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How Spotify destroyed Car Thing: 'You Will Own Nothing' & what to do about It [07:32 | May 24 24 | Louis Rossmann]
  • I got the Spotify car thing as a pre-order when it was like $20 or $40 or something like that. It was fucking awesome... Until it wasn't. That shit started power-cycling every few minutes. Spotify support just told me to factory reset it and that they couldn't replace it. I damn sure wasn't buying a new one.

    I've about had enough of Spotify and their bullshit.

  • What’s The Worst Facelift Since 2000?
  • I've always thought the "Facelift" they gave the 2005 Dodge Dakota was terrible. The Durango looked bad too but not as strikingly bad as the Dakota. Pre-2005 it was a great looking truck and now it's gone.

  • US sues Apple for illegal monopoly over smartphones
  • I don't hate Apple but I do hate their influence. They release some wireless earbuds and then suddenly all the manufacturers "don't have enough room for a headphone jack", ...get the fuck out of here.

  • I choose you, Squirtle!
  • Police need to use something similar to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) that the military abides by. This article eloquently explains this better than I can.

    "If we are willing to provide military equipment and training to our local law enforcement, let us also share their higher standards of behavior with police. "