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ĝis la revido kaj dankon pro ĉiuj fiŝoj!

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After the debate
  • They're old, cranky, have someone else's hand up their butts, and what they say causes laughter... Biden and Trump are Just like Statler and Waldorf.

  • [email protected]: Does Firefox block websites from uploading data that could be used for fingerprinting like resolution, installed fonts, etc.?
  • On Firefox 127.0.2 (64-bit)

    "Yes! You are unique among the 2702674 fingerprints in our entire dataset. "

    Lists plugins, list of fonts (JS), and more.

  • After the debate
  • Yeah, but Trump and Biden are both Muppets.

  • Political Memes TheOneWithTheHair

    After the debate

    Steve Bannon Prepares for Prison
  • This site says it's the Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, Connecticut.

    You can support him by purchasing a container of Petroleum Jelly online and have it shipped to the prison and addressed to him.

  • Kanye West sued for sexual harassment by ex-assistant
  • I guess Ye was trying to get her to be his black Kate Moss tonight, to play secretary, Ye's the boss tonight?

  • "That's when judges hand down jail time": Ex-NY prosecutors say Trump is daring judge with outburst
  • According to this site:

    1. Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision one, if within one hundred twenty days after the issuance of such an order the appeal has not been brought to argument in or submitted to the intermediate appellate court, the operation of such order terminates and the defendant must surrender himself to the criminal court in which the judgment was entered in order that execution of the judgment be commenced or resumed; except that this subdivision does not apply where the intermediate appellate court has (a) extended the time for argument or submission of the appeal to a date beyond the specified period of one hundred twenty days, and (b) upon application of the defendant, expressly ordered that the operation of the order continue until the date of the determination of the appeal or some other designated future date or occurrence.

    120 days after the issuance of the stay means 100 days before the end of the year. September 21, 2024 (Sat) Day 265. If he appeals, and a stay is issued between July 12 and September 21, would he not be in prison on Jan 20, 2025?

    I don't see him having any concrete way of winning an appeal. And if his lawyers just spew nonsense, I don't foresee an extension being granted.

  • "That's when judges hand down jail time": Ex-NY prosecutors say Trump is daring judge with outburst
  • "Judge Merchan could sentence Trump to probation, or up to four years on each criminal count with a maximum sentence of 20 years."


    Now some of you will insist this is a handslap, but 7 days per count to be served consecutively keeps him in jail on Jan 20, 2025. If he does get re-elected, he'll be sworn in behind bars.

    The judge could go easy on him for being a first-time felon. If the judge goes lenient, and gives him 7 days per count, but makes them consecutive sentences, not concurrent, that's 7 * 34 or 238 days.

    July 11, 2024, is the 193rd day of the year, according to There are then 173 days left in 2024.

    238 - 173 = 65.

    The 65th day of 2025 would make his exit from prison on March 6th. If he is elected president, he will take the oath behind bars.

    7 days per count vs. 4 years per count isn't throwing the book at him. It is a lenient sentence.

    I am not a lawyer, but this site indicates

    All incarcerated individuals, except those serving Life sentences, have a conditional release date equal to ... one-seventh (1/7) off their maximum sentence for determinate sentences. 1/7 is about 15%

    If Trump only has to serve 85% for Good behavior, his sentence is lessened to 202.3 days With 173 days served in 2024, that leaves him 29 more days in 2025 to serve (Jan 29). If he is elected president, he would take the oath behind bars.

    Could Trump appeal and get out? Potentially, but his legal team needs evidence of an issue with the case. Trump's lawyers in the past have had issues with providing concrete evidence.

    From the NPR story above, at least one attorney believes he had a fair trial. I suspect more agree.

    Andrew Weissmann is an attorney and law professor at NYU, and was also a lead prosecutor in the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election...

    "Everyone needs to understand that as much as Donald Trump has denigrated the criminal justice system, he had a fair trial. He had a jury, a judge, eminent defense counsel. And at this point, he will have a sentencing happening on July 11th. And at that point, he is entitled to appeal," Weissmann said.

