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What are you into on Destiny lately?
  • Not really playing a lot right now, but that's normal.

    Played a ton in the months leading up to the expansion to get all the loot I wanted before it was too late, got all the triumphs, etc. Then the expansion dropped, played throughout the campaign on legend with my friends and promptly burned out. Just in time for the Elden Ring DLC.

    Its the same thing that happens to me every year. I'll come back when were a few seasons in and all amusement park rides are running again.

  • [OC] An Agile Practitioner's guide to generating buy-in at your table - Tactician Series Part 2
  • ... Generating buy-in? I'm sorry but what?

    "It seems the things I do on the job translate well to my gaming tables..."

    What is this, /linkedinlunatics?

    If you're trying to push free advertising on a fedi board then please, leave that at the door. I play D&D to get away from my job, not to optimize engagements and maximise profits.

  • why do pharmacies have these signs with whacky animations?
  • They're slowing creeping in here in Denmark.

    There is one around the corner from where I live. It doesn't display anything but time and temperature (yet), but every time I walk past I secretly hope they've fired up the rave machine.

  • What YouTubers did you used to watch back then but not anymore?
  • To be fair, its probably pretty hard to stay ahead of the curve when your format is limited to "guy in kitchen / bar makes food / drink from relevant pop culture series / movie"

    That said, completely agree on Babish. Dude tried to grow his channel way too aggressively and burned out I think. Went from uploading a main video every week to showing up once a month at most, with regular uploads mostly featuring other people.

  • [email protected] to learn which political parties the companies you do business with support
  • One nitpick with this: This only applies to the US.

    I get that a large percentage of Lemmy (and Reddit, earlier on) are from the US, but it bugs me that things like this default to being US-centric without mentioning it.

    Awesome initiative, nonetheless!

  • Crypto Scammers Are Targeting Trump’s MAGA Supporters
  • That's brilliant.

    You know how once in a blue moon you look at news story that's sounds completely crazy and go "huh"? Like when buzzfeed suddenly started using all their clickbait money to fund good, legitimate journamism?

    This would be that.

  • Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2
  • That's the important bit that everybody is missing:

    Apple has suspended work on the second-generation Vision Pro headset to singularly focus on a cheaper model

    Clicking through to the paywalled article, the headlines reads as follows:

    Apple Suspends Work on Next Vision Pro, Focused on Releasing Cheaper Model in Late 2025.

    I am as unoptimistic on the future of VR as everybody else here, but can we please leave the nuance in? Apple are not turning the key on VR, at least not yet, they are simply doing the predicable thing that everybody said their would: Release a VR headset that isn't targeted at developers only.

  • In yesterday's posts, a few people complained about BG3's writing. Which games would you recommend for better story lines and characters?
  • Personally I enjoyed both the storyline and characters in BG3, but I also highly recommend Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

    The gameplay is tighter, owing to a more mechanically sound system (Pathfinder 1e versus D&D 5e), but also not as "free" as BG3. It's a lot more difficult, but it scales better too.

    With that out of the way, both the story and the characters are absolutely excellent. The game is an adaptation of the official Pathfinder adventure path of the same name published by Paizo. For the uninitiated, Paizo started out as the team within Wizards of the Coast that wrote and designed adventure modules. Wizards fired them, so they set up their own shop to keep writing kickass d&d campaigns.

    Wrath of the Righeous is no exception. The scope is enormous, and you really get that classic journey from lowly adventurer to god-killing hero. The characters are excellent and many, both in the party and supporting cast. I loved BG3, but I must admit that I find the villains and plot more compelling in Wrath.

  • Microsoft to test “new features and more” for aging, stubbornly popular Windows 10
  • Sure, will you call the it admin where I work and tell him I'm switching?

    I want to switch to Linux just as much as you, but at work I have literally zero influence over this. Private OS choice and enterprise / corporate are very different things, and businesses refusing to switch away from Windows is a very big reason why Microsoft's behaviour lately is a big deal.

  • You don't have to use gyroelongation
  • I knew this!

    On the off chance that one of you needs to model an Icosahedron / D20 in CAD, constructing three golden rectangles is often the easiest way to go, as it removes the need for calculating face angles.