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  • I had this meme come through my discord and was going to post it but I didn't want to have to explain to 47 people that no, I am not saying hit the cop with it; the windshield is much more satisfying

  • Toll rule

    B.C. coal mining company fined for more than 400 violations
  • As I say elsewhere, this is probably just the starting point. Right now they are being fined for not monitoring and as a result are being made to see if there was an impact on water and fish. If those results come back as showing a negative impact on these receptors, the big fines will follow.

  • B.C. coal mining company fined for more than 400 violations
  • They are being very lenient here, but these fines are probably the first of many. They may well lose their permit to operate, as it is within the Director's right to do so.

    The 406 instances of not monitoring effluent sounds like they shut down their water monitoring program periodically (winter?). Not controlling mine effluent is a big no-no. A major mine company got fined 60 million for selenium issues. Also, you risk getting DFO involved, since their purview covers all fish-bearing water, and bad things happen pretty quickly once the feds are involved.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Cool article.

  • Rare white bison sighted in Yellowstone evokes Native American prophecy
  • for many Native tribes of the Great Plains, including the Lakota people, who believe that it relates to a time around 2,000 years ago when food was scarce and the bison were rarely seen.

    The 1800s has entered the chat

  • I don't remember the last time I've watched the theatrical version at this point.
  • I have only watched the theatrical ones when they came out. I remember having to piss so bad during a slow scene in ROTK.

    I've watched them again, with my kids as that seems to be the only ones available on streaming services. I'd like to watch the extend cuts at some point

  • The ascension of Sir Touch-Me-Not
  • I generally opt for evasion since it scales with upgrades I believe. At higher levels on plate armour it's great. Defense augmentation is dangerous if you don't have high defense to mitigate the DMG or a ring of elements to help you to reduce DMG from spells you're no longer good at avoiding

  • The diminishing returns of in-office mandates
  • I work from home entirely.

    The issue with this topic is that most people can't see past their own roles and experiences with it to see how office time can sometimes be beneficial (as you outline above) or completely pointless (my case).

    It's good to have a place to meet clients, or have important meetings, so I go when only when I need to do that. For some people that's all they do. Other people can do their jobs away from the office. Neither side should be slammed for their view; the only people we should slam are our corporate overlords. Now get in the Hilux

  • The ascension of Sir Touch-Me-Not
  • It's outdated.

    My armour was doing 8-60 block DMG. The shield was doing 0-16 or so.

    The thorns mechanic got pretty broken pretty quickly: I was doing multiple rounds of 10 DMG bleeding every time they even looked at me.





    The ascension of Sir Touch-Me-Not


    First time getting a berserker to the top. So far I've done:

    • Huntress
    • Gladiator
    • Champion
    • Assassin
    • Warlock
    • Battlemage

    Still need to do monk, free runner, and sniper


    Capitalistic Hellscapes Do Not Rule

    The orphan crushing machine continues its implacable work