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21 May 2024
  • This is in reference to a study where researchers put bananas in a primate enclosure (i think chimps, but would need to doublecheck) that were too high to reach. The chimps tried different solutions to reach the bananas, including stacking boxes. Suggests they are capable of abstract problem-solving, multi-step planning, insight, and other cognitive abilities.

    It's not super well-known outside of psychology, so my only guess as to ehy its a far sife comic is that it was in the news that week

  • Rekt
  • I'm sure it was accidental at first, but eventually they found out bogs were great at preserving things. There are plenty of records of people putting food in bogs to preserve them.

  • This needs its own song
  • Is this about true crime podcasts digging up old stories of murders for clicks, or is this saying that podcasters are the new radio stars, capable of becoming famous just from people listening to their voice?

  • Weapon Breaking Done Well?
  • Minecraft is pretty good with tool and weapon durability. The game's progression is built around getting tools that last longer, and the ones that break quickly are easy to replace. Repairing is fast, and pretty cheap for the first few repairs. By the time you have things that you want to never break, you've probably been able to find a Mending book or 2, so that they last forever

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