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Europe and Australia both back down on CSAM scanning
  • We actually had this happen at a place I worked at.

    Old bloke came in to get his computer looked at since it wasn't working too well. The guys found all kinds of shit on his desktop so they took it out the back and called the cops.

    He ended up in jail which is nice.

  • Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – Announcement Trailer
  • Oh man, Wiimote and nunchuck on Metroid Prime was incredible. So goddamn intuitive. You just... point at everything. I've actually been holding off on the remake because my one and only playthrough of MP1 was with the wiimote. It ruled.

  • Is the Remaster crashing a lot for anyone else?

    Ever since release I'll get a random crash in the middle of gameplay. Sometimes it'll take a few minutes, sometimes an hour or so. Always during gameplay.

    Sucks when I'm playing online and I lose my score :(