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'Absurd!': US Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate Than Working Class for First Time
  • A general, mass strike would probably never happen. But it should. More strikes in general. I feel like there are still things to try before going full Joker

  • You're only as dead as you feel
  • The great Familial Hourglass that contains generations and generations of ashes

  • If it works, kill it.
  • I second the support for Podcast Republic

  • It's that easy!
  • It's because oily boiz don't want to give up their power and wealth. They seem to enjoy LARPing as dragons

  • It doesn't exist once you step out of the shower
  • I used to do that too! For some reason it didn't work as well for me, though. I'd remember to take the empty bottle with me, but I'd forget to replace it before leaving the washroom

  • I can think of a hundred bigger crimes
  • Ah, thank you for the correction. I still feel like it's a weird way to write measurements

  • tag yourself (I'm basic)
  • Today I learned a color, that its etymology is tied to pigeons, and that it's also used (in certain contexts) to mean ideal as well as a slang term for gay (possibly as a pejorative?)

  • I can think of a hundred bigger crimes
  • 200ng/dl? Is that nanograms per decalitre?

  • no thanks, crystal mami
  • How I'm trynna be

  • A happy marriage
  • I'm incredibly happy for you, but I'm also so sorry you saw a person change so horribly like that

  • A happy marriage
  • The bad person I used to be VS the better person I've become VS the crippling self doubt that I'm still the old me VS the love and devotion of my partner who recognizes and uplifts the better version of myself I have become

    It's a little exhausting

  • It doesn't exist once you step out of the shower
  • My trick to this is to leave the bottle on the tub/shower floor when I'm truly done with it. It increases the chances that I'll get rid of the bottle once I'm out of the shower. It does not necessarily guarantee that I'll remember to grab a new bar of soap or shower gel, but it interrupts my usual post-showdr flow of things enough to up the odds that I will

  • least paranoid arch user
  • That is the most cartoony/toy looking handgun I've seen in a good while

  • A problem-free philosophy
  • A bunch of Bibles in a 16th century trench coat

  • staring rule
  • It's cause your big fat nips are sapping your brain juice

  • The less you vote, the more you back Trump
  • In 2016, I saw vitriol online from Hilary voters against people who voted for the green party. They were blamed for her loss. Granted, I think those people were angry and delusional, but they do/did exist

  • Timeless
  • Lol, he even has a sleeve on one

  • I hate that guy
  • On the flip side, I say we continue to use them. Let his legacy be something completely out of his control, and let him learn that while he's still alive.

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