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How Spotify destroyed Car Thing: 'You Will Own Nothing' & what to do about It [07:32 | May 24 24 | Louis Rossmann]


  1. Spotify’s decision to discontinue Car Thing without offering any alternative solutions or support raises questions about their commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers who invested in the device and paid $90 are left without a functioning product.
  2. Car Thing was marketed as a way to enhance the in-car music streaming experience, but Spotify’s decision to discontinue it shows a lack of understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences.
  3. Spotify’s suggestion to dispose of Car Thing as e-waste instead of offering open-source solutions or repurposing options further highlights their disregard for the environment and their customers’ investment.
  4. This decision may lead to a decline in customer trust and loyalty towards Spotify. The lack of transparency and support for Car Thing reflects poorly on the company’s reputation and may result in customer churn.
  5. Customers who are dissatisfied with Spotify’s handling of Car Thing discontinuation can take action by filing chargebacks on their service payments. This can impact Spotify’s ability to process credit card payments and send a strong message to the company.
  6. The video also highlights the nostalgia for older music formats and the appreciation for physical media, suggesting that streaming services like Spotify may not always provide the same quality and ownership experience.
  7. Returning Car Thing as e-waste to Spotify’s corporate headquarters, as suggested by the video, can serve as a symbolic act of protest against the company’s decision and their lack of support for their own product.