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'It's inhumane.' Despite how hot it is, Tennessee renters don't have a right to air conditioning
  • There ARE designs that work. Just not found in the USA. Designs from 2000 years ago throughout the hot and humid southeast Asia that work fine.

    If you've ever been to India for example, you'd know. The USA does not have a monopoly on humidity and isn't close to the high for temperatures.

  • Internet forums are disappearing because now it's all Reddit and Discord. And that's worrying.
  • I like the idea of Reddit and it works much better than Lemmy. But the moderation and AI scraping make it a no-go site for me anymore which is a shame.

    I love internet forums and have been a mod at some and very high poster at other. But the snowball effect gets them. If there's no traffic, there's no posts, so there's no traffic. You need to have a good community to make it work. One area reddit really shines, small communities exist on a huge platform. Great idea before the enshittification.

    I hate discord and the fact that anyone replaces customer support or fan support pages with it, is just fundamentally broken. The idea of a forum is that the question is asked and archived. 20 years later someone else googles the question and sees the answer and all the replies that lead up to it. That's what forums are for. In discord you ask a question and 30 seconds later it's gone forever eaten by useless drivel. Never to be searched or found again. Idiotic.

  • SEC Poised to Seek Enforcement Action Barring Elon Musk From Holding Executive Positions
  • You missed the point entirely as expected. Americans obviously cannot think critically.

    Nobody said Elon is the engineer behind all his successes. Those that do, are easily proven wrong and if they want to throw all their money away, let them.

    The US let's people gamble. Go $100k in debt to study Mesopotamian pottery making and then become a barista. All the normal people with pensions that lose everything in restructuring like GM or many of the airlines, etc prove the US doesn't care most of the time. They pick and choose when to be burdens. The US government bailed out banks, car companies, and lots of other industries at a tax loss. But the people of say Enron, got nothing. The victims of Bernie Madoff, got (almost) nothing.

    If you invested with Madoff, and lost everything, why don't you get money back too? He wasn't crazy. He was backed by 2 independent US credit and backing and auditing agencies. The SEC was paid off to not look at things with him and many of the frauds that led to the 2008 collapse. Elon, you know is crazy. If you don't know he's crazy, that's a personal problem.

    The US also doesn't require a cognitive test of any kind to invest all your life savings into something. If you want to sell everything and buy Trump Steaks with Bible verses on them, nobody will stop you. That's freedumb.

  • SEC Poised to Seek Enforcement Action Barring Elon Musk From Holding Executive Positions
  • Laws that go against the doctrine of your country while at the same time proclaiming loudly you do it best in a different way. That's hypocrisy. It only works with idiots, ie Americans. The rest of the world has had enough of your shit.

  • Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports
  • The difference is that all GOP candidates previously knew, or had a cabinet that knew, it was a terrible awful thing to do for the country. It would NEVER pass. But it could be campaigned on. Just like repealing abortion... See how that worked?

    The party of Trump is not the GOP of old. These are idiots that can and do actually get things done. Mostly because they do it all wrong and haphazardly. But it doesn't matter because the action takes effect immediately and the remedy takes years to work through a judicial system.

    Too many American democrats don't understand they aren't even playing the same game. Bringing a spatula to a gun fight.

  • SEC Poised to Seek Enforcement Action Barring Elon Musk From Holding Executive Positions
  • Please tell me again how the US is land of the free, and only China controls who's allowed to run businesses?

    Elon isn't my patron saint, but from a business perspective he's batshit crazy enough to actually disrupt markets. That's the whole point of the USA right now isn't it?!

    Some are collasal failures and others are immense successes. Just let the dude be crazy and innovate. Nobody is forcing you to buy Tesla stock. If there was a company that had a baboon as the CFO and every time it pressed a button the company would just light $1m on fire, and you know this because it's one of the world's most famous baboons, and you choose to give this company your money, why am I supposed to feel bad when the baboon presses the button? But when it doesn't light money on fire and instead creates a lot of money, that's ok. Shareholders get to keep 100% of that fake profit. But everyone gets to subsidize when the shareholders lose money.

    Let idiots be idiots. It's the free market.

  • Biden warns Trump could select two more Supreme Court justices if re-elected
  • So stop being so damn bad at modern politics.

    Trying to maintain the high ground doesn't work on a stupid electorate that doesn't even know how the system functions. Heck, most Americans couldn't even name how many branches of government or what they were. Most cannot name how many amendments, or what they even are apart from the 2nd. They are idiots, brainwashed with propaganda.

    When the strongman takes over and does things, they will have no idea it isn't the status quo. When the Dems play nice, they do know things don't get done. They don't know why because they aren't listening to MSNBC and they aren't listening to white house briefings.

    The Dems are losing the propaganda war completely.

  • Biden warns Trump could select two more Supreme Court justices if re-elected
  • Yes he can. But what you have now is a game of political chicken. One of the few gentleman's handshakes that still exist is just the justices the US has. Since 1869, it's been 9 of them. But in the past there were as few as 5 and as many as 10.

    There is no law that says you can't have 17. Biden could literally appoint 8 more democratic life appointed judges if they got through the confirmation process.

    But then the day Trump or the next republican is elected, they can just appoint N-1, 16, republicans... Then when it flips again, 32 more democrats... It would never end. The court would be proven to be political, even though that facade is crumbling with the ignorant American masses finally.

  • Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports
  • 18% of Americans earn more than $100k/yr. They do not lobby. They just vote. Income tax reduction disproportionately benefits about half the country, especially benefits a fifth of the country.

    In a race where it's estimated 40k people will decide the entire outcome, getting 20% of the country on your side is good numbers.

  • Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports
  • You have a dead heat match. A few votes matter. This is millions of extra votes.

    Many Americans outside the country pay more than Americans inside the country as they tend to be more affluent so higher income tax bracket. Yet not UHNW so it's all capital gains.

  • Anybody using a framework laptop?
  • The GPU on my laptop is also upgradeable. And when I want to upgrade it, it'll be time for a new CPU too.

    As it is now, very few GPUs in a laptop that can pull almost 200W and have 16GB of RAM. Mine is slower than the newest generations for speed but its quicker for long processing and large memory. When a 24GB GPU based on the 5x architecture comes out, I'll be ready with a new CPU too.

  • DJI drone ban passes in U.S. House — 'Countering CCP Drones Act' would ban all DJI sales in U.S. if passed in Senate
  • 😂


    Require licensing, registration, live gps tracking, and geofencing with a proprietary app because Freedumb people ruled that's what the free market needs.

    They then rule, nah. Actually just ban em all.

    And now even if you bought them, buy them elsewhere, or just try to use them on a US device you won't be able to. Selling them is illegal both from a company and on third party resale if it passes. Even police departments that are using them as spies and have the DJI alerting system installed all over town to track and log everybody in the sky, will need to get rid of it. But I doubt they will, of course it will be exempted for the pigs in blue.

    If you can't beat em, or even match their capabilities, ban em or implement 100%+ tarrifs. New American motto of the "free" market.

  • Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports
  • This is absolutely going to get him votes. If he does it, is another thing entirely.

    There are between 8 to 10 million Americans that don't live in the US. Every penny they make is taxed to Uncle Sam even if they don't step foot in the country their entire life.

    It is universally hated. And the only other country stupid enough to do this is Eritrea.

    You know how you get 8 million votes? Drop income tax. That doesn't even count all the red state domestic Americans who also don't want taxes (but don't understand tarrifs and therefore local pricing).

    If he campaigns on this, versus just saying it one time, he will absolutely 100% win.