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Booty Shorts
  • Is the question:

    How big is that butt to be able to fit all the text from that sign on a pair of booty shorts and still be legible?

  • Tacos.
  • True!

  • Little things you can do to save the environment
  • I should have known that my comment needed a "/s" at the end....

  • Holding a grudge
  • I spit on the sweet roll...every...single....time

  • Ah, the true path to socialism!
  • MxM111 clearly does, so one who at the least

  • Ah, the true path to socialism!
  • The two are hardly mutually exclusive....oh, bother....

  • Tacos.
  • I always hate that argument. Why be a decent human without the threat of eternal damnation? I mean that threat doesn't seem to stop a vast number of religious people from being unbelievably cruel to their fellow humans, so....

  • Apple limits third-party browser engine work to EU devices
  • I have the feeling that it would require a GPS spoof

  • These bike helmets don’t work, officials warn in recall alert
  • Nah, that's late stage capitalism. If any regulatory body was on top of their shit, Amazon would be held accountable for selling potentially dangerous goods.

  • Donald Trump is barely holding it together at trial — no wonder Republicans are afraid of a debate
  • Totally, I have a mid August trip planned, but something came up. I'll sell you my ticket for half the price, £5000, it's all inclusive though, so you don't have to pay for anything once you're there.

  • Get your old black powder bombs ready
  • Ugh....I know raked joints are a stylistic choice, and in certain cases it looks great, but with the slope on that wall that's just a goddamn water trap, knock years if not decades of longevity off that section of wall....smfh

  • Has anyone else noticed a large influx of Trolls lately?

  • Half Of PlayStation Players Still Haven't Upgraded To PS5
  • I have a ps1, 2, 3 and 4, a psp, a vita, I also have a NA snes, OG xbox, xbox360 and xbox one. I pretty much don't play with any of them, I work too much...

  • Half Of PlayStation Players Still Haven't Upgraded To PS5
  • I only bought a ps4 well after the 5 dropped, and only because my pal had got a new xbox and wasn't playing with his ps4 anymore. Long story short I got the ps4, 3 controllers, and 5 hardcopy games for £50 and a joint. Until I can get a ps5 for that....I ain't upgrading

  • Swedish is a beautiful language
  • They are not. They're about 185cm tall 70 wide and 80 deep and sit on the floor.

  • Swedish is a beautiful language
  • We have drying cupboards at work, and until my wife showed me this a week ago I thought they new about my sordid past, now I understand that they're probably just Swedish....

  • Ghost of Tsushima on PC Won't Be Released in Specific Countries Due to PSN Restrictions and Here's the List
  • Didn't they say that a PSN account won't be required for the single player content? Seems kinda like they're getting ready to shoot themselves in the foot again.

  • I bought a Surface Pro 4 - Update

    So I posted a few weeks ago asking for opinions on the Surface Pro 4, trying to decide if I should pick one up and slap Linux on it. Opinions were.....mixed.

    I got a decent deal on one, and that's partly why it's taken me so long to post an update. It was cheap because the previous buyer had returned it to the seller claiming that there were power issues. The seller said they hadn't encountered said issues in the hour or so of testing they did, and I call fucking bullshit! Once powered off or restarted it was taking up to 48hrs before it would grace me with booting up. And usable time ranged for 15mins to an hour before system lockup resulting in either a freeze until battery run out, or immediate system shutdown, and another 12-48hrs wait to power it up again. Obviously this is suboptimal.

    Part of the issue, possibly unsurprisingly, was windows and the stripped down BIOS. After turning off secure boot, turning off the "battery saver" mode(restricts charging to 50% of total capacity) and scrubbing windows off the drive like a crusty booger...things have improved. I'm still unable to restart the device, restart powers down, but no power up. Wait times to power up again went from probably 36hrs average to 2hrs average, and if I just don't turn it off, the system is stable.

    My time with Nobara on the surface has been really enjoyable, everything is just stock, I've not wanted to muck around too much and get attached in case I can't figure out the actual root cause of the power issues. As such, not really much else to report other than Nobara running well, and pretty much everything running as well or better than when windows was installed. Touch functionality works slightly differently in Nobara than Windows, but that's not really a bother for me.

    If any of you greybeard wizards has any ideas on what might be happening with the power cycle issues I'd appreciate some suggestions. I think it may be a battery issue, but I'm waiting on a hot air station to be able to open it up and have a proper look at it's guts. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with temps, that was my first thought but that didn't pan out.

    Thinking about buying a Surface Pro 4/5

    Just putting out feelers, anyone here run Linux on a surface pro 4 or 5? What distro did you use, and how did it go?

    Edit: I've pulled the trigger on a Surface Pro 4. I'll make a new post in a week with my early impressions, which distro I've gone with, etc etc etc.

    OpenVPN and NoIP not playing nice

    I've got OpenVPN running, and the NoIP DUC running, if I setup OpenVPN to use my current IP everything works well, can connect, and more importantly can access the Internet. If I configure it to use my DynDNS through NoIP then it allows my to connect, but I then have no access outside my local network. If I was just trying to access a server that would be fine, but obviously this is supposed to be a VPN.....

    Is there any interest in "Homebrew Music" Community?

    I've been making tunes for 20+ years, I'd like to post some somewhere for you people to probably not enjoy much as it's a bit shit.

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals SturgiesYrFase
    My boy Jin, basking...and also pretending I hadn't just fed him dinner....
    A place to share your artwork, be it drawing, music, or something else! SturgiesYrFase
    Slave Labour - Owl Head

    Track I made a few months ago, and a picture to go with it by one of the AI generative programs.

    Slave Labour - Owl Head

    Can't figure out how to reply to items in Inbox

    Prior to 0.0.33 there were all the buttons below messages, vote arrows, show context, mark read and reply. Have they been hidden and I just don't know how to show them? Is this a bug? Am I dumb?

    EDIT: Added my bug report as embedded post link.

    EDIT²: Closing my bug report, solution is to long press on the username area of the message.

    0.0.33 update log should mention this. It's a good feature, but frustrating if it's not mentioned in the documentation.

    Edit³: I believe that the line in the changelog:

    "Comment action bar improvements by @twizmwazin in #453" Refers to what is happening, I'm not entirely sure.

    Hoping to drive more engagement here, sooooo....

    What's everyone reading? I'm on book 10 of the Wheel of Time, and Creatures of Light and Darkness by Alan Dean Foster

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