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  • Coffin Flop on Corncob TV is pretty good, but Comcast is trying to remove it from their broadcast lineup. They keep saying, "There's no way that many bodies are falling out of coffins." Then they tell me, "And there's no way a quarter of them are nude."

    They think I'm just some dumb hick. They said that to me. At a dinner.

  • Ummm... What?
  • The board had a meeting back in March. Fights had to be rescheduled due to consistent inaccurate size estimates. We are continuing, however, with asking registrants to provide density of ass hair.

  • What games did you have a good time with that you just never finished?
  • So odd as I feel I may be the Ying to your yang. The first zelda is maybe the only one I haven't completed. I think it was incredible for it's time but I think modern controls have left me in a place where I get bored with that entry too quickly.

  • Horse no longer exists. Only AT-AT.
  • I do not train horses but am an animal and have had a few animals as pets. No one likes shit on their head. I'm glad you gave credence from an actual expert on the subject but I could smell the bullshit from this caption a mile away.

  • Ghost Of Tsushima PSN Account Linking Requirements Prove Sony Learnt Nothing From Helldivers 2
  • Ahh, makes sense. More of an anger towards the bait and switch then. I figured this would be the most severe, especially for H2 fans who had already been playing for weeks! Additionally, seems crazy for GoT to have it considering the vast majority is single player.

    I wasn't aware you needed a console to create a PSN account in some places, that's nuts.

    I'm curious if Sony had properly advertised their account creation requirement much earlier on if people would've accepted. (At least for multiplayer games) I'm some regards, maybe it's better they didn't so gamers could bring this to the forefront more often with publishers in the future.

    Appreciate the response!

  • Ghost Of Tsushima PSN Account Linking Requirements Prove Sony Learnt Nothing From Helldivers 2
  • Gotcha, I had read 118 countries last night but I get that it's a huge amount.

    For comparison I found these today:

    Epic games is basically available everywhere but Iraq and north Korea

    Xbox supported countries seemed to be about 100ish but I think I've heard maybe their ToS wasn't as restrictive.

    Nintendo only appears to support a handful of countries for their online accounts but obviously they aren't selling to PC gamers.

    I figured amount of countries was a big factor. I'm one of those oblivious selfish bastards who has the accounts for everything above and doesn't have issues so I was curious for those who cannot. Appreciate your response!

  • Ghost Of Tsushima PSN Account Linking Requirements Prove Sony Learnt Nothing From Helldivers 2
  • This may be a dumb question and I'm truly not trying to start fanboy nonsense but can anyone explain why this recent push by Sony is different than having to have an Xbox account for Halo MCC or Epic Games account for something like It Takes Two? Is it those are available in more countries? I'm on board with the hate of this type of crap and Sony deserves it but just curious why these last two releases are different than previous publishers and multi account requirements?

  • Mi nombre es Eddie Vedder

    This was one of the first posts on that other forum site that made me subscribe back on the day. I think the guy is spot on.