    "He can't appeal now. He has to first get sentenced. And the sentencing is going to be quick. The actual appeal process can take many, many months."

    " In the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division for the Second Department, oral arguments are usually calendared for a date within 3-10 months following the submission of the last brief."

    Source: If they have evidence, and get a quick response, 3 months = 90 days (or about October 9, 2024) and Trump could be out then, if they can prove something was wrong, which so far, I haven't seen anything to appeal. But I am not a lawyer.

    10 months, or about 300 days, which would put Trump out of jail by the time of his appeal.

    I think 7 days per count served consecutively is the way to go.

  • Iran's president, foreign minister and others found dead at helicopter crash site

    Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, the country’s foreign minister and several other officials were found dead on Monday, hours after their helicopter crashed, state media reported.

    Iran's president, foreign minister and others found dead at helicopter crash site
    Zombie 2nd mortgages are coming to life, threatening thousands of Americans' homes
  • The best part of the article (if you can call it that) is that it gives you potential information

    "Regulation Z, which is part of the Truth in Lending Act," Kelly said. "It requires that monthly statements be sent if there is interest assessed on a mortgage."

    So if they did not send monthly statements, it throws the homeowner a potential lifeline.

    By violating Regulation Z, Kelly says, "they then open themselves up to serious legal consequences and provide consumers the leverage they need to stay in their homes."

    This is just one strategy, but Kelly has been using this approach to help homeowners in dozens of cases. She just resolved a class action case where she was able to get the names of nearly 300 homeowners from one company and help them all.

  • New York governor said Black kids in the Bronx do not know the word ‘computer’
  • So this public school in the Bronx had Math State Exam Grades 3-4 today, May 7.

    The website has Copy to Google Calendar • Download iCal Event for parents to download. The footer lists

    i-Ready (which is all online)
    How to Use Google Classroom - Video
    NYC DOE Student Account Access - Video

    then if you explore further

    "We showcased our learning with an Interactive Rainforest Experience where students shared their performances and recordings of their books with QR codes. Our scholars in the Saturday Academy engaged in animal research projects and published their books in Book Creator. Our teachers and students also worked in partnership with Digital Age Learning to show what they learned through movement."

    Does she even know what her schools are doing?

    They need to elect an informed official.

  • All wars...

    Alt text for image: All wars are banker's wars. A grid of four squares contains the following quadrants.

    Top left: a yellow stick figure points a gun at a blue stick figure. These images are accompanied by the text 'Start a war'.

    Top Right: Yellow stick figure holds money bags and smokes. A missile, a helicopter, a fighter jet, and tank are pictured. These images are accompanied by the text 'Profit from war.'

    Lower Left: Yellow stick figure holds money bags and smokes. Two oil wells are pictured, as is crane construction of a building. These images are accompanied by the text 'Profit after war.'

    Top right : a yellow stick figure points a gun at a blue stick figure. These images are accompanied by the text 'Start another war'.


    CY_Borg is a cyberpunk take on the controversial rules-lite OSR game Mork Borg. Solo Tabletop RPG Review & Actual Play, part 1 Solo Tabletop RPG Review & Actual Play – CY_Borg Part One

    CY_Borg (Free League Publishing)Written and designed by Christian Sahlén and Johan Nohr You can purchase CY_Borg here  You can download the CY_litary De.file_ment solo rules here Cyberpunk is …

    Solo Tabletop RPG Review & Actual Play – CY_Borg Part One

    New Tennessee law will prohibit 'Carolina squat' vehicle modification

    Starting July 1, a new law on modified trucks and cars could mean fines for certain drivers.

    Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee in March signed legislation banning a modification known commonly as a “Carolina squat,” which refers to cars and trucks with front ends raised to sit higher off the ground than the backs of vehicles, so that the bodies of the vehicles are no longer parallel to the ground.

