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US-built pier will be removed from Gaza coast and repaired after damage from rough seas
  • The word used to describe Jesus's occupation in Greek is 'technōn' (Mark 6:3), which means something like 'builder'. In terms of etymological root, 'technician' might be closer. It commonly referred to carpenters, but also masons. There's an argument to be made that with Roman involvement in the area there were a lot of Roman summer stone building projects, making it more likely Jesus was a mason than a carpenter.

    Maybe he was a roofer?

  • A cool guide to Epicurean Paradox
  • I'm going to take a heretical Christian Pelagian position here, though I'm of the opinion that it's Calvin/St. Augustine are actually the ones who are in the wrong, for the following reason.

    I believe an all powerful God can allow for free will. Just because I delegate my authority doesn't mean I lose my sovereignty. I believe evil HAS to exist, not to test us, but to allow us to choose the Good. Goodness has no meaning of Evil is not an option.

    Anyway, the Augustine/Pelagius boils down to whether God is more about power or mercy, and Jesus is evidently more concerned about mercy. So, a God who creates someone to be Evil and then punishes them for their non -choice is a greater affront to God's mercy, than sharing his power is an affront to God's omnipotence.

  • Is this appletree dying? Can I do something to heal it?
  • Photos of the branches would be handy. It's easier to tell if disease is affecting the tree by looking for dead leaders, feeble or lagging foliage etc..

    That being said, this tree is vulnerable because of this damage to the truck, but it isn't necessarily dying. Basically, a wound like that is a convenient way for bacteria or fungus to make its way into the heartwood. There's not a lot you can do other than pray and enjoy what the tree has left. It might maintain vitality for years like this. If you start to see bark peeling off, branches dying, or leaves wilting, then there's some kind of bacteria or fungus in the trees vascular system and it's basically doomed.

    If you replace it, don't plant another apple there. It'll quickly pick up any diseases the old apple had.

  • I got a boat
  • You just happen to have a thurible at home? Just in case you want to celebrate the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom on a Tuesday afternoon and the house doesn't smell quite right?

    I'm not sure who you are, but I like your style.

  • First grow - should I be (more) worried?
  • That looks like mild nitrogen deficiency. Growing hydroponic herb requires a lot of nutrients. It's not like regular houseplants because they get so much more light. To do a good job, you really need probably a three part fertiliser system. At the very least, a high nitrogen fertiliser for growth, and a high phosphorus/low nitrogen fertiliser for the flowering cycle (lights 12 hrs on/12 hours off).

    HOWEVER, it looks like you are fairly close to finishing these. How many more weeks do you plan on going before you harvest them? It's common in the last week or two to just give the plants pure water (no fert) to force it to use up excess nutrients in the plant itself. Anecdotally, too much fertiliser salts in the plant itself contributes to a harsh smoke. You may just choose not to worry about Mike noticed deficiency and enjoy the end product.

    All in all, your plants look pretty healthy. I'd recommend doing some research on pruning for next time. You've got some pretty substantial lateral growth. Stems are a waste of effort... unless you're shooting to make bespoke hemp.

  • Trolls

    I rather randomly picked up the first four books in this series a couple decades ago when I was in France. It was a rather new experience for me as a Canadian to read a graphic novel with adult content. It is funny! I also learned a lot of vernacular and adult French in the process. Plus, I really liked the vibrant art.

    The Trolls are awesome.