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How to pre-order the Revised 2024 D&D core rulebook
  • No one knows the new crafting rules yet unless they were released in UA somewhere. I think they were just teasing them.

    From my understanding, the rules will be same or similar for some things and revised from play testing for others. This is the culmination of that work and everything else they’ve been working on.

  • Colorado Republicans call for pride flags to be burned
  • Don’t care to argue about a book where people pick and choose which passage is relevant to them. The entire thing is about turning to God, not persecuting others which is what many Christians do through the power of electing leaders who will write shitty laws for them.

  • Colorado Republicans call for pride flags to be burned
  • The parts they skip regarding loving thy neighbor and some part about baring false witness against thy neighbor? The part where Jesus hung out with those who were considered sinners and loved them, he preached to turn to God but he didn’t actively try and fuck them over? How about not worshipping others over God (like Drumpf)? How about the part where it talks about performing how to perform abortion (not the way we should, but it doesn’t list fetuses as being humans to save)? How about the part where God is the one judging humanity (not sure he left a clause allowing humans to pre-judge)?

    There’s probably more, but I am not religious. The moral here is, God gets to have say - not bum fucks who interpret his word. Bum fuck’s job is to talk him up on the mortal plane before he gets tired of his science experiments and wipes us all out.

  • What's the strangest job title you've ever heard?
  • Worked in printing before things were phased to computers and had to shoot/cut out negatives on a light table for the press plates. It was called “stripping”. So, I was a stripper once without taking off any clothes.

    Pharmacists are drug dealers. At least I call them that. 😁

  • Texas GOP Wish List Includes Death Penalty for Abortion Patients
  • I love that we’re having this little conversation in the midst of a thread about politics. 😂

    That’s awesome and I’m glad to read that things are working out for you! Being childless can be pretty nice to do what you want and invest in your partner. Pets are always nice. Our kitty passed April 1, 2020 (awful date). We have 2 Shiba Inus now after our other shiba passed 2 years ago.

    I’m happy to hear that you’re looking to pursue your passion and I wish you the best of luck! I do SEO for two major child care companies (national and international), but want to switch careers to either IT or front end web development or full stack (eventually). I just need to really think this through and start on a path.

    As for games, I’ve been engaged with Baldur’s Gate 3 and HellDivers 2 mostly lately. I am big into D&D now and play in a campaign and then DM two others. What games have you worked on? I’d love to try one out!

  • Texas GOP Wish List Includes Death Penalty for Abortion Patients
  • Such a small world, even on the internet! I’ve only ever seen this name and spelling this way from gaming and thought I’d ask.

    Things are great for me! In my 40s, but still feeling young. Can’t game as much because married with kid and dogs, but I do from time to time. Getting hard to be competitive without those twitch reactions. Ha!

    How about yourself?

  • Using iPhone15 in Australia (Verizon)

    Hello, I’ve never traveled internationally post smart phone world but I have Verizon and I added the month international plan so I can use my phone over in Australia.

    I got the instructions back and it seems that I just need to turn roaming on and that’s it? I don’t need to activate a different eSIM or anything? Does anyone have experience with this on Verizon? It seems too easy and I’m worried I’ve missed something somewhere.


    MCDM's Flee, Mortals! & Where Evil Lives is on Dndbeyond

    Big fan of Matt Colville. I own Flee, Mortals the book and the PDF. I use the pdf in my games, but having everything in dndbeyond is also amazing. I think I’ll purchase it again and get Where Evil Lives too.

    I’m stoked about all of the 3rd party content getting added such as Kobold Press. It’s making this digital stuff very worth it!

    What does everyone else use and/or recommend?


    Bad Batch Series Finale (Spoilers)

    Anyone watch it yet? I am still processing it. I don’t know if I liked it or not.

