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When is it "enough" money?
  • Stop watching youtube, especially CoffeeZilla. Stop reading so much reddit, although you make the right choice to move over lemmy, do not over use Lemmy.

    Spend more effort on training, studying and working for better job, better future.

    What matter now for you, is not how fuck up the higher up. It is how you are comparing to those at your level. You can make more money than your peer if you better than them.

  • Hobbies Wednesday - what have you done this week?
  • The prescreen test is failed. But the interview have no response yet.

    Likely failed too. This economic people demand a lot of skill while paying so little.

    You know, if all of business become picky when hiring, we can hire for cheap.

  • Vintage and Retro Ads, Promos, Fliers, Etc. Wanangwa_Bamidele

    Twist cigarettes - 1974

    Back in the day when cigarettes ads still beautiful.

    You can create matter.
  • I will duplicate paper cash. Technically, it is fake cash, because serial is duplicate. But in term of material, it is as good as real cash. I just need to acquire enough real cash with difference serial number, then it would be good to go.

    Oh, and I will find a job where I receive payment/tip in cash, which harder to track my money flow. I work like 3 years, slowly deposit my cash into bank (because you can only buy big stuff with money transfer, not cash), lie (increase my income/tip) on my tax report to PAY MORE TAX (so it is easier to put more cash into bank, transfer dup money into real money), buy bitcoin with cash, then occasional transfer into legit market, dump into bank money.

    Move out of city, go to rural area, buy a lot. Retire.

    Nobody know about my ability, not my wife or child. Remember, they are simulation agent like me. They are not real. Me include. So, don't fuck yourself up, take it easy life.

  • What are you currently excited for?
  • I am doing speed run, but a speed long run. Lifetime so short. I want to do more, suffer more. I want to earn as much as possible per run.

    I know, i remember, each run come with a cost. Dunno what is the cost. Must make most of each run.

  • What are you currently excited for?
  • Yeaha, I am looking for death. Feel so excited.

    If you wonder if I am seeking death, no I am not.

    My life is a game. I would try my best, survive as long as possible, earn as much as achievement.

    Then after that, I will look at my scoreboard.

    I hope next run, I have enough score to unlock more comfortable birthright.

  • Starbuck milkshake is like tobacco

    Just realize: They call coffee, but unless I order black coffee, anything else feel like milkshake.

    And those milkshake are so much sugar with flavor, that make me addict to like tobacco.

    I better quit starbuck and save some cash.


    Create one new account every other day on less well-known lemmy

    The reason I need disposable account just for convenience.

    • Because all online account, I use random-generate password with password manager.
    • I rent computer (pc-bang, internet cafe) to have game night with friends 2-3 times a week
    • I don't feel like login my password manger on stranger PC

    So, I just create new lemmy account to intereact with people.

    And the way I create it:

    • Pick a random name using fantasy random name generator
    • Reuse the password only for temp account. Seriously, If you know that password, you can hack all my temp account

    The instance:

    • I just browse the instance list, pick those with ~1000 user
    • the one with no application process, the one which I can get a new account ready to go now.
    • Use temp email, 10 minutes email if required. Leave email blank optional.

    I think my privacy is fully protect. And I help less well know instance have out-going interactive like vote and comment.