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Experimental Evidence No One Expected! Is Human Consciousness Quantum After All?
  • It's not hubris, it's neediness. Some people have a desperate need to be speshul, not just matter, not just a process, but something magical and ineffable and inherently intractable. They want their non-overlapping magisteria back, and they use 'quantum' as a little reservation it can hide on.

  • What are your thoughts about OnlyFans?
  • People are so damn shallow about looks, it's ridiculous.

    The fact is that an AIO has a shorter lifespan, is way more expensive per-watt, and... Oh, right.

    Sex work is work, and the people doing it deserve respect. Fuck the 'there will be consequences' mindset, since that mostly comes from the people imposing the 'consequences' in the first place.

    I wouldn't be willing/able to suspend disbelief about an actual personal connection either, but it's a valid human emotional need, and if it works for people, good for them.

  • what is the actual meaning of "would" and "could"?
  • Could is maybe-can: I bet I could jump over that car [if I wanted to].

    As opposed to I bet I can jump over that car [and I'm going to try].

    Would is maybe-will: If you saw an alligator, would you run away?

    Would is also 'did', for habitual actions. When I was young, I would wait by the window for my father to come home.

  • Do you prefer Gaming PCS or Gaming Laptops?
  • Laptops are uniformly awful.

    You can't upgrade or replace the GPU or CPU, the hinge assembly is mechanically vulnerable, a cup of coffee over the keyboard is game over, the screen dies you've got a ridiculous cost to fix, the cooling sucks, the ergonomics suck, and you pay about double the price for half the specs.

    You need a proper screen and keyboard at your desk anyway, so unless you're hotdesking with the thing, it's just going to act like a shitty desktop most of the time.

  • The debate gets interesting sometimes
  • Why are you blaming the voters for not choosing the lesser evil, instead of blaming the dems for forcing them to make that choice in the first place?

    Stop supporting and enabling the fucking genocide, then it's a no-brainer for everyone. And with so many other people's lives at stake as well as the Palestinians, how dare the dems play chicken?

  • How does affective empathy work with anger?

    As I understand it there's two main kinds of empathy: cognitive and affective.

    Cognitive empathy is the ability to perceive and understand the emotional states of others, and affective empathy is actually sharing those emotions yourself.

    I do the former, but the latter doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    Like, if I see someone being sad, it's possible that I'll be sad or angry that they're in that situation, but those will be my feelings about what's going on, not theirs.

    But for those of you who inherently feel-what-you-see, how does this work with, say, anger?

    If you see someone being terribly angry, do you feel angry yourself? If so, who do you feel angry at? If you see a fight going on, do you hate both participants?

    If someone is angry at you, are you also angry at you?

    I guess this applies to any targeted emotion, but anger is a good example.


    What is that sound effect in the House M.D theme music?

    Yes it's old, I know.

    In this opening theme, that deeply unsettling fuzzy vibrato tone.

    I'm sure it's copying some kind of hospital sound effect, like an old-tech intercom tone or a warning buzzer, but I just cannot fucking place it. I know I know this sound.

    It's driving me nuts. Can someone please tell me what it is? Bonus points if you can link to a recording.


    Does anyone speak hairdresser? I need help communicating.

    M49, I tend to go a bit long between haircuts which is on me, but I seem to have a really hard time explaining that I want short hair, like 20mm / 3/4"

    I usually ask for a #2 clipper on the back and sides, (which works fine), then take as much as they off the top so I can still brush it straight up, preferably too short to grab onto.

    Basically a cigar butt with eyes, shut up it works for me.

    Even indicating with thumb and finger, this somehow gets interpreted as just barely trimming the tips off and painstakingly shaping the surface, barely affecting the overall quantity of hair.

    How's that for length?

    What no, get in there with fire and the sword, wreak devastation, I want all of this gone.

    :carefully trims another quarter inch off:

    It's not just one guy, not just one place, so I am obviously using wrong and misleading words.

    How do I ask for the thing I want?


    Could a bird propel a skateboard by flapping its wings?

    That is to say, could they get enough forward thrust to push themselves along, without taking off? Maybe with like a little perch to hang onto...


    Roleplaying evil characters

    So, I almost never play evil characters in most CRPGs - despite the potential fun to be had - and recently I've been thinking about why.

    I mean, lawful good is the most boring alignment, evil NPCs can be an absolute hoot (exhibit A: Astarion), stealth murdering villagers for lulz can be entertaining, so why am I always such a freaking goody-two-shoes when it comes to actual plot decisions?

    I think a lot of it comes down to lame and crudely-drawn motivations for the evil option in each case.

