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Responsible guidance is a choice
  • Thank you for the correction on my terminology. Oil doesn't dissolve in soap and soap doesn't dissolve in water, emulsions are not solutions.

    However, I think the general point about oil attaching to the soap and the soap attaching to the water still stands. I would still say that "the soap attaches the oil to water" isn't quite right. Per your statement, the soap attaches to both oil and water on opposite sides of the molecule, so the oil isn't really attached to the water - at least not directly. That was the thing I was trying to articulate.

    But you also remind me of something a chemistry professor once told me: it's not the soap that cleans, it's not the heat that cleans, it's the physical scrubbing action that cleans. Soap and heat make it much easier, but if you add soap and hot water to a burnt dish and leave it to soak, everything will stay exactly where it is (separated) until you add physical energy to move things.

  • Microsoft's new Paint Cocreator requires an NPU — AI-powered feature requires 40 TOPS of performance and a Microsoft account
  • Why are you hitting Win+R and using it to crop screenshots when you could just use Win+Shift+S and take the screenshot properly to begin with? Snipping Tool also allows you to do basic doodles, and it even has the ability to move straight to Paint if you want to do anything slightly more advanced.

  • Microsoft's new Paint Cocreator requires an NPU — AI-powered feature requires 40 TOPS of performance and a Microsoft account
  • Yeah but if they did that they wouldn't be able to snoop and steal content from their users.

    It utterly disgusts me that Microsoft charges you for the software they use to harvest your data. At least Facebook and Google can maintain the facade that it's an exchange of data for access to the service (it never was).

  • Microsoft's new Paint Cocreator requires an NPU — AI-powered feature requires 40 TOPS of performance and a Microsoft account
  • its raster graphics editor included in every version of Windows since 1985

    Incredibly misleading. The new version of Paint in Windows 11 is a completely different piece of software, and older versions of Windows (10 and below) will not have this function.

    The day I can no longer use Windows 10 will be the day I move to Linux. I've already started using virtual machines for certain things so maybe performance will go up there.

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • Depends how much soap you use.

    The soap doesn't work by attaching oil to water, the soap attaches to the water and then the soap is carried away by the water. Oil doesn't dissolve in water, but oil dissolves in soap and soap dissolves in water. So long as you use enough of an excess of soap and mix it together enough, you'll be fine.

    Definitely agree with rinsing the drain before, during, and after, though. Especially as most mammal oils become less viscous (slightly runny) at higher temperatures.

  • Justice Alito questions possibility of political compromise in secret recording
  • Apparently I was mistaken, I think I skimmed the article while I was at work and drew the wrong conclusion. Lauren Windsor was not supporting Alito, she was exposing him.

    However Frank Schaeffer did indeed kickstart the abortion movement with his movie 1,000 Dolls, as well as a bunch of other films he made for Reagan. There's a BBC podcast called Things Fell Apart that goes into it in its first episode, it's well worth a listen. So is the rest of the series, it's all about the birth of various culture wars.

  • Russian Military Plane Suspected of Violating Finnish Airspace
  • The difference is that was over land, this was over water. Turkey had also warned the aircraft several times - the OP article makes no mention of whether Finland were tracking or communicating with this one.

  • CD Projekt Red are splitting from GOG somehow?

    Just had the following email from GOG about account migration for CD Projekt Red games, not quite sure what to make of it. Don't CDPR own GOG? Why do they need to be separated? What does this mean for the long term future of the services?