    Thoughts and spoilers here

    I was expecting more closure

    • Zillo beast was just in this whole series as a plot point to allow Omega to escape?
    • Rex and his crew had no resolution
    • Time jump with Omega in the Rebellion and literally no mention of her anywhere else?
    • What happened to Cody?
    • Why was Scorch done so dirty as a glorified name drop, he would’ve been covering their rear to make sure no one snuck up on them
    • Nothing about any of Tantiss’s other potential secrets
    • The clones didn’t have resolution. They’re just scattered across Pabu and Pantora?
    • The brain washed/mind controlled clones were cool but ultimately useless and easily defeated after spending all previous encounters handing everyone’s asses to them
    • Bunch of force sensitive kids out now to be discovered by Luke? Hunted by Vader?
    • Assaj was just there to tell us Omega was force sensitive? They could’ve used anyone to reveal this
    • Will Omega show up in Skeleton Crew or the crossover movie/show?

    Tabletop Suggestions

    Hey all, please direct me to any community that would better serve me for this question and I will gladly delete here and move it there.

    My conundrum: I have an old dining room table that is 30” high, 71” long, and 37.5” wide. It’s in my basement and sits against the wall when not in use and can be pulled out for room to sit on all sides.

    I have 5 adult players and am adding a 6th to our table. It’s fine except for needing room for snacks and player accessories (sheets, dice, dice trays, etc).

    I thought about getting a larger table that is foldable.

    My other thought is what kind of accessories could I get that would help them be able to place things on the table but also leave room for my mat and miniatures? Is there anything that I could clamp on? Are there stands?

    What options do I have? Money isn’t an object here, but I don’t want to have to break the bank if there are other options that I could do cheaper.


    I don’t know how reliable this is, but it seems legit and with his popularity I do think it’s possible.

    What’s everyone’s thought on this as a rumor and as a potential actual casting?



    Some good wins after that first loss! Some close calls there, but some better defense and a couple of good takeaways.


    Pens Vs Hawks - Oct 10

    I didn’t get to watch the full thing since it was blacked out in my area for ESPN +, but yikes. They blew their lead again and it’s the first game.

    I haven’t watched in a couple years, but I’m surprised to see the same things going on. So many changes and still some sloppy play. I can’t tell if the team leaders are complacent or if it’s the coaching. It feel like it’s gotta be the coaching?

    2 Penguins removing Bob Errey, Steve Mears from TV booth

    Longtime Penguins player and broadcaster Bob Errey will no longer broadcast the team's games.

    Penguins removing Bob Errey, Steve Mears from TV booth

    Longtime Penguins player and broadcaster Bob Errey was on vacation in Europe last week and returned to Pittsburgh to some unpleasant news.

    Errey was informed on Wednesday evening that he will no longer be the color commentator during Penguins TV broadcasts —a position he has held for the entire Sidney Crosby era before starting his broadcasting career as the Penguins’ radio color commentator during the 1999-2000 season.

    Errey told The Athletic that his broadcast partner since 2017, Steve Mears, will also not return.

    Team sources believe that radio play-by-play broadcaster Josh Getzoff will replace Mears in the TV booth. Phil Bourque will remain as an analyst, though it remains to be seen if he will work in his customary radio slot or move to television.

    The sources expect Colby Armstrong to play a bigger role in Penguins broadcasts moving forward.

    Dan Potash, the popular reporter who has been a part of Penguins broadcasts for more than two decades, told The Athletic that he will remain on the team’s TV broadcasts.

    “I can confirm that I have been retained by SportsNet Pittsburgh,” Potash wrote in a statement. “I do not have any further details to share at this time. However, I am grateful to remain a part of the Penguins broadcast team.”

    Errey was the Penguins’ first-round pick in 1983 and won the Stanley Cup twice, in 1991 and 1992. He was also captain of the San Jose Sharks.

    The Montreal native worked alongside Mike Lange, Paul Steigerwald and Mears during his broadcast career.

    The Penguins’ ownership group, Fenway Sports Group, now owns the Penguins TV rights and is beginning its own network, SportsNet Pittsburgh. This network will replace the financially troubled AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh for regional Pittsburgh broadcasts. Fenway Sports Group also owns 80 percent of the New England Sports Network (NESN) and is expected to use a similar format with the new Pittsburgh venture.

    Errey provided The Athletic with a letter he wrote to Pittsburgh fans:

    Dear Pittsburgh Penguin Fans,

    It is with a heavy heart that I share this with you. I received an unexpected call yesterday informing me that I would not be returning as Pittsburgh Penguins TV analyst this coming season.

