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I'm a nonbinary Canadian Blender artist! You can find my work here: Galleries, commissions, prints, and more!


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What song would cause you to do this to yourself ?
  • "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye.

    Was played seemingly every hour back when I worked retail. Both in the store I worked in and many others. So incredibly overplayed.

    2nd place would be any of Queen's absurdly overplayed songs. I don't even hear them as music anymore; they're just annoying noise.

  • Hairy bum
  • An imposter butt!

  • Ball hockey referee left with fractured skull, jaw after removing player from game
  • The NBHPA called the incident “unacceptable behaviour”

    The poor guy was nearly murdered. The ref is lucky to be alive and, from the sounds of the injuries, may never be the same again. Repeated blows to the face with a blunt object are no joke.

  • 'I may pour concrete': Saboteur vandalizes new Beacon Hill bike trails with grease, threatening signs
  • Complaints that bikes are "not green" then proceeds to dump grease and concrete in the wilderness.

    Incredible logic.

  • Ford to start making F-Series Super Duty pickups at plant in Canada to keep up with demand
  • Fantastic. Just what we need.

    More of these wretched things.

  • Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.
  • With AWD I'd be more concerned with the fuel consumption.

  • Have you ever caught a marketing or spam email sent using one of your email aliases?
  • Not that I am aware of. Though one time someone made a Facebook account using my email. I was able to log in by requesting a password reset, then I posted a status message (or whatever) that said "Get your own goddamn email" and then changed to the password to gibberish and filed a account deletion request.

  • If everyone is fired by AI, who's going to buy the products and services made by the companies if no one has money anymore?
  • Capitalism is all about short-term profit. These sorts of long-term questions and concerns are not things shareholders and investors think or care about.

    Further proof of this: Climate change.

  • Bosch adds Auto-Shifting w/ New TRP Electronic Derailleur
  • The least amount of electronics on my bike - the better. I have a motor, battery, and a control panel to oversee the former and nothing more. The rest of the bike is acoustic, serviceable, cheap, and long lasting. I don't have to worry about bad software bricking my shifters.

  • Microsoft fixes Windows 11 bug causing reboot loops, taskbar freezes
  • And this is why most users should not be opting in to preview updates.

  • Here's The eMTB Your Kid Has Been Asking For: Rocky Mountain's New Reaper Powerplay - Pinkbike
  • Six grand (CAD) for a bike that your kid will probably outgrow in couple years, potentially less.

    It looks awesome but this is not a sane use of one's money.

  • Affinity’s Adobe-rivaling creative suite is now free for six months
  • This is true but only to a point. I have 64GB of RAM and I have seen Photoshop overshoot that and start eating up 20gb of page file. Working with the exact same files in Affinity Photo - it uses a quarter of that.

    There is a difference between "Efficiently use available memory for program functions" and "Fill all available memory with bloat and poorly coded rubbish"

    If your software's function can be replicated using only 1/4 of system memory then your software is poorly written. Which Photoshop is.

  • Affinity’s Adobe-rivaling creative suite is now free for six months
  • I dumped my Adobe sub and grabbed Affinity Photo a while ago. It does 95% of the things Photoshop does (and 100% of what I need) for a one-time payment that is a fraction of the cost of an Adobe payment. It's runs so so SO much better than PS. I very often saw Photoshop using up to 40gb of RAM and Affinity Photo uses 9gb doing the exact same work with the same files.

    Removing Creative Cloud and it's 838 different processes was amazing. Like finally watching your toilet flush after it's been clogged.

  • Parkade Bike antitheft?
  • The best anti-theft measure is not having a thief target your bike at all. Make your bike look the least appealing of any at a bike lockup. Cover it in tape, ratty stickers, put a plastic grocery bag on the seat with rubber bands, hang empty fast-food containers off the handlebars, etc. Also remove anything that can be removed without tools such as wheels, seat, and any electronic control devices. If your battery can be removed then pop that off and take it with you. An ebike without a battery is hardly worth stealing when there are other options.

    If possible - keep the bike inside but if you absolutely must use a parkade regularly I would strongly consider avoiding a new bike. A brand-new, shiny ebike left unattended (especially in a parkade with a theft problem) is just begging to be stolen.

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • Microsoft is constantly experimenting with how far they can push users into a corner and get away with it. There might be a day when Microsoft caves and releases a Windows that is more like what we wanted, but I imagine it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. We have not yet seen the worst MS has to offer force upon us.

  • Drone Manufacturer DJI Debuts Light & Powerful eMTB Motor - Eurobike 2024 - Pinkbike
  • The battery on the Amflow PL is not removable, and must be charged on the bike


  • Neglect - 3D

    A little something I whipped up to stress test my new workstation PC while in-between bigger projects. Made in Blender and Photoshop! :D


    Commodore US*3 - By me (3D)

    I picked up this old calculator from a thrift store for $25. I cleaned it up and got it working again and decided it would make for a cool thing to model, especially with the VFD tubes! My model is not perfectly 1:1 to the original but I tried to make it match where it counts. This model was a lot of fun to make and I am very happy with how it turned out! Made in Blender and Substance Painter.


    Mushy (3D) - By Me

    A little close up macro scene I put together in Blender! I usually do expansive vistas or interiors so this was a nice change of pace for me.


    Containment Breach (3D) - By me

    Remaking one of my very first 3D scenes with my modern skills and knowledge. I think it turned out alright! Thank you for looking :D

    Made in Blender and Substance Painter with editing in Photoshop.


    Winter Wonder (3D) - by me

    Been a while since I made something snowy in Blender! Turned out decently, I think. I usually do pictures with stronger, more direct sunlight so it was cool to do a semi-overcast scene. Made in Blender with light touching up in Photoshop!


    Mindful Tree (3D) by Me

    A sort of thought-exercise-turned-artproject encouraged by my therapist. Not exactly how I imagined it when I started but that is usually how these go. Made in Blender with editing in Photoshop. Thanks for looking :D


    Ashore - by Me (3D Art)

    My newest 3D piece I finished up this morning. Made in Blender with some mild editing in Photoshop afterwards. Thanks for lookin! :D


    Pipeline by Me (Blender 3D)

    My latest thingy made in Blender with light post processing done in Photoshop!


    Pied imperial pigeon

    Handsome and floofy. Was surprised how big they are when I saw some in person. Beautiful birbs!


    Trade Hall C

    Figured I'd share my latest piece I just completed today. For those that like a bit of spacey scifi! Made entirely in Blender with some touching up in Photoshop afterwards.

    More of my work here