    BackedBY TheOneWithTheHair

    Is this the community for BackedBy - a privacy-first, decentralized, bankless subscription platform for creators? BackedBy - a privacy-first, decentralized, bankless subscription platform for creators

    A privacy-first, decentralized, bankless subscription platform for creators. Keep your content and your audience safe. No payment processors. It's Patreon on the Blockchain.

    BackedBy - a privacy-first, decentralized, bankless subscription platform for creators
    rhizoma TheOneWithTheHair

    This rhizōma? rhizōma

    — a place for colelctive reflections on books

    Humans share the web equally with bots, report warns amid fears of ‘dead internet’
  • I suspect there will still be online interactions with humans, just more interactions with bots. Unfortunately, it's we humans behind the mess. Even if we pass laws to stop it (or even forced labels of "I'm a bot" on bot accounts), some people won't play by the rules. So the change is going to happen. We can try to persuade the public, but we know how well that works:

    A parody of the piracy ad from the 1980s 'home taping is killing music and it's illegal' cassette tape with crossbones. The words read 'online bots are killing social media and it sucks'.

    So what do you propose be done about it?

  • Humans share the web equally with bots, report warns amid fears of ‘dead internet’
  • So change means "dying"? So every time a tadpole evolves into a frog, a tadpole dies? Should we have protest signs that read, "FROGS KILL TADPOLES! DOWN WITH FROGS"?

  • Humans share the web equally with bots, report warns amid fears of ‘dead internet’
  • Bots are increasing. But the Internet is not dead/dying, just changing. Many of the "The 10 bots are posting a total of 1000 times a day." are repost bots merely parroting human generated content.

    I wonder, though, if this will cause the scrapers to be impacted by the reposters or other AI generated content.

  • RPG TheOneWithTheHair

    PF2 Remaster: AON annouced, "a date for our next update - not only Monster Core, but the Tian Xia World Guide and PF 197-198 will both be included." May 18, 2024

    Humans share the web equally with bots, report warns amid fears of ‘dead internet’
  • But is the Internet dying? The thing it doesn't say is if the human participation is dwindling.

    To keep it simple, I'll work with small numbers. Imagine there are 10 humans online. Now imagine 1 bot on online. Bots are 9% (1 in 11) of this imaginary online community. A year later, those same 10 humans are still online, but there are now 10 bots online; the bots are 50% of the community. This statistic can lead you to think there is less human participation when nothing happened to the humans. The difference is the raw number of bots. This is what I believe is happening, about the same number of humans, just an increasing number of bots, scraping, posting, etc.

    X/Twitter is dying because of mismanagement.

  • The Court Just Sealed Everyone’s Fate, Including Its Own
  • If they put a president such as Trump above the law, even to assassinating a rival… doesn’t that mean that Joe Biden could order a hit on Trump, laugh over Trump’s corpse, watch as the House votes to impeach him, and relax as the Senate ignores this?

    Sorry, I just realized they would be giving Biden the golden "get out of jail free" card, so that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz wouldn't even have the satisfaction of voting against Biden.

    However, I still think Trump will lose this, and it's because of this:

  • .sıɥʇ puǝɥǝɹdɯoɔ ʇ'uɐɔ puıɯ lɐıɹǝɥdsıɯǝɥ uǝɥʇɹou ǝɥʇ
  • ¿uǝʞɐʇ oʇoɥd ʇɐɥʇ sɐʍ ɐᴉʅɐɹʇsnⱯ uᴉ ǝɹǝɥM

  • Laura Branigan - Gloria (1982)
  • The lyrics are confusing.

    If everybody wants you Why isn't anybody callin'?

    Nobody is calling.

    You don't have to answer

    Why would you answer, when no one is calling?

    Leave 'em hangin' on the line

    How do you leave them on the line if they aren't calling?

    Oh-oh, calling Gloria

    Maybe that previous lyric was a mistake?

  • [SOLVED] Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads (pop rock)
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver ?