behind a VPN? You could even disallow all markdown - that’s a decent trade off for my sake.

    But please don’t just block all VPN usage if there are options you have not explored yet.

  • Am I the only one whose "shorts" feed is all basically softcore porn?
  • I had hoped that my last sentence showed my post was clearly in jest. The factual information was just needed to set up the joke. Neither hostility nor condescension was applied.

    In fact, the avid reader might catch that I have implied myself in the group of people causing OP’s annoying trouble with light-clothed females since I too am here - presumably a tech nerd like OP and meddling with the algorithms affecting him by clicking on unsavory content.

  • Am I the only one whose "shorts" feed is all basically softcore porn?
  • Well that’s just not how recommendation algorithms work. A part of it will be content based, directly related to what the user can be associated with.

    However, the largest part is collaboration based filtering of content. That means, our user is put in a group based on his other preferences, let’s assume nerdy tech stuff, and then is shown content that he has not liked yet but his group of peers has, meaning he could probably like it too.

    In other words - he’s not the one in fault here, YOU are (you pretty much have to be nerdy tech folks to be here).

    Please, could everyone here stop clicking on this stuff so that OP don’t have to be associated with your filthy behavior, thank you.

  • Adobe putting spam in notification tray on Windows
  • I can hardly remember the last time any notification was not some kind of spam or self-notification.

    I turn 99.95% of notifications off on any platform. The worst offenders are the apps that will show me a permanent in-app notification that I have turned off notification permissions… especially those that do so blocking the regular UI of the app to tell me this. Even some apps I’ve paid for do this. I condemn those to the deepest pits of app-hell.

  • Can no longer swipe back to inbox on iOS

    Proton announced some new optional way to swipe automatically to next email, that you could turn on in settings.

    I can not find any setting to turn this on or off. However, since it was announced, the default swipe changed. When I open an email, I can no longer swipe back to the inbox. I can swipe to next message if it is not the last.

    This brakes my primary way to navigate, and it was not announced, and I can’t change it back. It’s extremely annoying.

    It’s also different from how Mail, Outlook and Gmail works, which all have the swipe action proton used to have, where you swipe back to the inbox.

    Great job
  • Alas. They have said they plan to open some of the source and potentially everything, but it’s little progress.

    They recently ported to Linux, which I think will give them much more negative feedback here, so hopefully with more pressure they’ll find the correct copy left license and open up their source to build trust.

  • Great job
  • There are two modes of AI integrations. The first is a standard LLM in a side panel. It’s search and learning directly in the terminal, with the commands I need directly available to run where I need them. What you get is the same as if you used ChatGPT to answer your questions, then copied the part of the answer you needed to your terminal and run it.

    There is also AI Command Suggestion, where you’ll start to type a command / search prefixed by # and get commands directly back to run. It’s quite different from auto-complete (there is very good auto-complete and command suggestion as well, I’m just talking about the AI specific features here).

    It’s just a convenient placement of AI at your fingertips when working in the terminal.

  • Great job
  •! It’s the best terminal I’ve used so far, and the best use of AI as well! It’s extremely useful with some AI help for the thousands of small commands you know exist but rarely uses. And it’s very well implemented.

  • Et tu, Guinnéss?
  • A non-standardized amount of grams of alcohol in a standard drink.

    Each country have their own definitions, usually between 8-14g somewhere, and then each country use that to create their own health rules of how many standard units of alcohol can be part of a healthy nutrition guidelines / low-risk consumption guidelines.

  • [Jellyfin] Announcing Finamp's Redesign Beta (v0.9.2-beta) Release Announcing Finamp's Redesign Beta (v0.9.2-beta) · jmshrv/finamp

    Hi everyone! We're incredibly excited to announce that we're launching a beta of Finamp's redesign today. This is a major update to the app, and we're looking for feedback from anyone willing to tr...

