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  • This is very touching, but please mark this NSFW

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  • Fuckin' Holland, baby!

  • Artificial Intelligence Isn't Real

    The first 100 people to use code SOMETHING at the link below will get 60% off of Incogni: This video has been approved by John Xina and the Chinese Communist Party. Check out my Patreon: Second channel:

    Artificial Intelligence Isn't Real

    Video by Adam Something. Sponsor ends at 3 mins 7 secs.

    Women-only museum becomes a toilet to keep men out
  • What about trans women? Will they be pushed out?

  • Part One: Tech Bros Have Built A Cult Around AI | BEHIND THE BASTARDS
  • What's wrong? How is it not on Invidious? I put the link right there!

  • Part One: Tech Bros Have Built A Cult Around AI | BEHIND THE BASTARDS

    🛎 If You're New Subscribe ► Part One: Tech Bros Have Built A Cult Around AI | BEHIND THE BASTARDS Robert sits down with Ify Nwadiwe to talk about the weird cult that's formed around AI, and some of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley. (Adapted from his article ...

    Part One: Tech Bros Have Built A Cult Around AI | BEHIND THE BASTARDS
    get hugged, snugglebutts
  • DeviantArt has been using its artists work for AI a lot of the time, and everyone abandoned the site. And that symbol on her hat is obviously AI. Fuck that

  • ChatGPT provides false information about people, and OpenAI can’t correct it

    noyb today filed a complaint against the ChatGPT maker OpenAI with the Austrian DPA

    ChatGPT provides false information about people, and OpenAI can’t correct it
    The Luddite: A newspaper that has a lot of Anti-AI themes, and interesting perspectives The Luddite

    An anticapitalist tech blog. Embrace the technology that liberates us. Smash that which does not.

    Downvotes I Want To Understand
  • How do I sound like a jerk? I have a lot of social problems and I want to know what is making people unhappy.

  • Adam Savage's Issue With A.I.-Generated Art

    How does Adam Savage feel about A.I. being used in filmmaking? What's something Adam never noticed about a prop until he saw it in person? What has the biggest impact on portraying emotion in a film: actor, script, score or lighting? In this live stream excerpt Adam answers these questions from Test...

    0 Excessive use of words like ‘commendable’ and ‘meticulous’ suggests ChatGPT has been used in thousands of scientific studies

    A London librarian has analyzed millions of articles in search of uncommon terms abused by artificial intelligence programs

    Excessive use of words like ‘commendable’ and ‘meticulous’ suggests ChatGPT has been used in thousands of scientific studies
    Recognize the mother of Wifi
  • I don't know who this guy is. Did he do something to Lamarr?

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    Downvotes I Want To Understand

    I just want to say that, for some reason, there's been a lot of downvotes on articles, and no comments. Why is this? What is bothering people about the Operations Log? I can help people who criticize a post, but not people who simply downvote it. Everyone opposed to image theft is allowed here, and your opinion will be listened to. Please say something instead of just downvoting. Upvotes without comments are a similar problem, but I want to fix things that are wrong.

    And if you're downvoting this because it shows up in your feed and you don't want it, just say so. I have a hunch that it's Boosters fueling their agenda, or Doomers having nihilistic fun, but you can't trust hunches.

    Bro what the fuck happened to Reddit?

    I was trying to browse the site, and I think it might be faced with a few problems.

    AI In Terms Of Marxism - Discussion
  • Note 1: I'm unsure if "commissioner" would be an appropriate term, since some commissioners support artists and are artists themselves, some are looking for thumbnails for their videos, some are horny, and then some want your work for free and throw temper tantrums -- the last type usually ends up being a Booster.

  • AI In Terms Of Marxism - Discussion

    So I've talked in an Operations Log about defining AI, and I'm glad we're getting close to defining what the "AI" in "Fuck AI" is more specifically, because I see that, in programs like MdJ, StD, and ChatGPT, there is an element of class warfare in it. I really want tech workers to pile in here, because the entire success of these programs -- those in which a prompt is written, and an uncannily detailed image is made, or a long yet coherent passage is typed -- is built entirely on the efforts of workers. The reason I want to delineate AI from other things is because programs like the A-star algorithm, autocorrect, 3D modeling programs, and Vocaloids do not require an absurd amount of data to operate.

    This article here most certainly explains why everything works so smoothly, as does this, and there is a book called Ghost Work that I'm going to read after my current one which illuminates a massive, hidden proletariat beneath the Silicon Valley bourgoise. If you are an artist whose work has been scraped, you can probably add to this testimony.

    I had a hunch about AI being not as mighty as it seemed, and altho it's not wise to trust hunches, those articles, along with ones I sent to this community daily, prove thus: No technological capability of AI can exist without the labor-value of countless workers, whether taken from previous commodities (scraped images and text), or taken from workers continually (the business investigated by Dzeiza).

    If you are an illlustrator, photographer, author, or other artist whose work was scraped, or someone else whose field is going to be "replaced with AI", this means you! Yes, you are the proletariat! Just like how a factory worker is only paid by how little the robber baron can get away with, so too are you only paid by how little a tech-bro can get away with.n1 And when there's a machine that a tech-bro can use to pay you nothing at all for your work, they will gladly use that machine.

