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Elon Musk's X revenue has officially plummeted, new documents show
  • X lost half a billion dollars in the first quarter of 2023. Odd that the financial expert didn't mention this even though it is literally in the same sentence as the "40% drop in revenue" statement in the article.

  • The United States Is the Main Obstacle to Peace in Palestine -
  • This article conveniently omits Israel-Palestine relations prior to and during periods of minimal US meddling. Let's take a look at the prelude to the current conflict to get our bearings.

    Obama made statements early on in his presidency about lasting peace in the Middle East. His first meeting with Netanyahu was a disaster, and so he dropped the issue for his entire term. 8 years of pretty much ignoring the Palestinians. Trump enters office and likewise makes public statements supporting lasting peace. His meetings with Netanyahu were a great success...for Israel specifically. The US changed policy to state that illegal Israeli settlements were legal, it recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel with Israel as the sole owner of the city, and it began to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. All of this was a big kick in the pants to Palestine, who were never consulted for any of these policy changes.

    Biden entered office and continued to push for normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, but let's be honest, he had a similar do-nothing attitude as Obama had when it comes to lasting peace.

    Then Hamas attacks Israel. The US hadn't engaged them for over a decade and Arab nations were starting to normalize relations with Israel with no regard for Palestine. It is hard to imagine what else Hamas could have done to get the attention of the US and Arab nations.

    And that brings us to the present, where Israel's retaliation has once again captured the attention of the US and Arab nations and put the needs of the Palestinians in the minds of their leaders.

    In my opinion, if we had meddled more during peace time and engaged with Palestinians in the absence of conflict, then we could have avoided the current war altogether. The current conflict appears to be the result of the absence of US meddling, or at the very least an unwillingness to recognize the needs of Palestinians during times of relative peace.

  • Experimental Evidence No One Expected! Is Human Consciousness Quantum After All?
  • Lots of stretching here. The paper uses simulations of microtubules to show quantum effects when tryptophan residues are excited by UV light. The paper only did simulations of microtubules, and those simulations did not include the bends and many many dynein molecules found on microtubules. The reason this is important is that researchers have been hitting every biomolecule with UV excitation for decades, including microtubules, and have never observed this effect.

    A key finding missing from this video is that microtubules are dynamic. They are constantly disassembling and reassembling and recycling components. This occurs at very short timescales. Also, they do not bridge cell membranes. If information is passing through networks of microtubules, it is constantly disrupted and not affecting other cells. Synapses do handle cell-cell information transfer (where the role of microtubules is already well studied and not quantum in nature). Why would quantum microtubule information be limited to a single cell? Maybe it could influence coordinated assembly and disassembly at the termini, but the authors offer no evidence that there is any chemical effect of this quantum phenomenon, which would be required to change anything about how those enzymes behave.

    We already know of a mechanism by which information is transported across microtubules: physical transport of signalling molecules. They are walked (quite literally, dynein is cool) along the microtubules to different sites in the cell. No quantum effects needed to explain this phenomenon.

  • Child Advocates Back Surgeon General's Call for Tobacco-Like Warnings on Social Media
  • Go to pubmed. Type "social media mental health". Read the studies, or the reviews if you don't have the time.

    The average American teenager spends 4.8 hours/day on social media. Increased use of social media is associated with increased rates of depression, eating disorders, body image dissatisfaction, and externalizing problems. These studies don't show causation, but guess what, we literally cannot show causation in most human studies because of ethics.

    Social media drastically alters peer interactions, with negative interactions (bullying) associated with increased rates of self harm, suicide, internalizing and externalizing problems.

    Mobile phone use alone is associated with sleep disruption and daytime sleepiness.

    Looking forward to your peer-reviewed critiques of these studies claiming they are all "just vibes."

  • I watched Nvidia's Computex 2024 keynote and it made my blood run cold
  • I remember hearing this argument before...about the Internet. Glad that fad went away.

    As it has always been, these technologies are being used to push us forward by teams of underpaid unnamed researchers with no interest in profit. Meanwhile you focus on the scammers and capitalists and unload your wallets to them, all while complaining about the lack of progress as measured by the products you see in advertisements.

    Luckily, when you get that cancer diagnosis or your child is born with some rare disease, that progress will attend to your needs despite your ignorance if it.

  • More than half of Americans think the U.S. is in a recession. It's not.
  • We are not in a recession. The problems with wage stagnation are not some temporary hiccup in the economy. It is a systemic problem. Stop conflating the two, complaining that a macroeconomic term with a very specific meaning isn't defined the way you want it to be. Stop expecting the problem to heal itself if the fed lowers rates or taxes get nudged up or down or whatever. We know how to fix wage stagnation because we have done it before. Regulation. Labor protections. Minimum wage increases. Wage stagnation occurs in the absence of these things, and they can only be done by Congress.

  • Meme Manager needed...
  • The campaign is not the government. The meme manager will have literally 0 influence on foreign policy.

    Changes to foreign policy are more likely to occur if you direct all this energy to the 30%+ of Americans that fully support an unfettered Israeli military, rather than disparage the only US president in recent history to openly criticize Israel during wartime. In the context of US-Israel relations, Biden is waaaay outside the norm in pushing back against Israeli interests.

  • California is about to tax guns more like alcohol and tobacco − and that could put a dent in gun violence
  • Even though the law can be circumvented, it nonetheless provides resistance. Traveling to another state, filling out paperwork, paying extra money, etc all provide additional obstacles to overcome. If someone was having an acute mental problem and felt compelled to eat a barrel, a simple few hours delay in acquiring a gun can make all the difference. For someone planning on using a gun for criminal activity, at some point they might just consider employment as an easier alternative if acquiring a gun is too much of a pain.

    We have already seen this effect in reverse with regard to immigration. Legal immigration is such a painful crapshoot that people are willing to surrender their fate to cartels as an alternative.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • Read again. I have made no such claim, I simply scrutinized your assertions that LLMs lack any internal representations, and challenged that assertion with alternative hypotheses. You are the one that made the claim. I am perfectly comfortable with the conclusion that we simply do not know what is going on in LLMs with respect to human-like capabilities of the mind.