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Located on Deck 6, Room 2054. Mass evacuation site for decks 5-10.

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Nihilist would give him one star
  • Sometimes for gits and shiggles, I'll check the one star reviews for things I know are going to trip inexperienced people up.

    Like... It's basically the "substituted flour with powdered eggplant and milk with tobacco sauce, 1/10 tasted horrible but I followed the recipe exactly" meme

    Especially anything with DIY properties. "doesn't work, connected to the battery and it immediately blew up" when it's clear from the picture they hooked a 48v battery into a 12v speed controller. Or cut some wires they weren't supposed to. Or reversed polarity of an important component. Or....

    And rather than admit they fucked it up, they give bad reviews.

    I particularly like when the listing is clearly for something that requires assembly, and bad reviews complain it came "in pieces". READ, YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKERS

    And if you see a bunch of bad grammar, and inconsistent specs in a listing.... Maybe don't put too much faith in the $5 item that would cost $100 if you bought it from a licensed and certified source with quality assurance...

  • AT&T says criminals stole phone records of 'nearly all' customers in new data breach | TechCrunch
  • stronger ramifications

    I mean, we could burn the executives houses down with them inside...

    That would send a pretty clear message

  • Just don't ask who what's in the pattern buffer...

  • OSS Sedgely Mk2 'Fist Gun'
  • I was kind of hoping it would be the scene from Inglorious Basterds, and then slightly excited to see it was an actual live fire test, only to be disappointed again by the tester.

    I stopped watching when he started making comments about the George Floyd protests.

    I always knew how he votes and what his beliefs are just from background things, but he never once brought it up until then.

    Forgotten Weapons did a segment on it, but sadly Ian did not fire one. It's a neat firearmhand.

  • Romans loved legalistic interpretations of their treaties...
  • Man, I can't wait for the Oversimplified video...

  • Planet Coaster 2 : Announcement Trailer
  • All I've ever heard about planet coaster is that it's an unfinished mess that got half-finished with hundreds of dollars of dlc, so hearing another is in the works is kind of like.....

    Maybe finish your first helping before getting another slice of pizza?

    Man, I really want to play some elite dangerous, now...

  • Does vigilantism and baiting child predators seem immoral to you?
  • Here's my take:

    the people profiting off shows and podcasts where they do this sort of thing are absolutely immoral, bordering on outright bad. Evil is a bit too intense, but you get the idea. Unless they're donating any revenue to help children, then they're shitty.

    The people doing the baiting are only immoral IN MY OPINION if they are the ones to initiate things. If they sit back and passively respond while the guy starts sending dick pics and suggesting they meet to have sex, then it's not immoral in my opinion. When they go into a conversation with "I'm a minor, let's meet for [REDACTED]" then it's still wrong.

    Of course, on the other side of the screen, the guy either suggesting or agreeing with meeting up is clearly always in the wrong.

    Both parties involved can be in the wrong.

  • The sperm whale 'phonetic alphabet' revealed by AI
  • And I wouldn't be surprised if nearly every one was unkind. Deservedly so.

  • Hungary’s Viktor Orbán to Visit Trump Following NATO Summit and Putin Meeting
  • I'm confused as to why the head of state of a country (whose fascist leanings I'll leave to others to speculate about as my own mind is already made up) would bother visiting a normal citizen of the US, considering said normal citizen has no current direct control over anything.

    Of course, since I'm a conscious, rational adult capable of critical thinking, and have seen this PM on a world tour of less-than-reputable heads of state, it's pretty obvious, but still.

  • Post your favorite doohickeys (incl. vehicles)
  • Although I'm a big fan of a good old fashioned killdozer.

  • BP-owned company is selling carbon credits on trees that aren’t in danger, analysis finds
  • I'm a big fan of reform over pure punishment....

    But I've already got a guillotine ready, these fucks are past reform or repayment, and just need to be disposed of, in an environmentally friendly way.

    Nobody calls a surgeon a "butcher" for "disfiguring" a person when they cut away diseased, cancerous flesh.

  • Lauren Boebert Humiliates Herself With Bonkers New Biden Conspiracy
  • I already heard people complaining about "oxygen deprivation" due to masks as early as last year, it wouldn't surpsise me to hear people using that excuse even earlier.

