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[COP28] climate experts on vegan-driven activism: not viable. What about nixing livestock subsidies?
  • Nutrition would not be a problem, we have enough food but we waste it for animal feed.

    Would it make sense to cut the subsidies, let animal product prices skyrocket, but then put the subsidies on the consumer side so overworked underpaid workers could maintain their diets? Apart from that, it seems a bit shitty that vegan taxpayers still finance animal exploitation by simply paying their tax.

    This is a central demand from the IPCC and many governments have come to the same conclusion but most just talk about in the backrooms. In Germany there are plans discussed about raising the tax on animal products but that will not be enough (80% of the subsides go to the animal industry, they create damages of about 90 Billion € each year which are not accounted for)

  • Ihre Stimme für die Schweine • Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt

    Unterstützen Sie den Appell zur Überprüfung der Schweinehaltung an das Bundesverfassungsgericht

    Ihre Stimme für die Schweine • Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt
    Remote Moderator actions still do not seem to work after upgrading to 0.18.5
  • Is this confirmed now? (link to the issue) I was about to make a thread if the issue is fixed and both instances I have accounts on are on 0.18.5 I could give my main account the moderator status and remove my workaround account.