    >MIGRATION OF CD PROJEKT RED ONLINE SERVICES > >Dear [user], > >You are receiving this email due to your use of online features, including Cross Progression and My Rewards, in CD PROJEKT RED games, as well as your participation in platforms like the CD PROJEKT RED Forums. We are migrating these products to a new account system, owned and operated by CD PROJEKT S.A., effective from March 5th, 2024. This consolidation will involve the transfer of governance of your personal data, including your email address and username, from the GOG account system to the CD PROJEKT RED account system. > >What does this change? > >Starting March 5th, 2024, the above mentioned online features and services will be available through a new CD PROJEKT RED account system. > >Do I need to take any action? > >No, a new CD PROJEKT RED account will be created for you automatically based on your GOG Account information: user ID, username and email address. This will allow you to continue using features provided by CD PROJEKT RED with no interruption. No action is required on your end. > >How can I log in after the migration? > >Your new account will use the same email address as your GOG Account. If you’re already logged into any of our games, you will stay logged in when the account change takes place. > >What happens to my personal data? > >Upon migration, CD PROJEKT S.A. will become a data controller of your personal data connected with CD PROJEKT RED account. Transfer of data will be based on a legitimate interest in ensuring continuity of CD PROJEKT RED online services. For more information see updated CD PROJEKT S.A. Privacy Policy available here. > >How does this affect my current GOG account? > >Your GOG account and all your GOG purchases remain unaffected. The website and the GOG Galaxy app will continue to use the GOG account system. Your GOG account will be separate from your CD PROJEKT RED account. > >Can I opt out? > >If you do not wish to have a CD PROJEKT RED account created for you, you may opt out of the account creation process by clicking this link. After the account system migration, you will be able to delete your account with the same link. > >If you choose to opt out, please note that on March 5th, 2024 you will lose access to Cross Progression, My Rewards, and RED Forums, and all connected data will be permanently deleted. > >You can create a new CD PROJEKT RED account at any time. > >If you have any questions or need further assistance, please visit our support page. > >Warm Regards, > >GOG and CD PROJEKT RED Teams

    Jungle, DnB, Breakbeat, Juke, Breakcore, and more TWeaK

    I can't accept drum n bass


    TIL there is an auto-expand media setting!!

    When did this happen?! It makes me so happy!

    It's still not quite as good as old reddit with RES was, where you started with everything normal and then clicked a button to expand (or contract) media. Being able to contract everything is almost as useful, particularly if you want to scroll further down. However it's still a great improvement, as well as proof that lemmy just keeps getting better.

    All Things In Moderation TWeaK

    No room for nuance

    >Rule 1: No bigotry - including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, or xenophobia.

    I'm struggling here. Xenophobia? But they clearly do not support either side.

    All Things In Moderation TWeaK

    Rule 1 and 2, the ultimate catchall

    If you use both as justification, you don't have to worry about different communities having them the other way around. It gets real fun when a community has the rules one way, but the instance sets them the other way.

    >Rule 1: No bigotry - including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, or xenophobia. > >Rule 2: Be respectful, especially when disagreeing. Everyone should feel welcome here.

    Meanwhile, replying to the commenter with "My little cyκa" (bitch) received no moderation.

    Frankly, moderators should be more detailed in their reports, and clearly specify which rules they are acting under.

    The Removed Comment entries should also specify which community they were removed from, just like the bans. This would further clarify the set of rules being moderated under. You can determine this by viewing a community modlog, but not when viewing the modlog overall (although I'm sure the core database has this functionality). ____ However the user here definitely deserved moderation, and a 3 day ban is appropriate. Maybe not based on the first comment alone, but the overall haul of them. The Kkkracker label might not have been justified by those comments, but they certainly have a bias leaning that way, based on some of their other comments.

    I almost thought this was another case of the mod removing the same comment multiple times, but no, the user really did post the same comment over and over again.

    All Things In Moderation TWeaK

    Modlogs are a double-edged sword


    Text: Banned, reason: PUNISHMENT TIME BITCH! -> Unbanned -> Banned, reason: liberal

    I bet they thought they were sending a message to the user, not writing an entry into a permanent log.

    Moderation on lemmy really should include the option of messaging the user, though.


    My Favourite Buddhist Quote

    This is no doubt a massive butchery of the original quote, taken from my memory of the book "The Buddha, Geoff and Me", but I hope the sentiment carries through regardless.

    Every day, the Buddha would walk through town. While walking, he would pass a man, who deeply despised the Buddha and everything he stood for. He would hurl insults at the Buddha, the most vile and reprehensible accusations. Every day, the Buddha would just nod and smile towards the man, then carry on his walk. Every day, the man would say the worst thing he could think of.

    One day, the man did not say anything horrible. He stood in front of the Buddha, stopping him, and asked him, "I say all these things to you every day, why don't you react? Do you not understand how much I think you're a horrible person?"

