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Just a void being in the form of a crow chilling on the internet (same acct as the one on kbin)

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Misanthropy and nihilism do not belong in politics
  • No worries I'm shit at phrasing lol, and yea fully agree

  • Misanthropy and nihilism do not belong in politics
  • Oh no I specifically clarified it's not about the person (and I can be sympathetic towards them) it's just that stances that fundamentally hinge on hating the very thing it's being applied to (in this case society) will only damage that subject (generally, there may be caveats I'm not thinking about idk). And I'm not referring to people selectively caring about certain things either, I'm talking like genuinely not understanding why we should support each other or help each other. For example, I had an irl discussion with someone that just devolved into "why should everyone have a home? Why should we care for others? Why can't we just decide who gets a home or not?"

    Essentially, imagine if there was a food bank run by a group of people. Now imagine if at least one of those people just doesn't care about the safety of their food, doesn't understand why people should have access to food, looks down on everyone, or believes there's no point in having a food bank, and these beliefs have major effects on the way the food bank is run. Is this productive or will this just harm the cause?

    Idk I'm just sick of trying to find solutions to problems in society, only to run in circles with someone just for them to drop "oh I just don't care about people lol"

  • Misanthropy and nihilism do not belong in politics

    If you don't care about or hate humanity, or just overall genuinely don't believe in any chance at making a better future/life for others, and talk down anyone having any hope or progress in this world, you should not have an influence over how society should function. All this does is at best demotivate us and make us capitulate to harmful groups that are motivated to enact change for their own gain, and at worst cause a lot of harm that wouldn't exist if you just cared about others. Do note that I have almost fallen down the nihilism pipeline and so I can be sympathetic towards people that find themselves going through it too (depends on some other factors ofc) but I am just not sympathetic towards either stance

    JK Rule-ing
  • The only time she'd be right

  • What was "that incident" at your high school or college?
  • I didn't want to dox my college because it became a pretty huge deal (however you'll probably know with this comment admittedly) but there was a mass murder killing a couple students one night, I think the guy got caught but it was a devastating time. Not to mention subsequently getting the emails from my college stating a murder happened and then following it up with several murders actually was scary

  • What was "that incident" at your high school or college?
  • I'm so fucking stupid ignore me lakddff ⚰️🚶

  • What was "that incident" at your high school or college?
  • Omg I cannot with non-american conservatives 💀can't even use the "southern pride" excuse at that point lmao (edit: bozo forgot geography)

  • What was "that incident" at your high school or college?
  • Christ

    Man seeing that first point listed here is kinda surreal to see. Because my highschool was in a bumbfuck nowhere yeeyee ass town there were confederate flags everywhere and fake wannabe southerners in cowboy hats (this is a very north state lol) literally the first thing you'd see upon entering the town was one of those flags flying on the right side (tho it slowly got destroyed by the weather until it was taken down thankfully)

  • What was "that incident" at your high school or college?
  • There were a few for my high school, but one I was there for was when I was sitting in the bus when suddenly everything went quiet (highly unusual). I looked behind myself and everyone was covering their ears, then the smell of gunpowder hit my nose. Some dumb fuck lit a firecracker and tossed it into the middle lane (wtvr it was called) when the bus was driving between the lake and the train tracks. Thank GOD it was a dud. Anyways, I brought this up to the principle and teachers the next day and seemingly no one gave a shit ?? Goes to show how garbage my school was lol

    For my college, I can't give specifics but it'd have to be the murders. Very tragic and sad incident

  • So many project ideas yet so little energy
  • It absolutely has for me, prior it would take me genuinely months to even do a single thing (including really important shit) but with medication it's significantly helped my executive dysfunction, made me able to get things done within the week or even a day if lucky, I can actually focus (sometimes on the wrong things lol), and since removing the executive dysfunction it's allowed me to have more motivation. (Of course still not perfect hence my post)

    The effectiveness of meds vary for everyone esp on the specific kinds of meds (I take ritalin), but I'd say go for it (also the dependence thing isn't as scary as you'd think, I mean with meds you'll more than likely improve on productivity, and if you ever run out it'll just go back to how it was before (in my experience at least) I'd say it's def worth asking a doc about it)

  • What was the strangest take you've seen/heard someone say?
  • I don't remember it well other than it was on a tumblr blog and as they were answering an anonymous ask they just casually mentioned that with no explanation

    My only ideas are either they're filthy rich, have no sense of smell, or somehow think "bad" implies morality so they don't believe smells can be evil which like ?? No ones claiming otherwise lmao

  • I've decided to pick up trash picking as a hobby

    Every time I walk outside I try to remember to bring a plastic bag with me so I can pick up whatever piece of trash I see on the ground. It's a bit of a double-edged sword really, while it's nice to take care of the earth around you it's also quite sad to see just how much trash is around you at all times. Thankfully it ends up being nice in the end because I now see less and less litter around on my usual routes. Keeping in mind that some is enough (I don't need to pick up every little piece esp if I'm on my way to someplace like work) and that what's small to you means the world to the plants, insects, and whatever animal that may be in that area does help with this hobby as well

    I'm hoping to do more volunteer work and bigger actions for helping the local area at some point in the near future but for now this is a good habit to have


    So many project ideas yet so little energy

    God I wanna make so much art (drawing/painting/wood carving/crochet/build things/etc), make comics, learn languages, learn how to deep clean and power wash, garden, make clothes, make fursuits, travel, hike, forage, make youtube videos, go urban exploring, go ghost hunting, animate, preserve animal skeletons and insects, etc etc.