    I know that Marxism may be misappropriated by regions across the world, or that there are Tankies who champion Marxism but do not advance worker's rights. Well, if a Booster claims to be a Marxist, I will not believe them. AI has allowed people to pluck the labor-power from the proletariat as easily as one would click a mouse. I'm certain that Marxism is an ideal way to discuss why AI can and should be opposed.

    He gets us!
  • Good god that car.

  • The Computer As A Brain Metaphor

    This was originally going to be posted on Fuck AI, but it really applies to technology far more generally.

    Some changes, and Boosters vs Doomers
  • Original Desc: A place for all those who loathe machine-learning and its endorsement – and to document the knaves behind this dismal industry. Proud supporter of human artists. And proud booer of SXSW 2024.

  • Some changes, and Boosters vs Doomers

    I want to apologize for changing the description without telling people first. After reading arguments about how AI has been so overhyped, I'm not that frightened by it. It's awful that it hallucinates, and that it just spews garbage onto YouTube and Facebook, but it won't completely upend society. I'll have articles abound on AI hype, because they're quite funny, and gives me a sense of ease knowing that, despite blatant lies being easy to tell, it's way harder to fake actual evidence.

    I also want to factor in people who think that there's nothing anyone can do. I've come to realize that there might not be a way to attack OpenAI, MidJourney, or Stable Diffusion. These people, which I will call Doomers from an AIHWOS article, are perfectly welcome here. You can certainly come along and read the AI Hype Wall Of Shame, or the diminishing returns of Deep Learning. Maybe one can even become a Mod!

    Boosters, or people who heavily use AI and see it as a source of good, ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE! I've seen Boosters dox, threaten, and harass artists over on Reddit and Twitter, and they constantly champion artists losing their jobs. They go against the very purpose of this community. If I hear a comment on here saying that AI is "making things good" or cheering on putting anyone out of a job, and the commenter does not retract their statement, said commenter will be permanently banned. FA&FO.

    ChatGPT, Galactica, and the Progress Trap (Internet Archive) ChatGPT, Galactica, and the Progress Trap

    When large language models fall short, the consequences can be serious. Why is it so hard to acknowledge that?

    ChatGPT, Galactica, and the Progress Trap
    Now the Humanities Can Disrupt “AI” (Last post before bed) Now the Humanities Can Disrupt “AI”

    The world’s humanists might just be the new MVPs in the struggle for the future of critical thinking.

    Now the Humanities Can Disrupt “AI”
    Actually, I'm going to link to The AI Hype Wall of Shame for some good reading. The AI Hype Wall of Shame

    The AI Hype Wall of Shame Welcome to the AI Hype Wall of Shame. Our goal is to draw on the community of experts in order to combat the pervasive “hype” that currently misleads the public about &#82…

    The AI Hype Wall of Shame
    0 EMILY M. BENDER ON AI DOOMERISM (11/24/2023)

    EMILY M. BENDER ON AI DOOMERISM (11/24/2023) November 29th, 2023[ For more on The AI Hype Wall of Shame and our rating system, see this link.] Rating: #threemarvins (full-on paranoid)With the OpenA…

    Oregon governor signs bill criminalizing drug possession
  • Won't police just "plant" drugs in people's cars and houses as an excuse to arrest them? Police do all sorts of shady shit. The less police are involved, the better.

  • Opinion Piece On AI that I Agree With
  • What sort of life are you living where you still need more content, more so that the rate it's produced? People from all across the globe are making art using all sorts of tools, there are video games being made all the time, and all LLMs are doing right now is regurgitating the same garbage. Why is this development so important? This isn't taking a break from work, this isn't solving climate change, this isn't self-care or innovating in healthcare!

    Automation is supposed to take time away from physically maufacturing goods so people can take time off to make art; why, then, when the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are still out of reach, are you people trying to automate art?

  • Operations Log: Wants, Needs, And So On
  • Forgot to say: by "some people think it's going to completely upend society", I mean that people like GardenVarietyAnxiety think AI is pretty much unstoppable.

  • Operations Log: Wants, Needs, And So On
  • Yeah, I looked at A* and it is not a bad thing at all! In fact, it looks really cool. Brings me back to when I was learning Python (I haven't completely learned it, tho, and it was a long time ago).

    I think that making fun of AI would certainly be done through separate tags of posts (I don't know if those are here yet, and even if they are, I'm newer to Lemmy than a lot of other people). I suppose that making fun of AI could happen, but I don't know if the people in the community would want it. I'll certainly compile the evidence on why AI is dangerous, but I suppose insults could bring a more jovial feeling to this place.

    I don't know if polls are a feature on Lemmy yet, either. I'll see if it's there. A megathread would be a great idea. Memes would be fun too, methinks.

    It's just that I want to help independent artists who are threatened by AI by showing how bad it is, and how it's plagarism.

  • An Image Generation Service Has Shut Down!

  • For Starters
  • “Gold, yellow, glittering, precious gold! Thus much of this, will make black white; foul, fair; Wrong, right; base, noble; old, young; coward, valiant. ... What this, you gods? Why, this Will lug your priests and servants from your sides; Pluck stout men’s pillows from below their heads; This yellow slave Will knit and break religions; bless the accurs’d; Make the hoar leprosy ador’d; place thieves, And give them title, knee and approbation, With senators on the bench; this is it, That makes the wappen’d widow wed again: ... Come damned earth, Though common whore of mankind.” (Shakespeare: Timon of Athens.)

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