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Nintendo Issues Multiple DMCAs On The Modding Site 'GameBanana'
  • Nope. I'd still have to buy games somehow and I'm fucked if I'm paying a tenner less for second hand because Nintendo games rarely drop in price. Also not paying full price. If anything I'd buy a hacked switch and pirate the games.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? June 12
  • The magicians and it's not really clicking for me so I'm struggling to get through it. Current chapter that I'm on, my kindle estimates that it'll take me 44 minutes and that feels like a slog to get through. Also reading heroes by Stephen fry and it's a much more enjoyable read for me.

  • Pope Francis accused of using homophobic slur again in closed-door meeting
  • Thanks for saying what I would. When I commented on a post calling it out the fucking last time I got dog piled and downvoted. I'm a fucking queer guy, this shits hurtful and it's fucking infuriating that it's us that get shit when we're the fucking ones being insulted.

  • What was Gabby Petito like?
  • He didn't just murder her. He ran home to mummy and daddy who then ran interference all the while her parents pleaded for answers, the fucking coward (her killer) couldn't allow the cops to get him so he ran off into the swamp and killed himself so no justice was achieved at all.

  • You really think someone would do that?
  • I've bowel disease so thanks for being understanding. When I have a flare up I struggle to even leave the house because I have to go that often so if I do manage to get out of the house then being able to get to a toilet is essential for me otherwise I'll have to bring a change of clothes and wipes plus deodorant.

  • Life is Strange: Double Exposure - Announce Trailer - 4K - Xbox Games Showcase 2024
  • I liked true colours but there's fuck all chance I'll buy anything deck nine make after the company culture came to light. I'm queer and I'm disgusted at a company that boasts about how inclusive it is to then have senior management use nazi symbols and act homophobic. Ironically I went off don't knod as well and it turns out they're a better company. If and it's a big if I play this it'll be on the seven seas.