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‘My whole library is wiped out’: what it means to own movies and TV in the age of streaming services
  • More and more it is becoming a good idea to store things on your own private equipment. If we don't demand ownership of our own possessions we will soon own nothing

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • As a pedestrian I had to turn my back to make a guy stop trying to "help" me get in a fatal accident. He was bound and determined to get me killed... By being a "nice guy"

  • Secret Service notified as Trump aide brags about 'causing innocent people to be arrested'
  • Like the movement it grew out of. trumpism is designed to be cruel. To be Sadistic. To be brutal. To be heartless. It is not a flaw in their thinking. It is a purposely chosen tactic. As it is something that is desired it will never be punished

  • Americans are choking on surging fast-food prices. "I can't justify the expense," one customer says
  • Once the cost was almost as much as a sit-down Restaurant. I just switched to them. Haven't been to a fast food place in 2 to 3 years

  • Conservative Plan Calls for Dozens of Executions if Trump Wins
  • Just getting ready to open the ovens.

    (The GOP really really wants ovens )

  • 'Pretty remarkable': UBC study finds e-bike rebates led to decreased car use
  • As an e bike rider a growing problem is a lack of repair ships. In my town there are 2 shops . Each only works on the ones they sold. There is no other place for everybody else

  • GOP official argues in favor of child marriage: Girls are ‘ripe’ and ‘fertile’
  • And I'm sure he was drooling a little when he said it

  • X automatically changed 'Twitter' to 'X' in domain names, breaking legit URLs
  • So now it's "The Site, formerly known as Twitter"?

  • US Billionaires Have Doubled Their Wealth Since 2017 Trump Tax Overhaul
  • How likely is it that the trump tax giveaway was all about FUNDING the Fascist takeover of America ? Because they wouldn't have had the money otherwise

  • Jails banned in-person visits in order to maximize revenue from voice and video calls as part of a "quid pro quo kickback scheme" with prison phone companies
  • Despite calls to the contrary, a for profit prison system is inherently unjust and can not help but abuse it's prisoners

  • I'm working on it, ok?
  • Start running a zero balance with a set amount. So if you ste your zero at $100. If you have $200 you only have 100. Raise this over time until you have enough

  • This is the way
  • Where do you look up numbers. I only find scam sites

  • This is the way
  • I have to admit i lean on the Google call screening hard. In the last year or so I have only had one or two actually try talking to Google. They just hang up

  • This is the way
  • I have that exact same thing. Almost every spam call sellf identifies as a scam call

  • NSFW
  • My mother told me of being beaten by the teacher because she was left handed. It took several years but they finally made her right handed she was born in 1931

  • Love this
  • When you look at a sunset you are having an emotional reaction to what you are seeing.

    Emotions are not real. They do not Exist outside of your head. And therefore cannot be evidence of anything except that you can imagine

  • Like surely you must have acquired a clue by now.
  • Because so many prefer a comfortable lie to an unpleasant truth. They want the world to be what they want it to be

    To hell with reality

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