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It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • Elden Ring FINALLY clicked for me. I bought it on launch (not very patient of me, and I recognized it as a "great" game but for a variety of reasons just wasn't for me. Im replaying it like a lot of people have been and I actually specced my person correctly and its a lot more fun now. Maybe I can experiment with other eventually but a balanced build has been so nice.

    SKALD is also high on my list.

  • Justice Alito Caught on Tape Discussing How Battle for America ‘Can’t Be Compromised’
  • Ummmm... what the fuck, dude said it outloud. Wanting to so blantatly disregard the first amendment is gross.

    Ive rewritten the third line of my comment like 12 times, this is just dumbfounding I cant do any better than this.

    The fuck do we do about this?

  • onn (Walmart Brand) Bone Conducting Headphones
  • Exactly, its the awareness factor I'm most excited about.

    I have the latest gen LG Earpods and the transparency mode works decently, its just majorly funky. Maybe higher end earbuds have better implementations, but nothing can beat just literally nit obstructing your ear canal.

  • onn (Walmart Brand) Bone Conducting Headphones
  • Holy shit that's crazy. I guess with all tech, progress is iterative. Instead of my whole jelly torso mass jiggling to produce sound its just my fatass skull doing the heavy lifting.

    What a blast from the past.

  • onn (Walmart Brand) Bone Conducting Headphones
  • Good to hear! Agree on the commute situation. Went biking a few times today and they worked well for dialogue content. Lost a lot of the soundstage at higher speeds, but generally okay for what I want.

    Im nervous of others around me hearing my content though 😬

  • headphones TheBest

    onn (Walmart Brand) Bone Conducting Headphones

    So I had a $50 burning a whole in my pocket after a week of my ears being particularly sore after wearing my earbuds while working. Ive seen some reviews and looked into a few sets on Amazon, so I was aware there were different styles and such.

    But during a stoned Walmart trip I saw the title product on the shelf and said fuck it.

    Spent all day doing house projects with them on. The little bone conducting bits sit just in front of your tiny inner ear flap and the band kind of just floats behind your head? I have long hair currently so this was mitigated by throwing a ponytail on, but also didn't seem too uncomfrtable when my hair was down. Running would be a problem with them if your longer hair was down, to give an idea of the stability.

    Bass from music was lacking, and above like 80% volume they still get louder, but you can also hear the vibration motor working overtime lol. I knew this going in so it isn't a dealbreaker for me, I want to primarily use these for audiobooks and podcasts.

    Would love to hear some thoughts on the tech in general if you don't have any on these specifics ones!

    Unusual problems need unusual solutions
  • Worked as a telecom lineman, he's not wrong, but we (our company personally) normally go the extra steps to remove it for aesthetic reasons. Helps when the job is done and the foreman is doing his review walks.

  • Do you use both a personal desktop and laptop?
  • Gaming PC is in the living room for gaming and media center.

    Laptop in my office up stairs for programming and I use Steam Remote Play for games that require keybmouse. Its nice because I can just unplug it from my dock and head downstairs with it if I want to browse on the couch.

    I have a tablet too, but that's used solely for movies, YouTube, or when I'm DMing because the footprint is smaller.

  • My boyfriends girl best friend
  • Agreed, it may help to reframe this not as a competition for your boyfriends attention but maybe rather as meeting her will expand your friend group? I don't think its weird for my partner to text with my friends, so maybe its worth it to see her, spend some time with her, and get to know a person your partner highly values.

    Definitely an optimistic viewpoint, but one that's lead to my personal happiness with my partner.

  • I watched Nvidia's Computex 2024 keynote and it made my blood run cold
  • Agreed, stop scrolling the comments and go read it random reader.

    I used to get so excited by tech advances but now I've gotten to the point where its still cool and a fascinating application of science... but this stuff is legitimately existential. The author raises great points around it.

  • ZOTAC Zone is yet another AMD gaming handheld
  • So the dual trackpads are interesting. I use my right trackpad on my Steam Deck all the time for more mouse centric games. I appriciate that ZOTAC included them, but the execution is key here.

    Personally, I have two steam decks in my house and I'm extremely satisfies with them. I dont think a new handheld will make me switch until we get another generational improvemnt in terms of battery or power.

    I love that the market has so many options! Steam, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Zotac, AYANEO, AYN, GPDWin, or even the chaper linux retro consoles! its fucking awesome. In a few years we'll see who really sticks with it, but for now, we're in a little handheld revolution. Enjoy it while we can.

  • Question: How does one open source their stuff?

    Hey there.

    Im working on a project for some software I want in the world. But I'm such a hobbyist that I've never thought of publishing any of my projects, but after doing so much work in it I kind of want other to have access to it after I feel its ready.