    Release Announcing Finamp's Redesign Beta (v0.9.2-beta) · jmshrv/finamp

    > Hi everyone! We're incredibly excited to announce that we're launching a beta of Finamp's redesign today. This is a major update to the app, and we're looking for feedback from anyone willing to try it out before we roll it out to everyone.

    > The beta is a work-in-progress, there are several new features already, but we will be adding more features over time.

    Looks very nice!

    Proton Privacy's annoying SoMe campaigns

    I love Proton Privacy as a company, and most of their products.

    However, I hate their current SoMe campaign of just ranting and bashing on every other company out there. It’s so negative.

    Is more negativity really what we need? Can’t you just be positive and talk about all your good stuff - are you 100% sure the only way to grow is to do negative campaigns on everyone else?

    I’d really love for you to be different ❤️

    Week view for Calender on mobile

    Is there really no way to view a week and / or work week on the Proton Calendar on mobile (iOS)? Who is only interested in either a day or month view? It’s just so weird, I feel I have missed a setting somewhere obvious.

    Even the new beta desktop app provides a week view, even though a work week view is still missing there too.

    Proton Mail desktop should hide web and give desktop menus

    I'm fine with the Proton Mail desktop client being an Electron app, but it still need to use desktop-based interactions. For example, when right clicking on the inbox, I expect to see options to mark all as read etc. - not an Inspect Element menu (that actually works and opens up devtools inside Proton Mail).

    And to those that can't cope with 3981 unread emails - I've just imported from Gmail, and a lot of them appeared as unread, which is why I'm now looking for a way to mark all as read.

    What's the best way to secure tickets up front?

    I want to travel to London and catch a game some time in February - April.

    The only options I can find from Norway to purchase currently costs around £700 per ticket.

    Is it really that expensive? I just have no clue about prices or how to purchase tickets. As I’ll have to secure flight seats and hotels soon to get a good deal, I’d like to secure game tickets up front as well.

    How do you do it? Do I register as part of some official game club? Do I have to wait in a queue? Do I have to pay with my liver if I want to secure tickets up front?

    API / URL to check if I'm on ProtonVPN

    Has Proton added this yet? Most competitors I’ve used always had it. Just go to some url and it will tell you if you’re on Proton.

    So far I’ve just been told to check my ip - this is cumbersome and often impractical. I don’t want to break my connection to compare, I’m on my mobile and VPN is on the WiFi router so if I just disconnects from WiFi that will send me to my carrier network so I can’t compare with the WiFi, I may have VPN also on mobile and want to verify that I stay on proton both on and off WiFi, etc.

    I think first of all, there should be a clear message when visiting proton sites if I’m on their vpn or not, at least on ProtonVPN, and there should also be a separate url like that tells me just this and is easy to curl etc.

    Proton Drive for macOS support thread

    On Reddit, someone was mentioning information and questions in a Drive for macOS channel somewhere, but i can’t find it.

    Are there other channels / forums than Reddit / Lemmy where such discussion are taking place? X? - I’d hate to have to reinstall it.

    Edit: Also, I guess, this could stay as a thread for the topic here on Lemmy.

    Christian Selig launched Pixel Pals 2 today Pixel Pals 2 Brings an Interactive Friend to Your Home Screen Widgets

    Apple in iOS 17 added interactive Home Screen widgets for the first time, and developer Christian Selig is using the new functionality to make his...

    Pixel Pals 2 Brings an Interactive Friend to Your Home Screen Widgets

    > I just released Pixel Pals 2! 🎉 With iOS 17 you now have a FULL virtual pets experience where you can add and battle friends, and play full games, like PixelQuest, 2048, and Eternal Stroll, all right on your literal home screen! (Plus fidget spinners, mech keyboards, and more!)

    Introducing Proton CAPTCHA Introducing Proton CAPTCHA | Proton

    We developed our own CAPTCHA service to ensure it is secure, respects privacy, and optimized to be usable by everyone. Find out how it works.

