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Varven Varven

I enjoy playing Roblox, War Thunder, Terraria, and Minecraft, especially Hypixel Skyblock. I’m also into coding and programming, often working on personal projects, and I enjoy optimising pcs

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Deeply saddened



IT Department's Plan
  • I don't so I'm good?

  • The likes the upvotes
  • We shall cherish him to the very end

  • IT Department's Plan
  • I am so lucky I didn't update my PC

  • Goodbye, old friend.
  • Goodbye old friend

  • He'll Be Fine
  • Why do I want a president that's 40 years old so they don't die during there term and they don't have dementia

  • Massage
  • Transport not safe for work what the hell is that supposed to mean

  • He'll Be Fine
  • JFK, Theodore Roosevelt

  • The likes the upvotes

    He'll Be Fine
  • Why can't America just have the average 40 year old for president

  • Scary


    Can you hear this?


    Aww crap

    Studying nahh
  • Why does this game sound oddly familiar edit: I'm guessing windcraft, rlcraft or Hypixel skyblock

  • Studying nahh


    They're next...... Maybe

    Comment on a YT video about Windows on ARM
  • Oh how the turn tables

  • finally i can play minecraft
  • I think your thinking of tlauncher the Russian cracked launcher with malware

  • traumatized

  • I don't even use Linux I've tried went back to windows I tried Linux Fedora edit: I have no hate towards Linux it's great I just windows because software support

  • finally i can play minecraft




    It was cold

  • I have this laptop from 2019 it takes like 5 minutes to start up

  • I did it again......
  • Oh my bad lol

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • Just image asking someone for a corn passport

  • Bro had a vision

    I did it again......
  • You really don't get it do you the final number contains so many zeros that I have to format it like this 7.9433 x 10^{-10232} another words it has 10232 zeros and then after those zeros it goes 7.9433

  • I did it again......

    Hi all! Today I am going to calculate what are the chances of every single egg in your inventory dropping 4 chickens. To find this out, we're going to need to determine the chances of an egg dropping 4 chickens, which is 1/256 (

    Now let's take this to the extreme. Again, let's fill up all the shulkers in your inventory with eggs. So, a shulker box has 27 slots and eggs can stack up to 16, which means 16 x 27 = 432 Now, an inventory has 37 slots, so 432 x 37 = 15,984 Therefore a whole inventory can hold 15,984 eggs.

    Now, going back to that first number: each egg has a chance of 1/256 of dropping 4 chickens. So now, here is our final answer: (1/256)15,984 =7.9433 \times 10^{-10232}

    So, the chances of your whole inventory of eggs, including shulker boxes, spawning exactly 4 chickens is The final probability is 7.9433 x 10^{-10232} i would love to write this number in full, but I can't because it's so close to zero it would not fit on my damn screen. Now, if any of my calculations are wrong, please flex your PhDs down in the comments.


    I know this is a little bit late but

    We are all gonna die
  • Aww hell nahh 💀

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • Wait you guys don't refrigerate your bread?

  • We are all gonna die

    Minecraft is down
  • lol

  • Minecraft is down edit: it is now back up


    Hey remember when you did that


    Where finally getting bundles after 4 years

    Link if you don't believe me


    Pls someone make this reality