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Biden's Middle East Policy Is Horrific. Trump's Would Be Even Worse
  • Sure is: Bottom-up reform and mass peaceful civil unrest in the form of large marches and demonstrations, to use a few magic button words. These do work. However, and I'm with our country's leadership on this thought process: They don't expect us to be able to pull it off.

  • Biden's Middle East Policy Is Horrific. Trump's Would Be Even Worse
  • We could vote for someone else. We just have to do three very important things:

    1. Stop bickering amongst ourselves.
    2. Come together under a single unified stratagem even if we don't all agree 100% on it. This can be substituted for coming under a unified banner.
    3. Continue pushing after the election has ended instead of the usual "Oop, election done. All good." and then panic four years later.

    ALL OF THESE, each individual step, are massive steps to expect and to take. Yet they are what would fix things. The biggest hurdle, in my opinion, is finding leaders people can rally behind. Because make no mistake: Anyone leading this would be in significant danger, and I think most people know that.

  • druletectives
  • puts on tinfoil hat

    Jessica Fletcher actually causes you to question your entire identity several weeks before suddenly hopping on a train and attending a book signing event she set up without her publicist knowing. Then when she arrives she bumps into one of your friends nowhere near the signing event, manipulates the conversation into talking about you, figures out where you work, shows up and claims that she was just passing by. After a couple days of back and forths while she tells everyone within earshot it was such a coincidence she was there at that time she, quite literally the night before her departure, tells you your life story and convinces you on the spot that you are indeed trans.

  • Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected
  • They're relevant. If someone is going to make a comparison between two or more things they should be ready to provide answers to inevitable questions. I asked them because I'm not as schooled on Gaza and Ukraine in reference to the Civil Rights Movement. I am legitimately curious and intrigued. I don't know how to ask them differently.

  • Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected
  • Since you are using the Civil Rights Movement as an example, are you able to point to parallels in the current situation beyond Gaza/Ukraine = Civil Rights situation? Who is the relevant MLK successor? Does this situation create a strong enough base to mimic the support the Civil Rights Movement did? Are there enough voting-aged people who are against the war and the genocide to tip the balance, and are we sure they won't choose to not vote as a way to further show support of Gaza? To add to the previous question: Does a war or a genocide on the other side of the planet have the same impact as the pain and suffering which caused to stand leaders such as MLK, Roy Wilkins, and John Lewis?

  • Pornhub drops some shocking gay adult content data just for Pride Month 2024
  • Oh no I didn't mean any sort of shaming. Only that this digital world creates new stressors and puzzles for both parent and child. A kid just hitting 15 has essentially grown up in a world where digital and anime characters influenced them. Many kids may attach some emotional prerequisite to those characters and unintentionally judge others based on that perspective. Moreover, hanging out in person after The Lost Years (Covid) is almost secondary to the ease of things like Snapchat and other obligations such as school bring.

    I don't envy any parent trying to work through this.

  • House Votes to Block U.S. Funding to Rebuild Gaza
  • Moreover, while a lesser evil is still an evil, we are in a situation where these are the choices we have. By choosing Biden we have a chance to shift the lesser evil towards a greater good. Though four years isn't a long time I sincerely feel we can make those changes if we just. stop. bickering. Cause fuck me if the Right won't come together just to nail someone to a cross. Most the rest of us will have heated arguments over whether day old spaghetti is better than fresh.

    Don't you dare. I see you starting to make spaghetti claims, dammit.

  • Todd Howard: 'We Don't Need to Rush' Next Fallout Game
  • I won't discount them unless an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game drops and is garbage. 76 has turned around into an actually enjoyable experience, for instance. At the same time I don't particularly care if a studio pumps out good or bad as there will still be idiots preordering and buying day 1. I am more than happy to wait for the reviews. A good game is a good game, and a bad one, bad. Who develops it makes no real difference apart from an expectation.

    Thaaaat saaaid: Todd, my dude, you do actually need to hurry up. A great entry into the Fallout universe would restore some of the old faith you have caused to fall away.

  • Pornhub drops some shocking gay adult content data just for Pride Month 2024
  • We humanize things that have traits we attach to. After all, many of us understand a dog is an animal and yet they are also often a part of our family in very human-like ways, including how we talk to them in complete sentences, and may even include them in conversation. So then it becomes less about physical attraction, which is certainly there for a lot of people and anime characters, it then becomes about an emotional bond. Absolutely none of this is a problem until it crosses that invisible threshold where that bond becomes more affection and eventually longing.

    Thankfully, most people stop at the bonding part where they enjoy a creator or a character and understand that is all it is: A Creation fundamentally distant from them.

  • Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected
  • Aaalright, where are you? Where are all the voices yelling "Genocide Joe"? Like, it's fine, you have your opinion. But also like Exhibit A: Trump literally saying he'll do this shit and worse. I want to hear your arguments. I'll even be nice in my replies. Explain to me how Trump is a better choice. Or how not voting somehow makes sense.

    I am legitimately curious. Expand my mind.

  • What does the world think of India?
  • I feel combining this with @[email protected] likely creates a fairly accurate sense for the place.

    India is, well...despite their historical advances in medicine and continued strong cultural fascination with academia, at some point they became nothing but call centers, distribution points, and scam centers. There is certainly more to India, though when I think of hacking, I think of China and Russia. When I think of scams, unfortunately India is top of the list.

  • Any day now Joe, c'mon man!
  • B-but it's the Democrat's fault!

    Says the people who

    a) Are secretly Republicans trying to act like insecure Democrats

    b) Try to find any reason to blame Biden, even if it's adjacent blame

    c) All the above