    Introducing Proton CAPTCHA | Proton

    > At Proton, we’re always working on new and innovative ways to protect the privacy and data of the Proton community.

    Yeah, I guess that’s nice. I do like Proton.

    I’d love for Proton to focus on completing some current services and make them actually usable though.

    1 million files in Apple Photo library without any issues

    Just in case you wondered how many photos you really can have in your Apple Photos library, I can report that I have so far added 1 000 264 Photos and 10 242 Videos without any issues.

    I’m fairly impressed and happy about it since all I could find was that it should support up to 100.000 photos, with a few reasoning about the limit being increased to 300.000 on modern hardware.

    !1 000 264 Photos, 10 242 Videos in Apple Photos

    I’m running this on my MacBook Pro M2 Max with 64 GB ram.

    Most formats gets converted to HEIC and HEVC on import, which are staggeringly effective compared to their original formats. The whole library file still only takes up 1.7TB, which is much less than expected. The original source on my NAS is around 5.6 TB.

    Edit: Maybe I should add that I do not recommend this, and view it as an experiment for now. I’m still importing data. If it’s still stable and performant after a year and some OS updates then I can start recommending it.

    Is it possible to let selected app icon also apply to the iOS app bar?

    Setting the app icon for Voyager seems to only apply to the icon shown for the app on the selected screen, but it does not for example apply to the icon shown for the running apps carousel.

    Show and undo hidden posts?

    Sometimes I accidentally hide posts by swipe gesture.

    These posts are forever gone :/

    Can functionality be added so that we can see and unhide hidden posts?

    When will mail content search come to iOS ?

    I’ve moved most active and new accounts over to Proton, and I’d like to migrate all my old emails too, but before that I’ll need to be able to search mail content from mobile.

    This article covers the topic for desktop:

    I hardly ever use search or mail on desktop though - it’s usually on the go I’m looking for information.

    When is this coming to mobile apps?

    Status on macOS ProtonDrive beta? Delayed compared to expectations given.

    So, a month ago or so a limited windows client for proton drive was released for everyone, and at ca the same time this statement was given about macOS beta:

    > We'll be expanding the beta over the next days starting with visionary users and our goal is to release it all very soon.

    Further statements were made about how much quicker the rollout would be than for Windows.

    However, as a Visionary user, I’ve still heard nothing. Also, there are zero posts about macOS beta on Reddit, so it seems like hardly anyone have been given access to the beta so far.

    I don’t mind that it takes time. I just can’t fathom why it was necessary to tease it as just around the corner, making it seem like we would get it in a very short time?

    Who has anything to gain at all from these false promises? It’s annoying when a company I trust and rely upon does so poorly with communication.

    Cannot avoid geoblocks with Wireguard?

    Not long ago, Proton had a news blog or email I cannot find that said ProtonVPN had now expanded support for watching streaming services and content like Disney+, NRK etc in Norway, and I see this support article up:

    I always use Proton through WireGuard instead of through the official app since I use a custom DNS setup to avoid ads etc.

    Do you need to be on Protons app / DNS to get streaming to work?

    I wish Proton allowed for custom DNS in their iOS app and I wish they said something about streaming services and geo blocks in the app.

    Bought pre-season pass but can only watch live at night?

    So I thought it was worth it to buy the pre season pass so that I could watch the games afterwards instead of staying up at night.

    But I can’t find anywhere to do it, so… it’s not possible? Payment will only get me permission to stay up at night and watch the games live, and that’s it?

    Could Voyager support light theme better? The color on the top bar makes system text unreadable

    I use system auto theme on my iPhone, which means it switches between light and dark based on time of day (sun).

    On dark theme, Voyager is fine, but on light theme, Voyager has a color in the top bar that does not work.

    🍿 Just watching Voyagers github repo is Content enough, I no longer need Lemmy!

    Voyager has now reached a self-sustained rate of content generation from all the commits and pull requests to its source code repo, and no longer needs Lemmy as a source.

    Singularity next!

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