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Las Vegas' dystopia-sphere, powered by 150 Nvidia GPUs and drawing up to 28,000,000 watts, is both a testament to the hubris of humanity and an admittedly impressive technical feat | PC Gamer
  • But wouldn't that be only necessary if it needed to render real-time graphics at such a scale? If I'm correct, all its doing is playing back videos.

  • Las Vegas' dystopia-sphere, powered by 150 Nvidia GPUs and drawing up to 28,000,000 watts, is both a testament to the hubris of humanity and an admittedly impressive technical feat | PC Gamer
  • Wouldn't just one GPU be enough to run the Sphere, or a I getting something wrong?

    I remember hearing about that it's not exactly high resolution, each "pixel" being a bunch of pretty large lamps.

  • Copium
  • Hurts fans and disrespects canon. There's a reason why it abbreviates so nicely to STD.

  • Okay, which one of you wrote this? Lmao
  • Not for concrete itself, but certainly how it's produced. The largest contributing factor to the production of concrete is energy and fossil fuels.

    As for how functionality applies to meat; meat is incredibly nutrient dense, with certain vitamins, such as B12 or A, being in high quantity compared to other sources, or having certain nutrients simply not found anywhere else, such as taurine, creatine, or carnitine.

    To reduce the environmental impact of food, which applies to all food and not just meat, we need to accept the idea of not having excess of everything. We don't need 5 different cuts of meat from 3 different brands. We don't need 5 different kinds of apples. We don't need a whole shopping isle filled with... Goodness knows how many different kinds of cereal.

  • Okay, which one of you wrote this? Lmao
  • Yes, but such arguments are misplaced. Their issue is then not with the meat industry but with the current state of the world as a whole. But because animals have a central nervous system, and people love being activists without actually doing anything, they become vegan.

    Concrete, the creation of it, and the transportation of it, is probably one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Smart devices, sneakers, t-shirts, and toys, amongst many other things, are created by what is essentially the modern day equivalent to slavery. Many exotic "superfoods" come from third world countries where the local natives can no longer afford to eat it because costs have been driven up, because it all needs to be exported so some blond chick can have it on her toast. Lithium is probably the most important resource right now, yet it's production of it is highly destructive to the environment. Traditional farming is causing soil fatigue, contamination of ground water, and the destruction of complex ecosystems in place of monocultures, but people hate on GMOs, "chemicals", and vertical farming.

    These are problems that effect our society and our environment that even the most militant vegans make use of on a daily basis. The lifestyle vegans have (the ones we hear about in the news and see in the Internet, not the far flung tribes or humble Buddhist monks) cannot exist without modern society. So militant vegans are hypocrites.

  • Political Compass of the Rings
  • That article was a very good read.

  • Okay, which one of you wrote this? Lmao
  • Likewise.

    After the 2008 crisis me and my family were homeless for 6 years. We survived a lot by dumpster diving, and it was quite a shock to see the sheer amount of food getting dumped, even for just minor reasons.

    Like a pack of 12 fruit yogurts, of which a lid on just one was compromised. Eyup, thrown out.

    And that's not counting all the food that gets dumped before it comes to supermarket shelves.

  • Valve rumored to be working on Android emulator for Steam
  • You saying my mom's pussy is open source?

  • Okay, which one of you wrote this? Lmao
  • No, you've just said something else nonsensical:

    Humans don't feature any of the materials we need to consume as they're already inside of us, hence we consume the materials from other lifeforms (Yes, that includes plants) who produce the things we lack.

    So cannibalism isn't good. Neither is eating a carnivore.

  • A cool guide to 10 habits that vastly improved my life
  • A lot of these are vague, none specific fluff.

  • Okay, which one of you wrote this? Lmao
  • If you think that's bad, you should see what farming does to plants.

  • Okay, which one of you wrote this? Lmao
  • Food. A basic necessity. And humans are omnivores.

    Your opinions are entirely based on your personal emotional problems and have no rational bearing.

  • Okay, which one of you wrote this? Lmao
  • Fun story:

    Was going to high-school in Sweden for a bit. They got free lunch over there as part of going to school, or at least to that one.

    The kitchen was mandated to provide both regular and vegan options in equal amounts, despite that the vegans made up a fraction of the total school's population. I found out the kitchen throws out the vegan stuff every day, and that it didn't taste bad.

    I've had bad vegan substitutes, but this wasn't, so I added a bunch of the vegan food to my regular food every lunch.

    I eventually noticed I was getting angry, hateful glares every single day from this one table where the same 12 to 15 guys sat. I asked my classmate about that and she told me those were the school's vegans. They really hated that I touched their food and ate it along side my none vegan food, despite that the kitchen literally had to trash large portions of it every day.

  • Steam deck for a TV party game emulation machine?
  • I mean, it runs flawlessly for me as well with all the DLCs... Just not splitscreen multiplayer.

    I've been down the rabbit hole of looking for a solution around the controller connection applet freeze, and with some people one solution works, with some others another... Sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently... Considering the variability surrounding this issue I don't think an actual solution has been found yet.

  • Steam deck for a TV party game emulation machine?
  • I've been over a grand multitude of solutions, including this one. None of them worked, I'm afraid.

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • Well, yeah. But Stargate got all their ideas from these conspiracies.

  • The transgender community is facing a silent genocide in the U.K.
  • If this broad definition of causing harm is used, then one can argue that the United States is committing genocide against its general population, considering how screwed up their healthcare system is. So I doubt the United Nations would see it as genocide unless someone is actively committing it.

    And by actively, I mean directly ordering the destruction of trans people, by causing serious bodily and mental harm. That invokes more the image of concentration camps, or work camps, or displaced populations. Kinda what China is doing to the Uyghur people.

  • US calls new Hamas ceasefire proposal for Gaza a ‘breakthrough’
  • What OP said is that neither side can dictate the other.

    Israel wants Palestine and Gaza wiped out entirely. Genocide by a bunch of imperialist asshole who believe being Jewish shields them from criticisms of fascist behaviour.

    Hamas wants to kill all Jews in the world. They've mentioned that at least 3 times in their 25 articles about why they're doing what they're doing.

    The sooner either side realises they're not going to get what they want the better. However, I don't think that'll happen, because Israel is winning and being supplied with all the shiny toys from the US, and the whole world is just letting them do this.

  • Is there a Linux drawing tablet, or a tablet Linux can be installed on?

    I have a 2nd generation XP Pen Artist 13. It's a great tablet and I've managed to make it work with my Steam Deck too.


    It's basically an external monitor with pressure sensitive surface, so still less portable than an actual stand alone table. So I'm wondering if there is a tablet with a pressure sensitive screen and battery free pen that either comes with Linux or can install Linux on.

    The programs I use for making art are Krita, Gimp, and Blender 3D.


    Why are honeybee stingers barbed?

    There are many other bee species that can sting Humans and survive, but the European honeybee has a barbed stinger, so it cannot remove the stinger once it's stung. In attempting to remove the stinger the bee will rupture its lower abdomen and then die.

    Why? What is the evolutionary advantage to that?


    Looking for music similar to the album Dreaming by The Art of Noise

    Recently discovered The Art of Noise by looking up Max Headroom. Found a bunch of tracks I like that fit well with my already existing Spotify playlists.

    However, I want to find more music like three of the dance tracks on the album Dreaming. specifically like the tracks "Colour Red", "Colour Maroon", and "Colour White".

    Any recommended tracks/albums/artists?