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  • Please consider creating an account and contributing occasionally. In the site OpenStreetMap.orgthe edit mode is very intuitive and easy, in addition there's Street Complete that makes a fun, quest like gamification for editing and adding information

  • Huge floors

    Do you know any mod or variant that has very big floors? It's bugs my curiosity if playing such a game would be intersting.

    I was also thinking how would it be that instead of 5 floors there would be one floor with the size of all 5? It would probably hurt some game mechanics such as the chasm, but maybe give opportunities for other mechanivs such as portals.

    What do you think?


    ShPD Shame on you!

    Just kidding, I love Shattered Pixel Dungeon, out of all tge PD mods it's the most interesting and joyful. But this mod from inverse_snake really adds a lot to the game. Called More Info Shattered Pixel Dungeon