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Martha-Ann Alito Condemns Pride Flags, the Left, and the Media
  • While I do think this is probably the case, there is always the problem of politicians being two-faced and pandering. You might never know what they truly think or feel about something, since it changes depending on who is near them. They might not even have an opinion save for the one reflected to their audience at the time. It's a problem either way, and obviously in this case we have more to go on than just this one conversation. But it is something I try to keep in mind when I hear something a politician secretly said while in a terrible crowd.

  • Mic check
  • I don't remember them not being a common thing at that period of time, but I do believe you that fox news said that about them. Fist bumps even among white folk have been a common thing for several decades, and even longer for black folk.

  • Mic check
  • Yeah, if there was any chance he was into her, or going to be into her, this would have increased those odds, not decreased. Doing little embarrassing things like that is actually a great tactic if someone was specifically trying to make someone fall in love with them. Lol. So, don't worry if it was embarrassing. But most importantly, don't dwell on it or dread it happening again. There is a reason it is a common trope in movies that people are fumbling totally normal actions around someone they have a crush on. It's going to happen again, and you want it to. Just don't force it, cuz forcing it and getting that wrong would probably actually hurt your chances.

  • Trump Demands Biden Remove Ad of Him Insulting Dead Troops
  • The thing is, most people wouldn't lie about this sort of thing. Or even be capable of making it up. Our minds just don't work this way. If any of this was incongruent from what we already publicly see from him, it would be harder to believe. But it exactly follows every other "hot mic" situation he has had so far. It's not like we're taking it on faith that some otherwise completely upstanding citizen is rumored to have done one terrible thing behind closed doors. Even if it turns out this specific thing isn't one of the things he said, he has said worse anyway, and not even behind closed doors. This would just pile on to an already disgusting pile of terrible things to say about people.

  • Anything Godzilla size or larger
  • Gonna guess those are states numbers. 100mg is the recommended daily dose other places. You guys have alot of lobbying to allow much higher numbers. Looks like even in the states it's still 100mg for teens though. Here they are literally labeled as a can being 2 servings. And that's the 16oz, which is what is called the big can here, we don't have a 24oz.

  • Anything Godzilla size or larger
  • In all seriousness, the "maximum daily dose" of monster is already a partial can. If anything, they should be smaller. But, a gallon jug with an appropriate sized cup included is also a viable solution, assuming it can stand up to repeated exposure to air without losing any of the properties that make it desireable to drink for some people. And do so for as long as it would take to drink it safely. If there was no safe way to reasonably drink it, they would have a hard time justifying the size to the fda, and an even harder time justifying it to all the other way better food agencies around the world.

  • agile is far left too. I will die on this hill
  • At his level of power, he can apparently make some changes and then delete the log of them. Only other server admins can see it then. But I'm getting this second hand from other server admins, haven't seen it myself.

  • agile is far left too. I will die on this hill
  • Him being communist isn't the problem, throwing his weight around unnecessarily is what is upsetting people. And he just keeps doing it. Like he just gets in a mood and decides to ban a bunch of people for fake violations they didn't actually do. It's all logged and people with high enough status can see the logs. He goes on tirades.

  • A lasting legacy
  • The entire point is eating all three at once. If you don't do it that way, your parents raised you wrong. Hehe. Scoop across, not within. Though to be fair, I've never bought the separated blocks one. I've only ever had the ones that are already swirled together to make the intention not only clear, but nearly impossible to circumvent.

  • A lasting legacy
  • People are bad at reading. Leads to a surprising number of english readers seeing Napoleon and Neapolitan as the same word. I went into more detail in a different reply in this thread if you want to know more.

  • A lasting legacy
  • A common reading comprehension error is people that have either been taught, or taught themselves to sight-read every word, and not just the super short ones. So rather than seeing what word is actually there for longer words, they see some of the more obvious or prominent letters and guess what the rest might be. And most of the people I know who learned that way never fixed it, no matter how big of a problem it became later. And it's like, a third of the people I know. Way more common than would be expected.

    So yeah, those people will see Napoleon and Neapolitan and see pretty much the exact same word.

  • Japanese scientist develops treatment that can help cats live up to 30 years
  • If their lives are artificially shortened by one specific condition, why not let them live to what would otherwise be their natural life span? If they could live to 30, it's not like they would be the equivalent of on their death bed for the last 15 years. They are robbed of what would otherwise be healthy years by this.

    No life span increase is ever about how many more deathbed years you get, they are about how many more healthy years you get before having the same amount of time on your death bed later.

  • Meta teases upcoming Meta Quest UI features in new commercials
  • I do know virtual occlusion is something they hope to bring during the Quest 3's life span. Using the depth sensor and a well-trained algorithm, they hope to pare it down to something functionally decent that can run within the available performance envelope. I don't know how close they are now. But they have been working on it since before Quest pro, since it was originally gonna have a depth sensor too.

  • The next No Man’s Sky update makes the game lonelier — and more dangerous
  • It's worth it, the game is actually one of the best space games ever now. In a genre that is pretty hard to be best in. So many amazing choices for space games. I'd argue the game is almost as good now as people thought it was gonna be before it released, hehe.

  • Joe Biden is correct that violent crime is near a 50-year low
  • Actually, even counting genocide, as much as there is right now, it is also on a decline, there used to be more. It's harder to keep it secret now. Which makes it seem like it's happening more, because we hear about it more, but it's actually one of the factors that makes it less common now.