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Microblog Memes TehBamski
Get your old black powder bombs ready
  • Probably. Just note of caution. I ordered 5-6 shirts from 6DollarShirts years ago and all but one of them fit me well enough. The others were either to short or to large. After all, they are only $6 a shirt.

  • Lost In Transmission

    80's fever dreams were wild!
  • I was thinking the same thing. What video game do you speak of? ha

    Well, there is indeed a video game.

    Edit: Grammar, because somehow I overlooked keywords. D'oh.

  • It’s always with my best shirts
  • IIRC: To prevent this from happening or slowing down the occurrence, turn your shirt inside out before you put it in the washing machine and dryer. Set both to the lowest or second lowest temperature for both machines. Works well for me. But as others have said, air drying is the best way to treat them. Me on the other hand...

  • Taking a Shower at your Friend's House - Starter Pack
  • Where would you even get a napkin-sized towel anyway?

    At the Mouse Costco.

  • /c/starterpacks TehBamski
    Taking a Shower at your Friend's House - Starter Pack
    [Video] Result of Unconventional Parenting | Ali Siddiq Stand Up Comedy (4:43)
  • Hey you should post this instead of commenting it. It's a standup comedy video after all.

  • Skepticism
  • Hey... nice beaver.

  • Skepticism
  • It felt so "wrong."

  • How Does David Get Revenge on Victoria? | Would I Lie To You? (4:26)
  • David's wit is something that I marvel at.

  • (NSFW Language) Why are Finns so happy?
  • Just don't make out or get busy with anyone there, until you can confirm they are not related.

  • Lemmy's major collective account cake days are coming up soon.
  • It sure has. I knew it had been a while but didn't realize how close till we entered into May.

  • [Discussion] What comedians would you like to see live that you haven't yet?
  • In no particular order:

    George Carlin, Robin Williams, Bill Hicks, Doug Stanhope, Bill Burr, Bo Burnham, Dave Chappelle, Anthony Jeselnik, Don Rickles, Jeff Ross, Bill Bailey, Cristela Alonzo, Ms. Pat, The Amazing Johnathan, Mohammed Amer, Louie Anderson, Rowan Atkinson, Dave Attell, Richard Ayoade, Aziz Ansari, Mike Birbiglia, John Candy, Billy Crystal, Trevor Noah, Theo Von, Tom Segura, John Mulaney, Gabriel Iglesias, Bobby Lee, Andrew Schulz, Katt Wiliams, Jim Jeffries, Jimmy Carr, Daniel Tosh, Joey Diaz, Taylor Tomlinson, Michael Che, Brian Regan, Tim Dillon, Jimmy O. Yang, Jo Koy, Stavros Halkias, Ali Wong, Tom Papa, Big Jay Oakerson, Colin Quinn, David Cross, Roy Wood Jr., Deon Cole, Joe List, Jeff Foxworthy, Whitney Cummings, Russel Peters, and Demetri Martin.

    There are plenty more to list but this covers many of the ones I want to see.

  • Lemmy's major collective account cake days are coming up soon.
  • Lemmy wish you a Happy Cakeday! May your post counts be high and your comments be gold.

  • The planned PSN requirement has been canceled!
  • Yeah... I don't like the idea of PSN having my information when they have had numerous hacks/breaches in the past. The 2011 PlayStation Network outage being well known.

    Also, who the heck wants to sign in to one more launcher/platform just to play a game? I don't speak for everyone, but I sure as heck don't want it.

  • It’s the same
  • ... uh yeah. I got the joke. Not sure why people downvoted but w/e.

  • It’s the same
  • Looks the same... because it's the same frame lol. Golden.