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When was the last time you made Jello?
  • All that time and the best response you had is "nuh uh!". When I counter an argument and the response is pure cope, like you here, it's a pretty clear admission that you actually can't respond.

  • When was the last time you made Jello?
  • When someone correctly says in the context of UK English "the yanks call (UK English A) (US English B)!" and they respond "no, we call (US English B) (US English B)" and proceeds to provide a US centric lecture of nomenclature, they tend to be contradicting them. On their own geographically correct usage of the word.

    Corollary example also appropriate for the US. MtF person recently transitions and word is spreading.

    Person 1: They even call Roy Martha.
    Person 2: No, I call Roy Roy.

    The only thing better than getting lectured on reading comprehension is being lectured by someone who didn't comprehend the reading.

  • When was the last time you made Jello?
  • The literal first comment in the thread mentions a confusion of the non-American vs American "world" in reference to naming.

    The next highlights a difference in US English versus English elsewhere.

    I'd long to hear how the context is solely US English.

  • When was the last time you made Jello?
  • Hello United States citizen. Believe it or not, there are English speaking countries other than the United States. Not only is this true, they also use the same English words to describe different things.

    In the UK, jam refers to the typically fruit based spread you eat with something like bread. Seeds? No seeds? It's all jam. Jelly refers to a gelatinous gelatin dessert, commonly known as Jell-O in the United States.

    Marmalade is a jam made using a citrus fruit and its peel. Shockingly, it means the same thing in both countries and would be referred to as jam in both.

    In the United States, jelly is what you stated. The same thing but with the entire fruit, which you incorrectly dubbed preserves, is called jam. Preserves, specifically fruit preserves, refers to either as it is specifically defined as a preparation of fruits whose main preserving agent is sugar. Jam, jelly (in freedumb speech), and marmalade are all fruit preserves, as are fruit chutneys and conserves.

    Tl;dr: you're on the Internet. Before authoritatively and incorrectly correcting someone, consider using it to verify that you're actually correct first.

  • I have a stupid does one date if you don't like new people and don't want sex?
  • Oh please, I'm hardly the only one that ghosts people on these sites. Half of the time, the other person stops talking and ghosts me instead.

    Looks like you need therapy for your lack of empathy. "At least half of the other people are assholes too" is a piss poor excuse for being an asshole yourself.

    Your whole post is a big, glaring, flashing red flag. It makes it pretty clear that in a potential relationship of two people, only your feelings are important to you. Definitely not good friend material and you sure as shit shouldn't be raising children.

  • [Overlord Gaming] Denuvo performance impact tested before and after DRM was removed.
  • I've come to prefer waiting. When a new game comes out, what I tend to see from the scene is the initial release, then a few updates/patches, a lull where updates/patches are missed (unless it's pretty popular), and eventually a rerelease with the now final updated version.

    Waiting for the last means no figuring out why cracks don't work, wrestling with weird performance issues, etc.