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That Dutch guy

Just your average Dutch guy, as far as thats a thing.

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Because it's almost time

Merry KREE-mas everyone.


Stargate be like

Some deaf children in China can hear after gene treatment
  • This is one of those things that history books later on may say "It started with the best of intentions. Restore hearing and sight, improve quality of life. It ended with the near destruction of mankind".

    Edit. For the haters out there, I'm not against it. I am just cautious about such a powerfull new medical field.

  • low effort

    just a 5 min brainfart, i hope someone gets this.



    Worden meems gewaardeerd hier?


    Help needed: how do YOU do things?

    So, after almost 2 decades I decided to 0lay DND again. Since I have been and always will be forever DM, I've been reading up.

    I am very charmed about the idea of foundry (that I have a liscence to (what can I say, I'm impulsive)), but have no experience with.

    So: DM's and players that play locally: how do you play?

    Do you do oldstyle pen and paper? Printed maps? 3d printed? Foundry for battle and the rest theatre of the mind? Weird combos?

    Tell me and inspire me to navigate my fresh crew and myself through this new and perilous world.

    Edit: did NOT expect so many reactions so fast here, loving it.



    Decided to support, like with the reddit version.

    But what else can us simple users do to help development?


    Docker compose questions

    Hope this is a proper sub for asking this.

    disclaimer : Consider me a programming novice, with HTML and limited PHP/CSS experience.

    Ive been messing with docker compose, and i'm loving it. Ive also written a small script that i want to dockerize, but i want to use the environment list. What is a proper code for getting the ENV data in your script?

    Ive been duckduckgo-ing (doesnt sound like the old days, does it) and i cant figure it out.


    Soms moet het gewoon

    Wortels, krieltjes en kippendij filet met bbq saus....


    Google calendar integration in Organizr

    Has anyone been able to add google calendar to either a homepage or tab? And i mean real time, not a one time ical import, since the missus also uses the shared calendar.

    Edit: I figured it out. In the Google calendar settings (per seperate calendar) there is calendar settings name. Waaaay more to the bottom is Secret adress ical. Copy that one and paste it into the homapge item ICAL and voila : Google calendar and all its shares in your Organizr.


    drawing lots

    Hey all.

    Every year a group of friend (me included, yay) draw lots in order to make advent calendars. Usually we use, but being self hosted now, i want to host that myself.

    I cant seem to find any lot drawing apps though, any input from this seemingly all-knowing community?


    dinner, is almost served.



    Omdat we hem nog niet hadden, bij deze.



    Omdat ze er nog niet was, hier een feddit over weber. Hopen dat we veel leden krijgen enzo.