    Your options in most games always seem to boil down to callous, greedy or spiteful: haha no / fuck you pay me / I just blinded your child lol.

    And those just aren't satisfying. Especially when you're starting out and forming your character's persona and network, you're pretty much powerless, dumped in a situation where you're casting around for allies and can't afford to burn your bridges.

    Running around just randomly being mean to folk like some poster child for Troubled Youth and the need to be Tough On Crime is just... stupid. There's some crude sadism there, and there's some crude avarice, it gets you minor short term benefits but no long-term ones, it gets you hated but not feared, without any real sense of control. Everyone dies or gets led off in chains with big sad eyes, and there's always the strong implication that you failed.

    It just feels like a heavy-handed morality lesson where all the bad people are thugs, arseholes and/or developmentally challenged. Apart from being not much fun to play, it's kind of erasing the harm presented by smarter, more insidious kinds of evil.

    Being a good guy gets you willing allies, is about personal validation, and feels like success. It gets you the generosity of the people you help, but that's a bonus on top the fundamental win of making the world a shinier better place.

    By the same token, being an evil bastard should get you unwilling allies, it should be about power, and it should feel like winning. It gets you benefits you did not earn, but that should be a bonus on top of the fundamental win of tightening the screws on people. That's the actual payoff, but it seems to be the one they always miss.

    I think evil playthroughs could be a lot more fun if you had better ways to be evil: blackmail, extortion, sneaky betrayal and brutal revenge. Not ODD, in other words, but NPD. Control, leverage, perfidy. Locking your victims down so they have no choice but to help you, or deceiving them into working against their own interests. Either keep a tight rein on your PR - or let them hate, so long as they also fear.

    And another BG3 example: I think the nature of the shadow curse was a misstep, what with the all the grotesque madness and putrid corruption that surrounded it. I think it would have been far more effective as psychological horror, morally corrupt but reeking of purity, so shadowheart would have had believable reasons for wanting to join the gothstapo, and the player could plausibly be sold on it despite everything. But instead the lesson seemed to be that evil is yucky and broken and ew don't get it on you, and that just feels like a missed opportunity to me.

    What say you?

    Am I an outlier in this? Do the typical offerings feel satisfying to you? Are there games that do relatable, enjoyable evil especially well?


    Any actually good extreme-panning / "8D audio" songs?

    I'm going to assume you've heard the stereo-panning version of the record player song that did the rounds.

    However, searching for more like this, I can only seems to find shitty low-effort remixes of songs with someone swiping the entire audio track back and forth, without timing it to the actual notes of the song or putting distinct elements in their own space or any of the actually cool counterpointy stuff you could do with this.

    Has anyone found any that don't suck?


    Create a race to the bottom in the rental market

    Not sure if this counts as politics or not; let me know.

    One major brick in the toilet tank of the rental market is apparently investors just 'parking their money' in properties and leaving them vacant longterm, with an eye to selling them later at an inflated price - with rental income being not worth the hassle.

    Some people have suggested a tax on vacant properties to give more incentive to rent them out.

    Good idea, but I say we go one better.

    1. Put a hefty tax on all properties that aren't owner-occupied.
    2. Give a rebate for renting them out, proportional to the percentage above or below the average rental for comparable properties.

    If you charge above-average rent, you get a small rebate.

    If you charge average rent, you get a medium rebate.

    If you charge below-average rent, you get a large rebate. This could even exceed 100%, using the funding from the other categories.

    People chasing the large rebate will drive the average down over time, ate viola, we have a race to the bottom and the consumers reap the benefits.

    There's probably a dozen reasons why this wouldn't work, but I like it anyway.

    Books TheBananaKing

    Recs please: cosy-but-stabby SF/F

    tl;dr: something with the murderbot / hexarchate / locked-tomb kind of vibe

    I'm after something sweet but astringent to bite down on; this is the general tone I'm almost always looking for, and I've mined out most of the obvious seams of the stuff.

    I don't mind whether it's fantasy or SF, I just want a chunk of emotional intelligence mixed with harsh conflict - with a modern, progressive take if possible.

    LGBTQ-themed stuff tends to be good at this in my experience, but I'm not fussed either way. I'm not after romance/smut for its own sake, but it's fine as part of a bigger picture.



    What's the deal with buying single cans out of a multipack at a bottle shop? (Australia)

    As per title. I very, very rarely drink, and I generally just want to buy a single of something for a rare treat, however most beers/ciders/etc are sold in multipacks.

    The pricing on the shelf is usually per-pack only, yet sometimes I see random products with single cans/bottles missing, and sometimes random products will have a little section of unpackaged singles, despite not having a separate price showing.

