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Going for my second ice sheet run

I'm allowed to mine one mountain tile for 120 days. After that I'm on my own. Started with 2000 wood and basically all other resources relative to 8 starting colonists instead of 3. Using a mod that allows me to call for trading ships. My goal is to make a ship and get all 8 starting colonists to survive

For full size high res Rimworld renders, check out the Rimworld gallery

It's been two months since I informed everybody about this, if you already knew, just ignore it. [email protected] is the sister magazine for this rimworld community, for sharing and viewing full size high quality renders of Rimworld colonies

Simply search "RimWorldPorn" on your fediverse instance (case sensitive) or visit directly at the instance

If your instance hasn't yet subscribed to it, search for "!RimWorldPorn @" (case sensitive, replace the first ! with a @ on Mbin/Kbin). Sometimes it requires a bit of fiddling but it's worth it

If you have a Rimworld colony, do not hesitate to upload a render of it. However, make sure you read the instructions or watch the How-To video and read the rules on and upload there directly, not to your instance due to filesize limits

*Permanently Deleted*
  • Sorry for the very late response. Most instances don't allow such large image uploads, renders can be up to 30MB. But still, thumbnails should be shown instead of the full image

  • Test post please ignore
  • Test

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Don't forget RimWorldPorn

  • Latest progress renderer mod release
  • You can disable it in the mod settings, so you'll have it ready for your next run (it will auto-enable when you start a new map). In the mean time, you can make a fancy render to post on

  • Latest progress renderer mod release
  • What stops you from adding it now? It's safe to add mid game.

  • Latest progress renderer mod release
  • RimWorldPorn on[email protected]

    RimWorldPorn on (you can find it on your own instance under magazines)

    To upload a render you need to log on to due to filesize restrictions on most fediverse instances

  • Latest progress renderer mod release

    With automatic quality adjustment it is now much easier to generate renders ready for posting on [email protected]

    Why don't my Kbin posts appear on mastodon?

    When I look at[email protected] there is a group, but nothing ever appears there when something is created on /r/rimworldporn

    Is there any way to make creations appear there?

    Suggestion for a logo contributing to Kbin as well
  • I replied to this via the connect app but it has disappeared, it seems, so second attempt;

    Thanks for letting me know you'd use the logo, I appreciate that.

    I understand your motivation not to use it now. However, I was inspired by the line "Welcome to the Minecraft community on Lemmy and Kbin" in the sidebar

  • Yay! [@RimWorldPorn]( has reached 200 subscribers. Thanks everybody!
  • I'm not suggesting it is/was ok or not, but replying to you saying

    But in the last week I’ve seen at least 10 different communities with “porn” in the name

    So we were not being trying to witty, not trying to be funny. We migrated our community from Reddit and took our name with us. At the time (5 yrs ago) it seemed like a suitable name, as it relates a lot to mapporn.

  • Sound Off: How many 10+ year redditors have left the site?
  • 7 years, still there to moderate because only half of the community wanted to leave. But that's it, no more frontpage for me.

  • Can't find existing kbin magazines, tried on two servers
  • Might be because there's no posts yet, resulting in a null json?

  • Can't find existing kbin magazines, tried on two servers
  • On kbin it's /m/rimworldart, another shame

  • Can't find existing kbin magazines, tried on two servers
  • A shame that's not uniform across fediverse platforms

  • Can't find existing kbin magazines, tried on two servers

    looking for @[email protected] (already exists on and @[email protected] gives me no results.

    Update: Solved, we have to search for !rimworldart, not @rimworldart on lemmy

    I do see the request come in on the server

    [31/Jul/2023:18:26:41 +0000] "GET /m/RimWorldArt HTTP/1.1" 200 1942 "-" "Lemmy/0.18.3; +"

    Searching from other kbin instances works fine

    Please show entire pictures when opening
  • Nice work! What was the cause?

  • app crashes when loading several large images
  • I noticed that when all images are downloaded (after about 4 app crashes) all is good as everything is in cache. A solution may be too limit the amount of synchronous image downloads, somehow

  • Please show entire pictures when opening
  • They all seem to have the same url & thumbnail_url, except for #9, which has a thumbnail on Makes me wonder why that one does and all the others don't

  • Please show entire pictures when opening
  • Judging by the time it takes to download the pictures (after clearing the app cache) I'd say the full pictures are indeed downloaded

  • Please show entire pictures when opening
  • Oh, misunderstood you there, my bad. Hope you can figure it out. Could you check for me if another kbin instance, on another channel with images, does give you two urls though? I'm curious if it's supposed to be like this (2x same url)

  • Please show entire pictures when opening

    When opening a picture, only the thumbnails are shown instead of the actual pictures

    [email protected]

    app crashes when loading several large images

    Downloading several very large images crashes the app. You might want to check filesizes and if a file is too large try to get a thumbnail instead. Then download the picture when the user selects it.

    You can get a content-length from the http server.

    [email protected]

    The RimWorldPorn Kbin instance is now active! RimWorldPorn - RimWorld Gallery

    RimWorld colonies can look awesome, awful, impressive, dull, overwhelming, lame, stunning, boring, intriguing, uninteresting, legendary, whatever. If you have a nice hi-res image of a RimWorld colony that you'd like to share with the Rim, feel free to post it here! If you were invited to post o...

    RimWorldPorn - RimWorld Gallery

    It is meant as a replacement for