    My journey began in 1983 as a wide-eyed teenager with no idea of what to expect on the ice or in the City of Pittsburgh. It took time but with determined players and passionate fans we achieved the dream of bringing the Cup to Pittsburgh.

    After my playing days, as luck would have it, I took the radio analyst position. My family dug our roots into the community and into youth hockey. We loved the ‘Burgh and me my job.

    I was fortunate to work with Paul Steigerwald, who lives and breathes hockey, and who helped me get better every day. I was willing to learn. With the arrival of Sidney Crosby I moved to the TV booth with Hall of Famer Mike Lange. I was as excited and nervous probably as you guys were. Both to work with Mike and to watch Sid do his thing. Wow! Very fortunate.

    My last six years in the booth with Steve Mears have been equally as rewarding. What a pro. Tremendous talent. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our friend Dan Potash for our laughs and his connection with the players. Truly one of a kind.

    I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for my former colleagues and friends that I have worked with for the past 22 years! You the fans have consistently tuned in and made us the No. 1 local broadcast in the league every year. Incredible, really.

    I loved my nights in Pittsburgh and in the booth. I will cherish the many incredible moments this seat has given me. It has brought me a special joy and excitement and I hope it did for you as well.

    I am not sure where my travels will take me next but I look forward to the next chapter and will put as much energy and effort into it as I have here. And if you see me in this great city, make sure to stop me and say hello!

    Thank you again.

    It’s been my pleasure.

    — Bob Errey


    Gift for Muslim Family

    We have next door neighbors that are Muslim and are so very kind. They bring us plates of food when they cook and they even scared away some kids trying to steal our car at 2 in the morning.

    I wanted to return the favor with a nice card from us and a gift. I don’t know how strict they are with Halal, and I read that Halal-friendly might not be good enough so I’m weary of a gift card to a restaurant even if it says Halal.

    So what kind of gift(s) would be appropriate for a thank you? I appreciate any help you all can provide!


    [5E] Ready Action Question

    How do you all handle ready action for your players? Do you only allow calling of a single scenario or multiples?

    I’m think of implementing a rule at my table where a player that readies an action can calls out a scenario and a “otherwise” option. The reason is that, we as players, often think about our options on our turn and strategize - simulating a character deciding what they would do in that moment.

    An example of how I’d see this idea in use: Your character is next to a monster but there are a couple of enemies closing in that could choose you or a teammate. You ready an action so that you use Dodge if the enemy closing in reaches you to attack OTHERWISE you will attack the creature you’re engaged with when it makes their next attack.



    [Request] Search in communities

    I found myself in a specific community I am subscribed to and wanted to search only that community’s posts, but couldn’t.

    I can search with the actual search function in app, but it would search all communities or all posts.

    2 No apologies as Reddit halfheartedly tries to repair ties with moderators

    Disenchanted mods Ars spoke with want change, not more communication.

    No apologies as Reddit halfheartedly tries to repair ties with moderators

    “Reddit is publicly extending an olive branch to the moderator community that it largely enraged over recent weeks…But as you might expect, mods remain skeptical.”



    Maybe I don’t understand it as well as I thought, but other apps allow me to have 2FA and stay signed in without having to use a code constantly.

    Currently, the Memmy app is forcing me to re enter a code every time I come back to the app after a little time of not using it (e.g., turn off my phone screen for 5 minutes).

    Is this a bug?


    Out of the loop dad

    As a new dad, I’ve fallen off the wagon of team information since about 2017, but I do want to get back into the team and sport. I know things constantly change, so I was wondering:

    Where are the best sources for team info and insider news? The nhl team site? Trib? Blogs?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers!


    Jumping question

    The PHB says that a jump is based on strength. The high jump explains it well where if you’re standing then it’s 3ft + str modifier. However, a long jump says you cover a number of feet up to your str score.

    So if a character has a -1 str modifier and a score of 8 in str then I would assume the following?

    • high jump = 2 ft (3-1)
    • long jump = 8 ft if running at least 10 ft first, 4ft if trying to jump from a standing position

    Is my interpretation correct?