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Apple AirPods are designed to die: Here’s what you should know
  • I think they mean without a eartip. The airpod pro’s have them but all their other earbuds do not have eartips.

  • One Year Anniversary Giveaway! - WINNERS CHOSEN!
  • Congratulations, keep up the good work!

  • [Discussion] Some good budget wireless controller for the Deck??
  • I really like the 8bitdo ultimate (non-c). Good quality, good price, backbuttons and hall-effect thingies.

  • Brexit’s Lasting Damage Is Looking Inescapable
  • The last thing most EU leaders wanted, once the shock had worn off, was a protracted argument with the United Kingdom which, on the day it left, became their single biggest market. Terms were agreed easily enough.


  • NSFW
  • I think the thing about not allowing people to block admins is baked into lemmy itself, not something set up for this instance in particular, so not much we can do about that.

  • Steam :: Introducing Steam Families
  • I think it’s also just generally a good thing for them. I’m way more hesitant to buy stuff from humble and fanatical because I can’t return stuff, so I rather pay a bit more to get it through steam.

  • My latest base. I had to abandon it due to stuttering but I think it's my nicest base yet
  • How do people have the patience for such nice bases. All my bases end up being completely square.

  • Looking for new moderators - community locked for now
  • What’s wrong with this post? Asking for some details about someone that wants to mod one of the bigger communities is a good idea, right?

  • Oh boys here we go again
  • Starts throwing money in Ludeons general direction

  • Lemmy Up/Down votes should only be available when you are commenting.
  • But in your plan they don’t need to, right? They can still post some troll comment or post and ignore all responses.

  • Ex-Activision CEO Bobby Kotick looks to buy TikTok amid shutdown fears - Dexerto
  • They’ll merge it with yt shorts, then rename yt short to tiktok (new) then separate the two again and then shut down tiktok and 1 year later yt shorts as well.

  • [Update] Version 0.19 Upgrade - Done!
  • oh, I love how that looks. Such a clean UI.

  • Arc Browser
  • I like the browser, but I liked it more when they where focussing more on the browser itself instead of the AI stuff they’ve been doing recently.

    I like the features, but no way that it’s going to stay free.

  • The latest billionaire trend? Doomsday bunkers with a flammable moat
  • Yea I didn’t only mean atomic war, the same stupid people who have power over that means to an end also are important factors in if we will all die of climate change.

  • The latest billionaire trend? Doomsday bunkers with a flammable moat
  • We have the means to destroy ourselves, and there are a lot of truly stupid people who have power over those means. I don't say I personally believe we will all die soon, but I can see how someone might.

  • removedit for lemmy?
  • Sorry, I don’t completely get what you mean with this sentence

    If something was pulled before it was deleted they’d have it and, subsequently, the deletion record too

    As far as I understand, removal by mods is federated and will thus be visible on all instances in the modlog. But not an expert by any means.

  • removedit for lemmy?
  • How do you mean?

  • The gorex


    [Weekly LW Community Spotlight] Artshare - share art and watch art!

    [email protected]

    Time to share your art or appreciate someone else's art! Description:

    This is a friendly community for everyone who wants to share their art with the world! Everyone is welcomed 🎨


    How to submit a community you would like to see spotlighted

    Comment on any Weekly Spotlight post or suggest a community on our Discord server in the community-spotlight channel. You can also send a message to the Community Team with your suggestions.

    ~ The community team

    [Weekly LW Community Spotlight] FoodPorn - A place to post and look at all the food that makes you hungry!

    [email protected]

    This community has a lot of subs, but not a lot of posts. Let's get it back to it's former glory. Description:

    >Welcome to a little slice of culinary heaven where we share photos of our favorite dishes, from savory succulent sausages to delicious and delectable desserts. Made it yourself? We’d love to hear your recipe!


    How to submit a community you would like to see spotlighted

    Comment on any Weekly Spotlight post or suggest a community on our Discord server in the community-spotlight channel. You can also send a message to the Community Team with your suggestions.


    Note: Sorry for not posting for a while, the admin that organized this has left the team a while ago, and we haven't got around to doing this again. Thank you everyone for reminding us! We will get this ball rolling again, but with only one community per week. Please share any suggestions you might have with us!

    ~ The community team

    Gaming Thekingoflorda
    New mod team, new chances.


    I am the lead for the community team, and unfortunately the only active moderator for this community went a bit bonkers and removed a bunch of posts and changed the name and stuff. We are now trying to rebuild this community, and have appointed two new mods Stamets and JonsJava, who will together try to get this community back on track.

