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Telegram founder and CEO alledges signal has backdoors, they don't provide reproduceible builds, etc.
  • Who knows how apple decides to do anything? There may be some really stupid arbitrary reason apple modifies signal but not telegram just because apple insists on being difficult. If you don't trust apple don't use an iPhone and just download it on android.

  • The need for a Fedi Union.
  • The apps are fine, it's content quality and quantity which can only happen organically. You can't force an increase in quantity and keep quality high. Plus the fediverse is a fairly new concept with new issues that arise as it scales up. By it's very nature the fediverse cannot react and change quickly so a slow growth allows for communities to try their own solutions and eventually settle on a more universal fix.

  • AP Explains: 4/20 grew from humble roots to marijuana's high holiday
  • This is a terrible attitude to have, not necessarily the anti corporate stuff, but we absolutely shouldn't be associating the queer community with random violence. Self and community defense are there own issues as there is a higher rate of violence against LGB and especially T people. Anything you can do to help a trans person leave the state of Florida would be infinitely more useful than throwing a brick at a cop. Anything like that will just be used as ammunition by the people trying to say that trans people, drag queens, etc are somehow dangerous to society. It doesn't matter to most people in Florida that fascists are orders of magnitude more violent, anything done by a trans person will be amplified to an extreme by right wing media.

  • Tesla stops cybertruck deliveries—accelerator pedal may be to blame
  • I just got done swapping the electric power steering rack in my golf and let me tell you, it was nice to have a mechanical linkage when the old one died. It was also ludicrously expensive for just the part and would have been even more if I couldn't swap it myself. It's basically a sealed unit with no obvious way to service it. Some of this stuff is a trade of in ownership costs, and this wasn't even full drive by wire.

  • Tesla lays off 'more than 10%' of its global workforce
  • I'm just making fun of him for constantly promising features that don't exist, then saying they'll come in a future update when it ships without them. À la the full self driving demo in 2016 that turned out to be fake.

  • Keeping your data from Apple is harder than expected | Aalto University
  • There are definitely ad supported apps on iOS, they also control the core of all browsers on iOS. Neither Apple or Google really sell data externally, they serve ads to their audience using algorithms trained off vast quantities of user data. Selling the raw data is a bad way to do it because you don't have control over it after the first sale. Keeping it internal and selling your services is a much more lucrative way to do it if you have a big enough platform. Chromium is google's way to spy on you online and serve ads, webkit is apple's. Google allows non chromium browsers on android but apple requires that all iOS browsers are basically just a reskinned safari.

  • Keeping your data from Apple is harder than expected | Aalto University
  • It feels fine, if you don't use google apps you wouldn't notice a difference. But the last time I seriously tried using it as a daily driver was probably three years ago though. MicroG is ok but just can't compare to the sandboxed gapps in graphene when it comes to compatibility.

  • The soft life: why millennials are quitting the rat race
  • You are still paying a loan though, it might be more affordable but it's still a monthly payment. Pooling funds can allow more flexibility for individuals but it still needs to be paid. As long as real estate is treated like a commodity that can be traded and speculated on normal people will eventually be priced out.

    I don't see a meaningful difference between what you described and a condo other than maybe some tax benefits if you incorporate.

  • Unsmart a smart TV
  • In short, this is one of those questions where if you have to ask the answer is no. It may be possible but unless you have a spare TV laying around that you don't mind breaking it's not a good idea to try. The best advice I have for any modder is to have multiples of whatever you're modifying on hand.

  • 4000ac solar farm in Texas devastated by hailstorm
  • You know what, you're right, we're all fucked, there is nothing we can do, let's gather round and jerk ourselves off about how miserable we all are until the warm embrace of the ocean washes over our heads. Thanks for helping me finally see that.

  • Nightclubs on the brink as clean-living Gen Zs ditch scene
  • This has to be some sort of penis based loss leader for them right? Like get the dudes sloshed on cheap beer so they'll buy pricier drinks for women they hit on. I hate to say it but that strategy would definately have worked on me when I was college age.

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