    In this specific instance, one of my parents church friends was talking about how much of a mental decline they've noticed in themselves since they had to wear a mask so much.

    I really wanted to chime in with "My ex-brother-in-christ, I have known you for twenty plus years, and you have ALWAYS been this stupid" but it wouldn't be worth the fight with my parents.

    At least they aren't that stupid. They just value their friends over common sense. Those might be contradictory statements...

  • US and Germany foiled Russian plot to assassinate CEO of arms manufacturer sending weapons to Ukraine
  • It's always fun to see how long a post can go before the pro-ruZZia trolls come in trying to paint everything as "Ukraine is aggressive and corrupt and full of nazis and is also only being propped up by coraggressive, corrupt, nazi filled governments of the west and also just in case the topic isn't directly related to the US, America bad"

    It's great when all the people who are "just asking questions" seem to all have the exact same questions mildly rephrased, and all seemingly don't post anything except in those specific posts or a smattering of generic comments in others. I'm not saying they're paid trolls. I'm saying they're all fucking idiots of the same caliber, all thinking they're so clever and insightful, all repeating the same lines they've heard from actual paid trolls.

    Truth eludes he who does not seek it with both eyes wide.

  • US and Germany foiled Russian plot to assassinate CEO of arms manufacturer sending weapons to Ukraine
  • Legit, if I worked for their company, this would just make me want to work harder.

    "oh you already fucked with them and now you're trying to fuck with us for helping them? Oh nah nahnahnahnahnah son you done fucked up" loads munition with retributive intent

  • Keeping the playing field level
  • Lol that's some awardspeechedit content right there.

    Now it really IS like being on r*ddit again.

    Edit: to anyone wondering about the deleted comment, the guy was being pedantic about wording implying a different meaning, and then whined in an edit that this place is just like the other place because he got "downvoted for providing scientific fact" or something along those lines.

  • Don't make promises you can't keep...
  • The absolutely disgusting amount of knowledge that has been lost over the centuries all because some zealot, be it religious, political, or some other such beast, decided their way was the best way and anything contrary should be buried in the sands of time, all evidence of it erased....

    I mean, if you're so insecure about your belief/value in whatever that the mere existence of something else is a threat, then maybe you should re-examine said beliefs/values?

    People were the worst thing that's ever happened to this planet. and it's been through a lot

  • Widespread condemnation for attack on hospital after discovery it doesn’t contain any Palestinians
  • How does it taste?

    I can confirm, it's got a very mild smell because I was that close to eating it myself and almost took a bite.

  • Mass effect was actually one of the first games that came to mind.

    Yes, BadShep has some great moments, and some of the decisions actually feel good, but sometimes it just gets too over the top or hurts someone I care about.

    Even if I didn't abandon every evil playthrough, I would never have been able to [REDACTED] on tuchanka. Had to be him. Someone else might have gotten it wrong. 😭

    And my Arthur is gruff but good-natured, has 0 time for idiots, and won't hesitate to shoot someone in his way, while at the same time will go well out of his way to help someone truly in need.

    So insults abound, but he still helps that woman get back to emerald ranch after she twists her ankle. He shoots anyone that's got something he needs, but drops everything to find a missing person.

    I like games where I can mix and match but still get good endings.

  • Memes of the Star Wars Prequels Transporter Room 3

    The EMH is channeling a power from a galaxy far, far away.


    What is your all-time favorite episode of star trek?

    It can be from any series, and if you want to pick a favorite from each show go ahead.

    Picture very much related.


    Starfleet sure has some weird practices when it comes to "privacy"

    Then again, with how much can be done casually by literally anyone who is on the ship, not just starfleet personnel, what even is privacy anymore in 2380?


    What is this, a crossover episode?

    I would actually love this.

    Maybe not the upper pylons getting kawhooshed, but a parallel world episode or like.... Literally even a holodeck gone mad episode.

    Obrien could take out some of his frustration as Cowen of the Genii.


    He shows such mercy

    Really, what do they expect? Mental Healthcare is more or less nonexistent everywhere he goes.