    Is it generally OK to split an unopened 4- or 6-pack, or is that as weird and inappropriate as doing the equivalent in a supermarket? What even are the rules around this?


    What's the simplest thing humans are too dumb to grasp?

    You ever see a dog that's got its leash tangled the long way round a table leg, and it just cannot grasp what the problem is or how to fix it? It can see all the components laid out in front of it, but it's never going to make the connection.

    Obviously some dog breeds are smarter than others, ditto individual dogs - but you get the concept.

    Is there an equivalent for humans? What ridiculously simple concept would have aliens facetentacling as they see us stumble around and utterly fail to reason about it?


    What is the most terryifying siren noise?

    There's an emergency at the Facility down the road, and everyone in a six-mile radius is very likely fucked.

    What is the sound that announces your fate?



    • dyOOT! ... dyOOT! ... dyOOT!

    • Something else? (please spell)


    Why don't nice plain chocolate biscuits exist?

    Not counting Choc Ripple, which are horrible.

    You can get any number of chocolate-coated biscuits, but dammit I just want a simple chocolate shortbread or near offer. Hell, I'd settle for a giant Tiny Teddy, though those too are a bit industrial.

    Just give me a pack of bourbons without the cream in, that'd do fine.

    Is this some terribly rare niche interest all of a sudden? Am I really the only person in this country who would buy such a thing?

    Yes I know I can make my own, it's just tedious - and the lack of demand for anything like it confuses and enrages me.


    Noise issues, overload and... breakcore?

    Okay, so this is weird.

    I seriously don't do loud environments. My speech discrimination goes to shit with a bunch of background noise, and if I get into overly-spiky crowd noise (eg. loud bars / parties, with everyone yelling over each other and echoing off the walls), I rapidly overload and need to GTFO before I break down.

    So why in the purple fuck is frantic glitchy breakcore the most soothing thing in the universe?

    I've been listening to stuff like femtanyl recently, and the more IYTGKIUFUYGLICGXJYUGJTYUFLIHFUYGKJKHJGHYTFTJGHFDYGFDJHCHTRF it gets, the more it feels like my brain is sinking into a warm bath. It's like brown noise, but moreso.

    Tha heck is going on?

    Anyone relate?


    Can someone explain the boundaries around 'people pleasing'?

    So, I had an incredibly fucked-up childhood in a toxic abusive environment and never really learned how to people.

    When I was younger I was... abrasive, let's say. Or possibly just an insufferable prick. I would argue with people on the internet a lot and generate a lot of conflict - not from a desire to troll (as many assumed), I was just raised in a test-to-destruction environment where loud table-slapping debate was just how you learned things - kind of cage-match debugging sessions kind of thing.

    This didn't make me many friends, understandably.

    Anyway, decades passed and I learned to mellow out a bit, to go along to get along, and to develop some soft skills like y'know, tact, and... compassion for people's emotional investment in their intellectual position, if that has a name.

    Well and good, the people I talk to don't generally want to strangle me, chalk it up as a win.

    But increasingly of late I've been hearing disparaging talk of 'people pleasers', which as best I can tell seems to refer to people who do all the things I was yelled for not doing half my life: going along to get along, valuing other people's needs and emotional sore spots, taking a cooperative, defensive-driving kind of approach to social ineraction - and I am confuse.

    I lack a proper framework to parse this all intuitively; I had to build my social skillset manually by trial and error, and things obvious to others remain somewhat mysterious to me.

    I'm not actually ASD (just ADHD), but my lack-of-intuitive-grasp on certain things presents a similar profile. Can someone give me a longhand explanation of the border between not-an-asshole and people-pleasing?

    Lemmy Support TheBananaKing

    certain phrases preventing posting?

    ETA for fuck's sake, even this post had to be censored down to go through. It took about 15 attempts.

    A few times recently I've had posts refuse to go through with great big 'you've been blocked!' banners.

    It seems to be very sensitive to mentions of being mean to people, not advocacy, just mentioning the existence of certain topics, and it seems to be way too hair-triggered.

    I just now tried to post about the ethics of meat consumption, and why people see certain aspects as more troubling than others. Certainly nothing explicit or provocative, just the difference in perception between harvesting meat and deliberate unkindess - as abstract concepts.

    I refuse to do the stupid zoomer thing of cens*ring words with numbers and punctuation, and frankly I shouldn't have to.

    I'm not sure how you're meant to be able to have a sane conversation about ethics or politics if you're not allowed to mention people being mean. God knows what would happen if someone tried to report actions perpetrated in an akka-akka-kablooey-competition zone.

    Could someone maybe take a look at the settings, because jesus christ.