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  • I mean... DALL-E is capable to generate images where all text is correct...not always happens but ti can happen. That said here there is too much text I feel for that to happen. But nobody stops you from picking the AI generated image and add the text.

    Not saying this could or is generated by it, just saying that the text thing is not that much of a clue.

  • What a feeling that was
  • Shit I installed Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with 10 DVDs and let me tell you.... that's something I don't want back.

    Like if you want to provide a physical offline version give me a small USB drive or a Blu-ray but that one I know it's not common outside consoles and movies.

    And you needed a Microsoft Account and activate the CD Key anyway....which actually didn't allow to install the game downloading it. Like ok I get it the DVDs was for people to be able to do an offline install, ok... But don't force me to use them if I have access to internet.... Which actually you needed to setup the account and activate the CD key online anyway, the DVD only helped reduce your bandwidth usage.

    Who came up with this man??? Plus you need the first disk inserted to play like the old times... you have the damn CD key and Microsoft account to validate wtf... I swear... It was like travelling back in time but with extra hassles of today world on top.

  • just one more registration bro, on god
  • I guess is more data oriented than SQL Server alone no? Like I don't quite have in my mind what kind of presentations would be donde if it was just SQL Server, apart from presenting new features or similar... But that would be mostly exclusive to Microsoft and associates.

  • Yuzu developers agreed to pay $2.4 million in damages to Nintendo to settle their lawsuit
  • Nowhere? They will be bankrupt and shutdown the LLC. Whatever their LLC accounts has will go to Nintendo, and any other asset the same. But I doubt they had pretty much anything, maybe the latest Patreon payment and maybe some extra money to pay websites and maybe any office or similar if they rented anything.

  • Yuzu developers agreed to pay $2.4 million in damages to Nintendo to settle their lawsuit
  • I don't think it would been won in court by Nintendo, but it was a big risk for them which accepting this causes them 0 issues, they only lose whatever the company had and no repercussion to them personally. Of course they lost their jobs...

  • Fallout Vault Boy Wedding


    Everytime somebody mentions the loss comic