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Not even a rule anymore, I'm devastated


Mercedes has become extremely unlikeable this season, and I don't know what to feel about it.

I am not really one to hate on teams or drivers for no reason, as I hold massive respect for each and every one of them. I love the sport, so I feel like having some hatred for a part of it is not really useful. But I have to say, from the baviour of Toto, to comments of Hamilton and on track behaviour of Russell, they have become very annoying in my eyes and seeing them lose has become more fun to watch than seeing them win. That's obviously just my subjective view of things, but I just feel like them being on top for 6 years and being in the sport for a pretty long time, they would understand that domination is not easy. Instead, they act like sore losers, dismissing their competitors, shitting on the car (and in the same way, the engineers), and overall being extremely unlikeable. I am not even tifosi, but after shit Toto has said during Las Vegas, I am holding my hopes up that ferrari cleans the floor with them in Abu Dhabi and gets that p2.


He rule


Dog in the rule


The infinite rule


I need Rule


I am never buying a JLAB product, ever again.

After a year of using JLAB JBuds Air ANC, I am done with the company and their trash products. I have wasted 60 Euros on this piece of garbage, just for them to constantly unpair, not charge, be massive with the sound not being good enough to excuse their size.

I am currently trying to exchange them in Alza for a cheaper JBL product.

If you think about buying any JLAB product, try to find a cheaper or even a more expensive alternative.

My horror experience with these pieces of plastic garbage make me wanna chuck them into a river.