    The Buddha replied, after a moment, "If I gave you a gift, would you accept it?"

    The man said, "No, of course not. You're the worst, I wouldn't accept anything from you."

    "Then who would the gift belong to, would it be yours?"

    "No, it's not mine, you have to keep it!"

    The Buddha replied: "Such is the way with your anger. If I do not accept it, then it belongs to you, and you alone."


    Defamation Lawsuit Against Afroman Filed by Ohio Cops Will Partially Proceed Defamation lawsuit against Afroman filed by Ohio cops will partially proceed

    A judge tossed two of the claims against Afroman, finding that "the issue appears to be the humiliation and outrage that the officers feel at having their likenesses displayed and mocked."

    Defamation lawsuit against Afroman filed by Ohio cops will partially proceed

    A judge tossed two of the claims against Afroman, finding that "the issue appears to be the humiliation and outrage that the officers feel at having their likenesses displayed and mocked."


    The rapper Afroman will have to continue to defend himself against a defamation lawsuit filed by Ohio sheriff's deputies who raided his house after a judge allowed some of the deputies' claims to proceed.

    In a ruling last week, an Ohio county judge dismissed two of the deputies' claims against Afroman, best known for his 2000 hit "Because I Got High," finding that the rapper's commentary was protected artistic speech. However, the judge allowed three other claims to proceed, finding that it was not outside the realm of possibility that the deputies could prove they were entitled to relief.

    The Adams County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) executed a search warrant on Afroman's house last August on suspicion of drug possession, drug trafficking, and kidnapping. As Reason reported in June, the deputies were searching for evidence of outlandish claims from a confidential informant that the house contained a basement dungeon.

    Deputies found neither large amounts of marijuana nor a depraved dungeon. Afroman was never charged with a crime. He responded by releasing two music videos viciously mocking the deputies—"Lemon Pound Cake" and "Will You Help Me Repair My Door." He also sold merchandise with images of the deputies and used the footage to promote his products and tours.

    The mockery offended the deputies so much that seven of them filed a lawsuit against Afroman in March. The deputies argued Afroman used their personas for commercial purposes without permission, causing them to suffer "embarrassment, ridicule, emotional distress, humiliation, and loss of reputation."

    In an October 13 ruling on Afroman's motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Adams County Judge Jerry McBride tossed out the deputies' claims of invasion of privacy by misappropriation and unauthorized commercial use, finding that, "while their quality and appropriateness may be questioned, [Afroman's] artistic and musical renderings have substantial and creative content which outweighs any adverse effect on the plaintiffs in terms of their right of publicity."

    "In this case, the value that seems to be at issue here is not the monetary value of the officers' likenesses, which appears to be nominal," McBride wrote. "Instead, the issue appears to be the humiliation and outrage that the officers feel at having their likenesses displayed and mocked by the defendant. Undoubtedly, they also feel aggrieved by their investigative actions being questioned publicly."

    However, McBride allowed three of the officers' other claims—false light, unreasonable publicity of private lives, and defamation—to survive, finding that many of Afroman's comments on the deputies appeared to be statements of fact rather than opinion. For example, Afroman posted on social media that deputies wanted to kill him, that one of them stole money from him, and that another deputy was a lesbian.

    "My clients are pleased with the Court's ruling denying the defendants' motion to dismiss their claims," Robert Klingler, an attorney for the deputies, says. "Telling lies about people in public discourse is never justified, especially when those lies are vile, intentional, and meant only to unfairly damage people's reputations. Mr. Foreman has until now acted as if he can say anything he wants, not matter how untrue and despicable, without any repercussions. We look forward to demonstrating that neither Mr. Foreman, nor anyone else, has the right to intentionally lie about others for the purpose of causing them injury."

    The Ohio chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed an amicus brief in support of Afroman's motion to dismiss the suit, arguing it was a blatant example of what's known as a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP).

    "We were pleased to see that the trial court properly dismissed several of the police plaintiffs' claims," says David Carey, deputy legal director of the ACLU of Ohio. "Even at this early stage, it is obviously meritless for the officers to claim that Afroman 'misappropriated' commercial value merely by commenting on the events of a destructive search of his home—even if that commentary took the form of harsh mockery, and even if it was placed on products that he offered for sale."

    Such retaliation for publicly criticizing the police is sadly common. Reason recently reported on a lawsuit filed by an Iowa man who was arrested twice for criticizing his local police department during the public comment period of a city council meeting.


    Bugged comment - federated but not hosted locally

    I made this comment yesterday, however it doesn't show up in my profile nor on - all I can see is replies to the comment from my notifications, but not the comment tree in the post and all 3 replies have the same url to the same non-existent parent comment. When I browse the full comments none of them show up. It also appears on some federated instances, but not others - it's there on kbin, but not on or dbzer0 - yet somehow I have replies from all 3.


    Context links don't work

    I think since the 0.18.3 update, the Context links in comments aren't working for me. On the website, it does nothing. On Jerboa, it loads something, but it misses off the top of the comment tree, and doesn't let me click it again to go further up the tree.

    The previous version made you click Context multiple times to work your way up the tree, and as you went higher the comment you were looking at might end up further down the tree (branches would be displayed based on your sorting order, rather than the specific context chain). However despite its flaws it was far more functional than this.


    A proposal for instance agnostic post and comment links

    Maybe this post would be more at home on a community, or on github, but this place is my home and I feel like I'd like to get opinions here first :o)

    Right now, there is no way to make an instance agnostic link for a post or comment, like you can do with users or communities. Each instance assigns its own number to posts and comments, and there isn't really an easy way to find a post or comment on one instance when starting from another.

    For example, if I get a link to a post in a community, in order for me to comment from I would first have to go to[email protected], then find the post in there manually. If I want to reply to a specific comment, I would have to find the post on in this way, then also search that thread for the comment. If you're looking for an old post with a lot of comments, this can be quite challenging.

    Instead, I think lemmy needs to revise how it numbers comments and posts, using the same system used for users and communities. Rather than every instance using a different number, they should use the federated host's number followed by @hostinstance. The local user would still see the original federated link, but users from other instances would see it in their own instance with a tag for the federated host instance. This way, anyone could easily edit any link to make it work in their own instance (provided that link has already been federated in their own instance). ____ Here is a specific example I wrote in a comment elsewhere:

    For a specific example, to me, this post is In the original, federated instance, the post is Instead, it should appear to me as[email protected].

    Your comment, to me, is The federated link is This is the link you see, and should continue to see, but I should see[email protected].

    Using the instance in the numbering scheme means each federated host instance manages its own numbering while ensuring there will never be a clash between instances.[email protected] and would refer to two completely different comments. This information is already being transmitted in the process of federation, so it’s just a matter of tagging the data when it’s received.


    Can't reply to comments

    I frequently find this, for some reason comments aren't federating properly. When they reply to my comment thread I am unable to reply to them, and when I log into directly and post there my comment doesn't show up on for some time at all.

    Edit: A good fix is to apply a language to your comment, eg English. This should allow your comment to post. However it seems like there is still some issue with comments federating across after that - your comment might appear on kbin, but you might not get their replies again.

    SNOOcalypse - document, discuss, and promote the downfall of Reddit. TWeaK

    Reddit is already starting to block new APIs

    I tried to set up shreddit to clear out an alt, I've created the app and it exists on my account but it's completely blocked.

    My guess is they aren't allowing any new 3rd party app tokens to be approved.


    Getting a few errors on page loads

    I've had a few errors loading pages in new tabs. Unfortunately I've been hitting refresh before screenshotting most, however this is one of them.

    The link that failed to load: Although, it loaded immediately with one refresh.

    I've also had a few Cloudfire 503 error pages across various tabs. Again, these loaded immediately with a single refresh.

    There was one other issue I noticed, I tried replying to a user on a thread, and the reply wouldn't post. The comment I was replying to was less than 10 min old. The circle would just keep spinning, but also I noted that it didn't give me the "leave this page?" popup when I tried to refresh. I tried many times over, then gave up and just replied with my own account. Edit: The thread I can't comment on:

    Edit2: Another thread I can't comment on: