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Totally not a death cult.
  • This one isn't all that far, geographically speaking from the megachurch down in Springfield that brings in tanks and armored vehicles for their conferences on "christian manhood" (pardon the reddit link...)

  • The cement that could turn your house into a giant battery
  • The average American house on a basement will have something like 40 m^3 of concrete in its foundation. If all of it could be utilized, that's still ~12kWhr of storage capacity. Nothing to be sneezed at.

  • Argentina wants to donate Super Etendards and Exocet missiles to Ukraine.
  • It's French (on account of Exocet and Storm Shadow/SCALP both being French-made) and Exocet is saying "but what would you say to side-by-side with a friend?" To which Storm Shadow replies, "Ah, yes, I could do that."

  • Argentina wants to transfer Super Etendard attack aircraft to Ukraine, they can carry Exocet anti-ship missiles
  • Yep, but it doesn't change the fact that the most noteworthy targets of Exocets were British, with the missiles being launched by Argentinians.

    Double funny that the Storm Shadow is part french, too...

  • Argentina wants to donate Super Etendards and Exocet missiles to Ukraine.

    EDIT: Realized they're both technically French missiles and that made it even funnier

    Argentina wants to transfer Super Etendard attack aircraft to Ukraine, they can carry Exocet anti-ship missiles
  • Insert Legolas and Gimli meme here, except it's an Argentinian Exocet and a British Storm Shadow.

  • Southern Baptists expel Virginia church for believing women can serve as pastors
  • Their numbers are declining, but it's leaving primarily those who are most psychotically zealous in their commitment to fundamentalism and Christian Dominionism. Those few who don't toe the line completely are either finding themselves pushed out of their communities, or their communities are having to make adaptations to allow mutually-incompatible views of theology to coexist, to at least temporarily.

  • Hunter Biden convicted of three felony counts in federal gun trial
  • So far a fair number have actually come out against the verdict, including Lindsay Graham... which makes me think there are a number of Republican legislators who own guns and enjoy partaking in a little nose candy from time to time, as well.

  • Trump advisers propose mandatory military service
  • Different Vance. Cy Vance was the prosecutor who treated Epstein with kid gloves. J.D. Vance is the author of Hillbilly Elegy, who was briefly the darling of liberal media types for showing how the folks of Appalachia and the Rust Belt have been abandoned by those in power, before realizing he could do better for himself by gargling spraytan-orange mushroom dick and riding Trump's coattails into right-wing demagoguery. He's a Senator from Ohio now.

  • My Car Enthusiasts Dream!
  • PT Cruiser people are weird.

  • TBH 6 was kind of a downgrade from 5
  • The play-by-email mode was broken to the point of uselessness in Civ5 and I don't think they fixed in it in 6 (you had to have an always-on Windows desktop system running the server, and because the game logic was integrated into the graphics engine you couldn't run it headless, and then on top of that there was basically no working system to coordinate active DLCs between players so most of the time people couldn't join even if you did get the damn thing running) so my friends and I tried once and gave up. I would love for 7 to have a robust PBEM system so that we can play together without needing to spend hours a week watching paint dry while everybody else plots their turns, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages
  • The entire history of the nation of Israel is basically proving the axiom that "hurt people hurt people," but on a geopolitical scale.

  • jk, I would never romance Gale
  • Former child prodigy with a Special Interest he immediately shares with anybody who takes a passing interest in him, prone to over explaining, so uncomfortable with emotionally charged situations he sends an astral projection to fill in for him... I personally don't think it's intended to be read that way, but I can see how some might choose to do so.

  • jk, I would never romance Gale
  • Gale is my least-favorite party member from a personality standpoint, so I asked my wife why she's always romancing him in every playthrough. She said, "I dunno, why would I be attracted to an autistic-coded nerd who talks like he ate a thesaurus?" and I don't know how to process that.

  • I have carried the beard guide from the 1909 Daily Mirror to its logical conclusion.
  • Somebody else posted the top frame a few days ago, and I finally got around to compositing all the pieces together into the glorious bottom frame. When I went back to the previous post I saw Kolanaki had suggested something similar in the comments, and felt it was appropriate to acknowledge that.