    But I'm so perpetually exhausted that even just planning out an idea takes a lot out of me, and it feels so unfair.

    Thankfully medication has helped out a looot (I mean the difference between taking genuinely months to do anything vs being able to do so within a week or even a day if lucky is quite an improvement) but it's not gonna make me superhuman any time soon ^^;

    If I go onto meds, will I still be able to rely on hyperfocus to accomplish tasks or master new skills?
  • I take ritalin and in my experience it's made my hyperfocus more efficient and in a way stronger, since the medication mainly gets rid of my executive dysfunction. Can still very well focus on the wrong thing lol but it's made doing projects and in general existing waaay better

  • What was the strangest take you've seen/heard someone say?
  • For example one that's baffled me was someone saying they don't believe in bad smells ??

  • Mill Creek, IN 6445 E Division Rd, Mill Creek, IN 46365 |®

    View 25 photos for 6445 E Division Rd, Mill Creek, IN 46365, a 8 bed, 10 bath, 14,150 Sq. Ft. single family home built in 2000 that was last sold on 03/17/2005.

    More pics in link, the back of the mansion is truly something else

    What have you been watching this week?
  • Been watching The Boys lately, on season 3 now

  • My Horror Movie Tier List (80+ titles color coded and all)
  • That one's one of the few I mentioned were just purely from spite/bad personal experience, unfair I know but this is a hella subjective chart after all

  • I want to turn this stick into a wand, any advice?
  • Oo I'll check him out thank you!

  • Anti-transphobia twitter backlash at PinkNews for using the term "LGB"
  • I mean considering that the term LGB isn't commonplace, is purely associated with transphobic activist groups, the article subject can very easily include trans perspectives (or even just imply it with using the full term LGBT), we're already in an incredibly hostile political environment in terms of trans rights, and is more than likely a conscious choice to specifically remove the T (unless it's a spelling error, which in that case they should proofread better) I'd say it's fair to criticize their choice

  • Wicca VoidCrow

    I want to turn this stick into a wand, any advice?

    All's I know is that I want to preserve the bug-eaten grooves as much as possible

    Ripple Says 'Hi'
  • Cat in the background sporting a glorious mustache

  • Eye Contact TikTok
  • Eye contact kinda hurts (not physically but dunno how to describe) it's like if everyone had laser vision

  • Welcome to the Joth House 228 Townsend Ave, Baltimore, MD 21225 - 1 bed/1 bath

    (BRIGHT MLS) 1 bed, 1 bath, 1540 sq. ft. house located at 228 Townsend Ave, Baltimore, MD 21225 sold for $245,000 on May 18, 2021. MLS# MDAA462716. Come inspect this one of a kind rare home. Seller has made man...

    A lot going on here

    You can give a PowerPoint presentation about any topic to a big crowd, what will you about?
  • A lot of people go into the genre purely expecting to get scared, and a lot of the time they just leave disappointed, despite that not being the only aspect to horror. This is reflected in the reviews (which average at around 5-7/10 for really great titles, I personally always add +2 to get the actual rating), as well as how rarely they recieve awards (like there are a lot of good acting perfomances that should have gotten awarded, such as Toni Collette's in Hereditary). Also, there are some weird attitudes from non-horror fans such as some people thinking you're sick due to "finding joy in other's suffering" or especially if you enjoy some movies that happen to include some really dark subject matter; regardless of how it's ultimately handled, some people may judge fans for that. Overall I'd say this genre and I believe the comedy genre from what I've seen are treated unfairly due to their highly subjective nature (albeit there are some objective/technical qualities but the average movie goer would be more suaded by the former)

  • Why does it feel like we're at a point where every social media + other digital media are making shitty decisions and falling apart?

    I mean there's Reddit ofc, as well as Twitter in its entirety, Discord is implementing some dumb updates, there are issues with Tumblr as well as everything to do with Meta, and I'm sure there are plenty more (and I haven't even touched other digital media, for example the Sims). Why is it all happening in the span of about a couple months?



    I am still figuring myself out but I am mainly voidkin, a shapeshifting entity made of void (examples of other forms are a dragon and a crow). Pleased to be here!


    Artist Pain Rule

    I forgot the artist (I just know I found it on tumblr) if you know pls credit in comments :')


    What are some communities you'd like to see on Lemmy that don't exist yet?

    This goes out to all the homies that don't have the time/energy to moderate, and to the ones that do that would like ideas (If there's been posts about this already then I'm srry)


    First time I feel completely chill with talking on social media (thank you Lemmy)

    I'm sure it's not going to last forever as this site grows in popularity but I feel like I can talk about whatever with minimal judgement here (and just overall no anxiety in comparison to everywhere else), just nice vibes all around ^^