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you can set your watch to it
  • It's Harris.

    The flood of articles about Harris following Joe stepping down isn't a coincidence, it's a coordinated PR maneuver to build support before the nomination becomes official.

    I was always going to reluctantly vote for Biden, and I'll reluctantly vote for Harris. And you should too.

    But that doesn't mean I am going to like it. Or that I'm going to shut up about valid criticism.

  • Dark mode’s bright future: How dark mode will transform Wikipedia’s accessibility
  • Light mode:
    Cons: blinds you when it's dark, is grating on the eyes, looks terrible
    Pros: can be used as a flashlight in a pinch

    Dark mode:
    Pros: looks cool, doesn't blind you, doesn't hurt your eyes, easy to read.
    Cons: cannot be used as a flashlight

  • Survey shows most people wouldn't pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware | 84% of people said no
  • So the trades have been unknowingly fucking with AI for decades, because of the time honored tradition of fucking with apprentices.

    A lot of forums are filled with absolutely unhinged advice, and sprinkled in there is some good advice. If you know what you're doing, you can spot the bullshit.

    But if you don't know anything about it, the advice seems perfectly reasonable. There's a skill in giving unhinged advice. Literally you can't get your master cert without convincing at least one apprentice to ask where the board stretcher is.

    Do I actually have a dedicated vise for Vaseline when I run a tap cycle or is that old timer bullshit? HOW WOULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW??

  • How is it possible that praline pecans have less calories than regular pecans?
  • Which is why you should never just look at calories.

    600 calories of candy bars and 600 calories of steak looks a lot different. But will weigh about the same. From memory, that will be about 2 and a half Snickers, and one 8 ounce steak.

    Trying to eat 600 calories of healthy green vegetables would see your jaw fall off before you finished chewing. About 6 heads of romaine lettuce to get you that far. Until you add dressing. Which, generally speaking, will have about 120 calories per ounce. A little more than a candy bar.

  • Secret Service decries rightwing blame on female agents over Trump shooting
  • The leopards part happens when Trump throws his own security detail under the bus to stir up his base, which if his past is anything to go by, he'll be doing shortly.

    THEN we can have the leopards meme about the secret service. Pop it back in guys it's not ready yet.

  • You Don't Need A Full-Size Pickup Truck, You Need a Cowboy Costume
  • I mean, I've moved quite a bit in a mini van, you'd be surprised what will fit in there. There are very few things I haven't been able to get in to the back of a minivan. Modern pick up trucks do not have the cargo capacity a minivan does.

    And if you're worried about it, cargo vans will absolutely be able to handle it. Just about anything you buy is going to be built to a size to accommodate shipping it.

    And, any big box store will happily rent you a pickup truck should that need ever arise. 25 bucks for the few hours you need it, if you're really worried about it.

  • OneDrive deleted my files!
  • I just want you to know that I tried to read this comment, got bored because it got technical, (user problem) and scrolled to the bottom to find the very helpful, important part, in giant letters and bolded. And I appreciate you.

  • 3/4 EM goes brrrrr


    Help me understand this effect

    This is an abrasive disk, rotating at 1500 rpm. When I shine my flashlight at it, it carries the glow with it, approximately halfway around the disk. What am I seeing happen here?


    So I'm at a mandatory holiday luncheon

    But they sent my area to a different building.

    I'm at a place I don't know, surrounded by people I've never met, and as it happens food I can't eat.

    I'm not allowed to leave.

    I'm supposed to feel appreciated.

    Keto Wogi

    I wish people would just leave me be when they want to provide food for everyone, a rant.

    It's the holidays, at my job I will be attending at a minimum 3 holiday meals on different days. They send around these little slips and we all vote on what to have.

    There's never anything available that I'll actually be able to eat.

    My diet, while not strictly keto, is at my doctor's recommendation. I've successfully eliminated any danger I faced due to rising blood sugar, and the jury is still out on carbs re-entering my diet in any significant capacity.

    I am fully aware of how difficult it can be to prepare food without carbs. Especially to someone who's never done it.

    At every opportunity I make it clear that I am perfectly happy, and I'm fact would prefer to simply feed myself. I get that they're trying to show appreciation, but I would appreciate knowing exactly what's in my food, rather than having to trust that everyone in the chain of people involved getting me a low carb meal knew exactly what that meant.

    I like my meals, I like how healthy I have become. I honestly have never really enjoyed the food they get anyway. Just let me do my thing goddamnit


    Paradox how could you


    D and D had multiple 10 episode seasons to get it done. Lucas did it in three movies.

    Anakin has a clear motive, and a logical progression from naive to evil.

    Danny just decides to lose her shit one day.

    The Expanse Wogi

    Books like the expanse?

    I'm 75% of the way through the last book in the series. I've read all of the novellas. What would you recommend next?

    Three only other series I can think of that's similar is the Three Body series from Cixin Liu.


    God damn you cipher


    If you're ever curious what the tool and die side looks like

    It looks like operators pointing sensors at the shoe instead of the part, pressing go and walking away.