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Hello, PC gaming here: Are the consoles OK?
  • I never said story games are shallow. But if the games you like are ones where you can feel like you've experienced all the game and the story has to offer in a single playthrough then they are, by definition, shallow. Even a great movie is worth watching multiple times of its story has any appreciable depth. Video games, even more so since there should be more to the story to experience.

  • Hello, PC gaming here: Are the consoles OK?
  • Sounds like what you enjoy are shallow, linear story games. To each their own, of course. Glad you're happy with what PS5 offers you in that regard. But the industry has a lot more to offer than that.

  • Gamers Are Becoming Less Interested in Games With Deep Strategy, Study Finds
  • I'm in the same boat (as far as free time goes) but I have the opposite outlook. Strategy games, and other games with some amount of crunchy complexity, keep me engaged even when I'm not playing. I can spend some time on wikis, crafting theories, and cooking up plans throughout the week and that keeps me coming back.

    I can't do story games because it's too easy to forget what's going on when you spread it out that far. Or there's online action games (shooters, mobas, etc) but it's rare that I can guarantee I'll be on long enough to complete a match.

  • Launching A $60+ Game Seems Like A Bad Idea Right Now
  • I'm not sure how anybody can look at the way GTA 5 online was monetized to hell and not seriously question how far they're going to try to go with GTA 6. I'm fully expecting it to leak into GTA 6's single player with an intense focus on getting more and more out of mtx.

  • DEBATE: Should Muslims vote for Joe Biden in November?
  • but not showing up to vote, is the only way in the broken American political system to show that you had enough with the bullshit.

    Lmao what? No it's not. It's the ultimate act of capitulation. It says nothing more than "Do what ever you want to me, I don't care"

  • Amazon’s Fallout has been renewed for season 2
  • Bro what are you even talking about. Lucy and Maximus had their entire world-views turned upside down, completely changing allegiances by the end of the season. Cooper/the ghoul probably had the least development but he did go from bounty hunting for the love of it to trying to find his family again.

    I'd swear you never even watched the show, you're just throwing out mindless criticisms with no bearing on the actual plot.

  • Original Fallout lead Tim Cain loves the new show, but remains baffled by how 'destructive' fans can act toward 'people who are trying to create things'
  • I'm guessing this is it. The setting is a 1950's culture but without the racism and sexism that were rampant at the time. Women and POC holding significant positions in the corporate world, which never would've happened in the actual 1950s. It is a fictional world, of course. People seem to forget that.

  • Joe Biden calls trans people “fabric of our nation” in Trans Day of Visibility proclamation
  • I would think it would take 4 back to back presidential election wins by the Democratic party. Maybe 3 if it included wipeouts of Republicans in Congress and at the state level. No party can survive being out of power for that long without changing and shifting towards were voters are and that leaves the Democrats room to shift left to solidify that flank.

    We've already had 1. We're on the cusp of a possible second. That means we could be 4 years from a complete collapse of the Republican party, if people were actually serious about creating a real leftist movement in this country. That's because winning is how you affect change. A loss just tells politicians that they need to be more like the winner.

  • Google apologizes for ‘missing the mark’ after Gemini generated racially diverse Nazis
  • C is just a work around for B and the fact that the technology has no way to identify and overcome harmful biases in its data set and model. This kind of behind the scenes prompt engineering isn't even unique to diversifying image output, either. It's a necessity to creating a product that is usable by the general consumer, at least until the technology evolves enough that it can incorporate those lessons directly into the model.

    And so my point is, there's a boatload of problems that stem from the fact that this is early technology and the solutions to those problems haven't been fully developed yet. But while we are rightfully not upset that the system doesn't understand that lettuce doesn't go on the bottom of a burger, we're for some reason wildly upset that it tries to give our fantasy quasi-historical figures darker skin.

  • Google apologizes for ‘missing the mark’ after Gemini generated racially diverse Nazis
  • I mean "taking pictures of people who are smiling" is definitely a bias in our culture. How we collectively choose to record information is part of how we encode human biases.

    I get what you're saying in specific circumstances. Sure, a dataset that is built from a single source doesn't make its biases universal. But these models were trained on a very wide range of sources. Wide enough to cover much of the data we've built a culture around.

  • Google apologizes for ‘missing the mark’ after Gemini generated racially diverse Nazis
  • This is the thing. There's an incredible number of inaccuracies in the picture, several of which flat out ignore the request in the prompt, and we laugh it off. But the AI makes his skin a little bit darker? Write the Washington Post! Historical accuracy! Outrage!

  • Helldivers 2 finally adds a much-requested AFK kick timer, stopping undemocratic glory hounds from twiddling their thumbs in perpetuity
  • Designing for a huge amount of users costs money and expertise, so more money, and not even their most optimistic predictions included this many players. If they hadn't made it big, that money would've been wasted. Which games are going to go viral is just insanely hard to predict.