    Whats the process of distribution? I guess I typically use github when interacting with FOSS community, but its still confusing for me to navigate as an end user sometimes, let alone being an uploader.

    FWIW its simply a few python modules and other supporting txt and jsons. Targeting mostly Windows because that's what I use.

    Thanks! (If this isn't the right place to ask please let me know!)

    Edit: there are a bunch of great comments here! To clarify, I want to get it functional and somewhat bug free then fully upload everything so someone can see my idea and do it better. So I think I'm going to go with unlicense, because I don't really care about getting credit or getting contributions necessarily. Thanks all!


    Elegoo Neptune Pro 4 - Failed Print Help [SOLVED]

    I just sent this email over to elegoo official, so either way I'll update this post with their response for a community reference point:

    "Hello, I'm having issues with my Elegoo Neptune Pro 4. I've tried following the official documentation and other resources to help fix my issue to no avail, so I am reaching out as a last ditch effort.

    My issue mainly pertains to PLA prints consistently being ruined partway during printing after a few months of use and operation.

    Specifically, my print will successfully complete the first few layers. Then, at some point, the print will somehow 'grab' or 'catch' the print base and drag it around the print bed, ruining the print and causing a large build up of filament at my hotend. This then requires cleaning.

    From what I have seen, this can be caused by issues with the print bed not being clean or the temperature of the bed in relation to the fan speed. For example, having a low fan utilization at the beginning, then ramping up later in the print is supposed to help this issue. However any fixes I tried returned null results.

    Some background info, I purchased the printer on preorder and received it in September 2023. I have kept up with maintenance. Namely, keeping stepper motor tracks cleaned and greased properly, belts tightened, the print bed is wiped down with 90% ISO alcohol between prints. I have replaced the hot-end when I first started experiencing print issues, and again during the troubleshooting process to further diagnose the problem.   My Z offset seemingly is "correct". I followed the mfg instructions closely, and before this issue, my prints were coming out beautifully.

    Print Settings: Using Elegoo brand PLA 1kg filament rolls. Default Elegoo Cura print settings applied for temperature, speed, fan speed, nozzle size, etc. Supports or No supports didn't make a difference during my troubleshooting. Brim printing mode is my default.

    For the 4-5 months that I've had the Neptune Pro 4 has been absolutely amazing. Fantastic quality, consistent, very easy to use and maintain. The issues I'm experiencing are beyond annoying and I can't seem to figure it out myself.

    Is this issue known? What are the recommended solutions?"

    • Let me know if any of you have experienced something similar to this and how you addressed it!

    EDIT: This is likely solved. There are many issues that can contribute to this issue but TLDR quadrouple check your z offsets. Read the thread for other good info.

    main TheBest

    I just want to say thank you to Midwest.Social

    (Feel free to remove if not allowed)

    I may be preaching to the choir , but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the instance moderators and owners.

    I really appreciate the welcoming attitude that a lot of our threads hold. I really like the freedom of expression we can have, as well as the disagrements that have helped broaden my worldview. I love that this is slightly more currated to our location in the world, it really helps connect local news with the people that might miss it if you're only scrolling the large social media networks or countrywide news outlets.

    I am definitely biased and might be unaware of some problems, but to me the content and members here actually make me want to participate in the conversation.

    So uh... yeah. Thank you.

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals TheBest

    I can't work under these fluffy conditions


    Skeeter may be blue but Osmosis Jones Is Black ✂️ Osmosis Jones Is Black

    33 seconds · Clipped by Wes Thompson · Original video "Wubby Streams - Suit down, then SUIT RIGHT BACK UP BABY" by Wubby Stream Archive

    ✂️ Osmosis Jones Is Black

    The New 8bitdo Retro Keyboard shipped early. Small-ish Male Hand for scale.

    I can try to answer any questions, but it doesn't seem like the 8bitdo Ultimate software is availible for download yet. Im not big into mechanical keyboards, this is actually my first, so I don't have much direct comparison experience to other keyboards.

    but the buttons are big and f u n.

    Minnesota TheBest Anoka to debut state's first social district, allowing patrons to walk around town while drinking

    The north metro suburb gained legislative approval to pilot the program, which starts Wednesday and runs through Oct. 7.

    Anoka to debut state's first social district, allowing patrons to walk around town while drinking

    Sounds fun.

    Dogs TheBest

    Husky Lab Mix chilling on the river

    A mostly brown and white dog sitting on a boat with the river, trees, and bright blue skies behind him. Mostly husky features with hints of lab.

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals TheBest

    New shelter kitty cuddling up to her new older brother!

    So freaking adorable. Its been a little over a month, and she finally feels comfortable enough to come to my old man and pass out. Of course he's THRILLED about having a new bff. His face everytime she rubs against him is pure cheese.