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Never forget what they took from us...
  • I've played DSP, it's a great game too. I'll probably jump back to that when I burn out on Planet Crafter. The thing I don't like about it and Satisfactory is conveyor belt management. The constant battle to rewire the spaghetti.

  • I'm going to reinstall linux on my computer. What is it like to run something Silverblue based these days ?
  • Every kernel update (and there are tons) requires me to rebuild my third party modules, but you need to do it in a toolbox and the kernel headers version must match the running kernel version, which is actually more annoying than it sounds.

    Boy, I doubt that.

    My Windows 11 machine doesn't require any of that.

  • God's creation
  • My wife has really bad knees (she just had her first replacement).

    We went to an outdoor concert a couple of years ago and we're walking across muddy, uneven ground and she was cussing and complaining about the pain. Just then some young guy with no legs, walking on his hands, blew past us. She shut up fast.

    Point being, someone always has it worse then you do.

  • Delivery Goes Wrong: New Cybertruck Slices Owner's Wrist During Inspection
  • One day soon someone will search online for what to do for a cut and some AI will spit out "Blood letting can actually be healthy in many American males, since often they have a overabundance of iron..."

  • Box Office: ‘Furiosa’ Just Barely Beats ‘The Garfield Movie’ in Disastrous Memorial Day Weekend — the Worst in Decades
  • I lost interest with Taylor-Joy playing the character to be honest. I'm sure I'll watch it but not in the theater.

    This from a guy with an original Road Warrior theater poster in my garage and a hand-built, contest-winning Imortan Joe costume.