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bio students
  • I had to dissect a bunch of things in high school: a frog, a pig fetus, a cow heart, a cat... I'm still not entirely sure what the intent was. "Yup, the brain is in the right spot. Always good to check, just in case."

    If they want to teach kids knife skills they should do so in home ec. At least make something edible.

  • I can't hear without them anymore
  • Man, dimly-lit scenes have been a pet peeve of mine for years. Every time Law & Order is on, I can't help yelling "turn a light on!" at the screen. Maybe they'd be able to solve the murder faster if they could actually see shit.

  • Even paper glows
  • Honestly, I'm not familiar enough with the world of faxing to know which apps are trustworthy, especially since the documents contained personal information. If I ever have to send another fax, I'll consider it.

  • Wtf is happening to my YouTube recommendations
  • I recently looked up James Acaster on YouTube, and started getting a bunch of ads and recommendations for Ben Shapiro. James Acaster did a bit making fun of "edgy" comedians who go after trans people. So of course his fans want to watch an edgy clown go after trans people.

  • Lemmy Babies of the Rexodus - it's been 9 months, how has Lemmy changed you?
  • I have mixed feelings. On one hand, Lemmy seems to be finding its groove, and I genuinely feel like I'm part of a growing community. But there's definitely something missing, and it's difficult to put into words.

    On Reddit, I tended to frequent specific subs, and rarely doomscrolled the front page. But that's all I find myself doing on Lemmy. Most of my feed is either politics or memes, and nuanced discussion seems rare. New communities apparently have a hard time getting off the ground, and I think it's mostly because decentralization makes discovery a hastle.

    Reddit's whole purpose is to aggregate content from other websites, whilst providing a central access point. This is antithetical to the very concept of the Fediverse, which is all about decentralization. I find myself wishing for an easy way to aggregate Fediverse content, so that I could access Lemmy, Beehaw, Kbin, etc. all in one place, regardless of whether they're federated. Really, all the drama surrounding instances federating/defederating is obnoxious as an end user.

    The apps are certainly better, though, and in general I'm enjoying myself.

  • TIL mobs no longer attack you in your sleep if you place your bed somewhere unsafe

    You can just plop a bed down wherever and sleep through the night in peace. Apparently this has been the case for over a decade, and all those temporary shelters I made were completely unnecessary.