  • A quick note on the return2ozma ban:
  • Unfortunately I can't bring reciepts on account of your screeds getting rightfully binned by the moderators, but there is a difference between:

    "The Jewish people have a strong history of valuing education that's put a lot of them into the middle and upper classes and have also historically been the victims of vicious oppression, and the Israeli state has never been shy about using either of those things as a cudgel to get away with their own human rights abuses"


    "Israel is secretly in control of Intel and other vast swathes of the Western economy and are manipulating everything behind the scenes for their nefarious ends!"

    The latter of which is what you were spewing in the Technology community a few weeks ago and earned the ban-hammer over there, and which makes up a not-inconsiderable part of the rest of your comment history. I find Israel's history of oppression -- which, to be clear, extends not just to Palestinians but to the non-Ashkenazi Jewish diaspora as well -- and their current war crime spree in Gaza utterly abhorrent, but you've let yourself run all the way to "actually the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were kinda true" in opposition, and that's some racist shit which you've been rightly banned over from multiple communities. You can oppose the Israeli state without engaging in rank antisemitism.

  • A quick note on the return2ozma ban:
  • Absolutely nothing? Were you spinning "Israeli interests secretly control the entire world" conspiracy theories over here too, or was that just in c/technology?

  • Joe Biden suddenly leads convicted felon Donald Trump in multiple battleground states
  • There's definitely going to be a shift back in his direction amongst the faithful as conservative media does its work, but the thing to look for is whether than holds for low-information "undecideds" who make up about a third of the electorate. Depending on how much his case stays in the media, how much it affects his own ability to reach voters (i.e., does he get sentenced to prison pending appeals? Does he end up under house arrest with a parole officer looking over his shoulder?), and if people like the Minutemen or Proud Boys engage in violence over it, people in the middle who might have otherwise voted for him on the basis of "economy feel bad, maybe different big man make economy feel better?" might continue to peel away from him, and that's a greater risk to his chances than what the diehards will or won't do.

  • Gay Republican candidate melts down when he figured out that his party is homophobic
  • Courtesy of Roger Ailes and the invention of political talk radio, The United States was the breeding ground for media manipulation tactics that later arrived in Europe, and those have been most heavily utilized by right-wing actors -- think Sky News/The Daily Mail/The Sun in the UK, or instance. When you poll most people about what they want out of government here in the US, they tend to be in alignment with "liberal" values in the US or center-left parties in Europe, but when you ask them if they support implementations of those values by name (i.e., "Social Security" or "Medicaid" or "food stamps" instead of just asking "should the government help needy people stay fed and healthy?" people who consume right-wing media suddenly flip to be against those policies, because they are brainwashed by their media diet to oppose them even though in principle they express support for them.

    Bottom line, after almost forty years of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk and thirty years of Fox News deliberately manipulating the American right to become hateful and reactionary in spite of their own natural impulses, the gap between left and right has become incredibly difficult to bridge in any meaningful way. IMO, the only hope for reconciliation is to push those extreme voices out of the mainstream in order to limit their ability to influence the gullible, and there's just not many viable mechanisms to do that.

  • InsanePeopleFacebook Thrashy

    And the comments were all "AMEN"s and praying hands emojis.

    I know I shouldn't be wasting brain cells on this AI-generated boomer-bait, but I have so many questions:

    • How is the guy in the middle holding that comically-oversized Bible with such a limp-wristed grip? That much onion-skin paper and leather binding must weight like 80 pounds at least. At a minimum I think he'd be tearing the thing in half under its own weight.
    • This looks like it's supposed to be some kind of parade, but you'd think the honor guard would be in dress uniform instead of full tactical gear. Are they protecting the Bible-Bearer from some crazed terrorist hell-bent on a pointless gesture?
    • If so, why all the pomp and circumstance, and why doesn't Heavy Bible Guy get body armor too? Is this an Raiders of the Lost Ark scenario where the Bible has its own supernatural protective powers?
    • If the guy on the right is serving the USA, then what's the guy on the left's "USE" badge mean?
    • If May 2024 is my best year, what will July 2024 be?

    I wonder who the fans like better?

    For serious, though, I pointed out after Austin last year that cutting across the entire track at the first turn of the first lap is awful racecraft from Sainz, and got shouted down by Russell-haters.