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We coulda had Bernie...
  • The democrats don't care, as long as they don't offend their base. And then doing any sort of legit challenge/change/effort, would offend that base.

    The average democratic voter is incredibly complacent and happy with the status quo in this country.

  • America’s housing crisis continues to worsen, renters are struggling more than homeowners, report says
  • It's a national problem, but policies that affect housing are mostly local. So you need to override local control with state/federal policy, or convince a 50,000 municipalities to change their laws.

    And the few states that have passed reforms for zoning, etc. are getting sued to shit in court by the city/towns.

    This problem was 50 years in the making, it would take more than 50 years to fix.

  • As the Elden Ring DLC beats the snot out of players, Hidetaka Miyazaki says toning difficulty down would "break the game itself"
  • What gets me is a lot of people in the education world are starting adopting this bullshit attitude. My city removed advanced level math courses from middle/high school because it was 'unfair' to students who lacked the talent/drive to be good at maths... basically handicapping everyone because a subset of the students were bad at math. Basically nobody is allowed to be better than someone at something and pursue their talents... because that is 'mean and hurtful'. WTF

  • As the Elden Ring DLC beats the snot out of players, Hidetaka Miyazaki says toning difficulty down would "break the game itself"
  • Thanks for having a good attitude. Way too many folks these days... are whiny and entitled and think nothing should be enjoyed by anyone if they can't enjoy it. I'm athletic and I enjoy difficult/complex video games... and it's always bizarre to me how some folks get some angry at me for enjoying things they don't/can't. I can't play grandmaster level chess or a musical instrument, but I'm not angry about it.

  • Aella
  • she's still around. she's just getting old and getting crazier. she's likely mentally ill and not treating it.

    i met her once. she's a completely insane nutbag whose only joy in life is her internet sex celebrity status.

  • How do you connect with people and make friends without social media?
  • ok, now we have moved to 'if you don't volunteer you are less than as a person.'

    seriously, volunteering has zero to do with one's moral worth in life. tons of good people never volunteer. lots of shitheads do. volunteering isn't some inherently moral/good act. lots of people volunteer for shitty reasons and do shitty things.

  • How do you connect with people and make friends without social media?
  • That isn't true at all. Plenty of volunteers are shitty people.

    A group I was recently with just had a huge scandal because someone who joined had a sexual offender records and we were working with kids... he basically fucked everyone over and the entire org had to stop operations for months until every member clear background checks.

  • Fetterman has to be one of the biggest disappointments for the left in recent memory
  • it's usually simpler than that. conservatives pay more than liberals.

    i know a few leftists who have now gone hard right... because they got paid more to spout conservative conspiracy nonsense than they did liberal/socialist stuff.

  • U.S. Considers Expanded Nuclear Arsenal, a Reversal of Decades of Cuts
  • Truth on lemmy gets downvoted. It's really that simple. Most of our Nukes are the same age as our grandparents at this point. Our ICBMs are running on 5.25" floppy disks from the 70s. All this shit is OLD and desperately needs modernization for safety and security.

    But if the headline was 'USA to replace ICE nukes with EV nukes" it would be upvoted and celebrated.

  • Can the internet ever be fun again?

    Or is it just doomed to the vapidity of sterile commercialization?

    It feels like everything is serious these days... and 'humor' is only of the commercial variety. Joke communities and circlejerk communities are considered 'hate groups' now. Mods will ban you for sarcastic comments on 'serious' topics, and even on non serious ones, and everything is politicized either by trolls, bots, or whackjobs.

    It's boring when you can't joke anymore. I miss my internet communities of 5-10 years ago when you could joke around, and even people of different beliefs and persuasions could laugh at themselves.

    Now everything is so deadly serious. It's a complete bummer. And any sort of 'edge' or sarcasm or sardonic remarks are ban-worthy.

    I guess it's just poe's law run amok? I feel like mods could tell the difference 10 years ago and the non-jokey psychos were just ignored.