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How did you get out of Vim before you knew its hotkeys and commands?
  • Even if the meme is old, Linux has grown quite a lot in recent years, so there are people who are not tired of the meme yet, and if you stay in some community for a long time, you will notice that many things will be constantly discussed over and over again

  • I broke my flatpack
  • I have installed flatpack apps for per-user, and there are runtimes and apps in my home folder

    And I just tried to run the flatpack update using sudo and it worked, I didn't know that flatpack can be used with root rights

  • I broke my flatpack

    I tried to setup jellyfin, but jellyfin didn't see any subfolders in my home folder I tried to grant jellyfin the rights to read my home folder, but it looks like I did something wrong and now I can't update and install flatpak apps. This is what I see when I try to update flatpak apps:

    Warning: Failed to get revokefs-fuse socket from system-helper: Flatpak system operation GetRevokefsFd not allowed for user Warning: Flatpak system operation Deploy not allowed for user

    Are there any suggestions I need to make to fix flatpack?

    If we had parties
  • If people didn't need Arch with GUI, distributions like EndeavourOS, Manjaro, Garuda wouldn't exist

    The best CLI installer I used was from FreeBSD, the arch CLI installer didn't even run on bare metal and I'm not afraid of the terminal, I often use it to configure dot files and use programs that don't have a GUI, I just think that the lack of choice between GUI and CLI is bad