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Galaxy S10 til the wheels come off
  • I recently bought the samsung A15. And even though it came out this year it still has the headphone jack. If you don't have special use cases for your phone that you need a lot of power for I can realy recomend the low end samsung phones. They work absolutely fine. I used my last low end samsung phone for 5 years before replacing

  • What's the best possible justification for vandalizing a library?
  • Oh wow, you realy are an idiot.

    Madness obviously is measured in commands per month. It's not like you have no clue who that person is, what they are doing and saying.

    Your only judging them by not commenting on a topic enough.

  • Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?
  • CO2 certificates don't attempt to greenwash, but to artificially give pollution a price. That way companies have a financial incentive to lower their CO2 pollution. And at the end of the day money is all companies care about.

  • Hate Nato, Hates IKEA and Hates freedom..
  • Its called getting money from big daddy EU

    Edit: apperently some people missunderstood my comment. Im in no way saying that all their achievements are just eu. All Im saying that especially public infrastructure in poland is strongly substituted by eu. In a lot of cities you can't get on a tram without seeing the big eu logo. And thats not a bad thing. Thats exactly what the eu is for. To help each other out.

  • what did your government do well in the near past?

    In politics most people just critizise each other, but what did your local government actually do a good job on?


    Mental illnes of former teacher

    Happend 10 years ago.

    When I was in 7th grade my teacher was late. So me and some other people sat at the computer and did dumb shit. Then one person has the idea to look for a weapon online shop. I tiped it in and the second I clicked one a website the teacher came in (yea I know fucking stupid, but I was a kid). He reacted realy strangely. He asked me if everything was OK and if I had problems at home and stuff like that. So realy extreme stuff for just a dumb kid googleing to much. But not at all judgy, more concerned. At the time I didn't think much of it.

    Two years later he killed himself. Nobody saw it comming, because he always looked happy. Apparently he had depression and already had it for years. And after that it kicked in my head. Two years earlier he asked me those questions because that's what he felt. He was concerned that I felt what he felt and wanted to help me get the help he would have needed.

    I still think of this regularly and it makes me realy sad. Mental illness is a bitch.


    Do you regularly use trainsTrains?

    How well build is the train network in your country? Do you use it regularly? Why or why not?

    Personally I travel by train a lot and just couldn't do a lot of stuff if I could go by train. For example I recently moved for university and I would have a huge problem visiting my hometown if not by train.