    If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to put them down in the comments here, and we'll get back to you as soon as we read them.

    Thank you for being here (:

    Microblog Memes Thekingoflorda
    I vote to just skip it
    Microblog Memes Thekingoflorda
    Always look at the bright side of life
    MSI might be announcing a steam deck competitor Is that a Steam Deck competitor you’re teasing, MSI?

    Between Asus, Lenovo, and now MSI, it feels like every major PC gaming brand is lining up to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck. MSI’s Instagram teaser for next week’s CES announcement doesn’t give too many hints about the specs or features of its competitor. But it does seem to confirm it’ll have plen...

    Is that a Steam Deck competitor you’re teasing, MSI?

    The more competition the better (:

    Happy 2024!

    Hello World!

    We want to wish you all a great new year! We also want to look back on 2023 and the amazing things that have happened here on Lemmy.World and the rest of the Lemmyverse.

    We couldn’t have begun to dream of the amazing community we have built here. The self-destruction that has been happening on Reddit has been the opportunity of a lifetime to create an amazing community here. We hope everyone who migrated over has found a great place to share, scroll and upvote here on Lemmy.

    The numbers have been amazing:

    • Almost 150k accounts here on Lemmy.World
    • 212k posts and 1.66 million comments
    • Almost 10k communities

    We think next year will be even better! You can help us achieve that by simply being yourself and posting as much as you want. A special thanks to all the moderators that have kept the communities rolling. Don’t hesitate to thank them for their contributions.

    Our donors allow Lemmy.World to stay truly free and accessible for everyone! Thank you to every single one of them. Also thank you to everyone who donated to the team that created Lemmy itself, funding the development of this platform with huge potential.

    We hope 2024 will be great for everyone! Thank you for being such an amazing community.

    ~ The admin and community teams

    Looking for new mods!

    Hello everyone!

    This community needs some new mods to keep it clean, so let me know if you are interested in helping out.

    You can send me a pm or let me know in this comment section if you are interested. If you are selected, you can join a discord/matrix server and we can keep this community clean together.

    If there are any questions, let me know!

    Looking for new mods!

    Hello everyone!

    We are looking to expand the mod team a bit, so we are looking for some people who would be interested in joining us.

    If you are interested, please let us know via a PM or by leaving a comment below. We would also like to know the timezone you life in, and if you have had any previous modding experience.

    If you have any questions, you can also leave them in the comments below.

    Thank you (:

    Looking for new moderators!


    We are looking for new moderators for this commumnity. Do you want to help to grow this community and keep it clean from spam and inappropriate posts? Then let us know in a comment below.

    We have the following requirements:

    • You are willing to join us on discord or matrix, so we can stay in contact
    • You are on lemmy pretty often, and would be willing to moderate when you see a report popping up / see a violation of the rules while scrolling
    • You have read and understand the community and instance rules and guidelines

    Let us know if you have any questions or if you want to join.

    Thank you!

    Highlighting some rules

    Hello news community!

    We from the admin community want to highlight a rule that is very important for this instance; copying copyrighted work onto this platform without permission is not allowed.

    For this community this is most relevant to the articles that are posted here. You are allowed to copy a short summary (like the bot also does for some news sources), and you are allowed to post an archive link. What is NOT allowed is copying the full article in your body post.

    We understand it is very convenient to have the full article in the body, but sadly it opens the instance up to legal action, something we can't do much about as a volunteer and donation based platform. We hope you understand.

    To be clear, this rule has always been in the instance rules, so nothing is changing on our side, we just hope that this leads to less confusion when we delete a post / ask a post to be altered.

    Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions.

    Thank you for being such an amazing community!

    Political Memes Thekingoflorda
    Community discussion about new rules


    I'm one of the mods for this community. We are trying to make new rules for this community, to make our work easier and to make it more clear what is and what is not allowed here. We want your feedback for these rules.

    Please give constructive feedback. If you have a suggestion for a new rule, please type the entirety of the rule out. And if you want to change a rule, type out exactly what you would add / remove.

    Spelling and grammar feedback is also welcome (;

    Be civil

    Jokes are okay, but don’t intentionally harass or disturb any member of our community. Sexism, racism and bigotry are not allowed. Good faith argumentation only.

    No misinformation

    Don’t post any intentional misinformation. When asked by mods, provide sources for any claims you make.

    Posts should be memes

    Random pictures do not qualify as memes. Relevance to politics is required.

    No bots, spam or self-promotion

    Follow instance rules, ask for your bot to be allowed on this community.

    Thank you in advance (: