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Why is Google takeout so bitchy?
  • Not really helping you here. But when I started using Google Photos, I still manually downloaded files from my phone to local storage. I did this mainly to ensure I have the original copies of my photos and not some compressed image. Turns out that was a wise move as exporting photos from Google is a pretty damned awful experience.

  • British cuisine is like...
  • I don't often have them, given they are a heart attack on a plate. But an English breakfast can set you up for the day and baked beans are a staple ingredient. Particularly if they are cooked in the bacon/sausage fat.

  • Today I'm grateful I'm using Linux - Global IT issues caused by Crowdstrike update causes BSOD on Windows
  • I guess it depends on numbers too. We had 200 to work on. If you're talking hundreds more than looking at automation would be a better solution. In our scenario it was just easier to throw engineers at it. I honestly thought at first this was my weekend gone but we got through them easily in the end.

  • Today I'm grateful I'm using Linux - Global IT issues caused by Crowdstrike update causes BSOD on Windows
  • Sadly not. Windows doesn't boot. You can boot it into safe mode with networking, at which point maybe with anaible we could login to delete the file but since it's still manual work to get windows into safe mode there's not much point

  • What do you prefer to selfhost?
  • I've configured my kids devices to use NextDNS, that way they are getting filtering no matter what network they use.

    AdGuard does what I need internally, it's just external is the issue. VPN's are not a solution, my kids are old enough to know they can just disable it to work around it. They don't know about the Private DNS option that I have configured on their devices... Yet

  • What do you prefer to selfhost?
  • Jellyfin Plex (I wanted to get rid of it but I found my son's TV has no Jellyfin client available so I have to keep Plex up for him) Nginx Caddy Ddclient to Cloudflare for my home dynamic IP Syncthing (such an underrated app) Wireguard HomeAssistant Some other stuff that isn't all that interesting

  • PSA: GoDaddy gated their own API. DDNS users warned
  • This is what I do. Registered with Porkbun but have two domains pointing to Cloudflare NS's for DNS. I then have a container locally that looks for IP changes on my home connection and if detected updates DNS to the new IP.

  • Pixel 9 Pro Euro Prices Leak - Should We Worry?
  • Never buy a Pixel at full price. They drop or go on offer after a few months. At least from what I have seen in the UK. Carriers often do good deals too. It may take a few months but buying on or near to release you'll pay a premium.

  • Guild Wars 2 - Fahrar