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What’s a good place to get engagement rings that **arent* diamond?
  • My wife found an Emerald ring she really liked from more of a boutique style jewelry store owned by a young woman. It had the vibe of a brick-and-mortar Etsy store. We went to a few old school jewelers and hated the experience. It felt like we were being scammed by some slimy diamond dealer.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I semi-regularly dream that I'm playing a video game, but it usually is a more like a hybrid between controlling a video game character, and being the actual character.

    It usually manifests itself as some alternate reality version of WoW (because I've played that more than any other game, I assume). Sometimes I even think to myself, "it's amazing that I've never seen this part of WoW before!"

  • Is anyone else having trouble giving up Reddit due to content?
  • Sports subs are the #1 reason I still occasionally check in on Reddit. I've removed every non-sports sub. Sports subs can also be sorta "reddity", but it's still my favorite place for news and discussion.

  • Question about FOMO in Baldur's Gate 3
  • It forces replayability if you're the kind of person who needs to do everything.

    It's absolutely enjoyable. The choices feel like they have a lot of weight. At the end of the day it's just a video game, so you just have to pick a choice and see what happens. You can also save scum if you're super unhappy with an outcome, but I try to avoid that.

  • Question about FOMO in Baldur's Gate 3
  • There are absolutely irreparable consequences to your actions in this game. You have to "plan ahead" in the sense that you have to be sure what path you want to go down because other paths will become closed or non-existent. It also is sometimes not obvious which path makes the most sense to take, which is by design.

    Without trying to spoil anything, I made a mistake with one of my characters which caused them to permanently leave the group and I can't get them back.

  • How Do You Deep Clean a Mattress? What Tools Do I Need?
  • I have similar nightsweat problems, so I did something close to this once:

    If you Google "clean mattress with baking soda" you'll find a bunch of similar recipes. Lots suggest using essential oils, which I didn't use.

    The results were decent when I did it. Definitely de-funkified the mattress a bit, and removed some of the stains. It was hardly like new, but it was definitely better than before.

  • [Polygon] D&D’s next iteration needs to keep things simple, too
  • My friends and I started playing DnD during COVID. We're all at least normal intelligence, college educated people (I even work in a job where I regularly research federal regulations, so I'm used to navigating complex rules). Our biggest complaint was how obtuse and difficult to pin down some of the rules in this game are.

    Six of us spent a half hour trying to figure out how darkvision works, and the answers we found online didn't seem to match up with what we were reading in the handbook. You would find something mentioning darkvision, but it wouldn't explain how it worked. Then somewhere else would say something different about darkvision. It seemed like you needed to go to multiple different sections of the handbook to piece everything together. We encountered multiple instances of this.

    Our one friend defended it all saying it's deliberately obtuse to allow for DM flexibility, but most of us disagree with that approach. The rules should be explicitly stated, and then a caveat added that all rules are flexible if the DM wants them to be. There should not be a debatable way to play the game, as far as official rules are concerned. How you bend the rules is entirely up to you.

  • What was your biggest fantasy book disappointment?
  • Holy shit yes. I thought Way of Kings was incredible, and thought I found my favorite book series. Then the next book was fine, and the third book was so insufferable I quit after 800 pages. Never even made it to book four, which I hear is even worse.

  • Is it possible for a human being to attain lasting happiness (without drugs)?
  • I think happiness is a misunderstood concept. It's something that many people take for granted when they're young, but as they get older it seems to wane and comes with a lot more caveats. Your baseline used to be happy, but now your baseline is more neutral. You spend 80% of your time being neither happy nor sad. The idea of being happy all the time is sort of a farce, and I tend to assume people who claim to be are either lying or stupid.

    Happiness is more about taking a step back from your life and viewing it all in one big picture. If you like what you see, then you can consider yourself happy, even if that doesn't mean you're smiling about it right this moment.

  • Farscape
  • The story arcs are some of the best I've ever seen. I don't really think any other sci-fi shows stands up to Farscape's drama. There's something incredibly unique about this show.

  • Farscape
  • This is one of my favorite shows ever, but every person I've recommended this show to has had a weird reaction to it and only made it through a handful of episodes.

    People have a hard time with the fact that there are essentially muppets as main characters. The first season is also slightly janky. The production quality really picks up in the later seasons.

    I think you need an open mind to appreciate this show. It's very cleverly written, and very rewarding. But it is VERY quirky and even cringey at times.

  • Pokercommunity Strae

    I folded what would have been a royal flush.

    Dealt Kc8d in early position. UTG open raised, and I folded, which is standard for me.

    Flop comes TcJcQc. I audibly say to myself "please don't put the ace out there." Of course the turn is Ac, and I would have made my first ever royal flush (also would have been the first I've even seen).

    Hard to be mad, because it's a normal fold. Just annoyed a bit.


    What are the actual, realistic expectations coming into this season?

    Losing the Super Bowl is so strange, because the only objective measure of improvement would be to win it this season. But that feels sort of like an unfair expectation. The team should theoretically be better though, so maybe that is the expectation?

    When you win the Super Bowl you don't really care about improving. We could have gone 0-16 after we won in 17/18 and I wouldn't really have cared (I still would have been disappointed, but you get the point).

    Everyone expects this team to make the playoffs, but will the season be a disappointment if we lose in the WC/Divisional round? How about the Championship?

    It just feels so pessimistic to think anything less than winning the Super Bowl is a disappointment.

    Golf Strae

    How do I chip over a nearside bunker?

    I've attached a picture that hopefully illustrates the situation I often find myself in. I'm still quite a beginner at golf.

    I'm in the rough outside of the bunker, but I have to chip over the bunker to a nearside pin. Bonus jank if the green runs downhill.

    I feel essentially incapable of getting the ball close to the pin. I just have to settle for ending up on the far side of the green, 30-50 feet away or whatever. Then I have at least two putts to get it down, so this shot feels super score-inflating.

    In a perfect world I wouldn't be in this situation, but I'm not good enough to avoid it.

    Ideally I would like to get more loft and just barely plop it on the other side of the bunker and roll to the pin. Is that essentially the ideal play? Any general tips on achieving this?

    Golf Strae

    Get a lesson!

    There are zero posts in this community, so I figured I would start it off with the best advice that can be given to a beginner.

    Get a lesson!

    Don't read articles. Don't take swing advice from randos on the internet. And for the love of God don't watch YouTube videos. They will ruin your swing if you don't know what you're doing (which you don't because you're a beginner).

    I spent years working with a bad, inconsistent swing. One, 1 hour session with a local instructor for $125 fixed it so that I'm consistently flushing all of my clubs, and hitting with a slight draw. And I gained 10-15 yards on every club, despite that not being my goal at all. I genuinely would have paid double or triple the price if I knew how much better it would make me.

    So why did it take me so long to get a lesson? I think there are a few errors in thought that cause people to avoid taking a lesson (or at least did with me):

    1. You just genuinely think you can work it out by yourself, and taking a lesson feels almost like cheating. Or maybe your ego is preventing you from taking a lesson. - Drop the ego, and realize that most people who are any good at golf have probably had a lesson at some point. Golf is hard, and without a professional it's hard to know if what you're changing in your swing is helping or hurting (more on this later).

    2. You think that for some reason your swing is the exception, and they won't be able to fix it. - This is just categorically wrong. There is nothing special about your swing. Any instructor worth their salt can suss out your issues pretty quickly, and give you drills and advice to work through them. My instructor found four major problems with my swing within the first seven balls I hit.

    3. It's too expensive/isn't worth the money. - If $125 is too expensive, then you're playing the wrong sport. Skip a few rounds and you'll have enough money for a lesson. Trust me it's worth it. One side of this is the thought that if you can fix it for free via YouTube/Articles, then its better than paying for it. This is something that's true in theory, but almost impossible in practice. Without immediate feedback it's incredibly difficult to apply advice you get from YouTube/Articles. Not to mention that everyone is different, and what works for someone else might not work for you. An instructor can give you immediate advice, tailored to your peculiarities. And you KNOW the advice is correct, and will work if you keep practicing it. What's more, the instructor will give you specific drills to work on exactly where your issues lie. There's huge peace of mind in knowing that what you're doing is eventually going to help, rather than constantly second guessing any advice you've received from the internet. Trust the process.

    Everyone who gets a lesson says the exact same thing, "I wish I had done this sooner." Get the lesson sooner rather than later, and get those good habits ingrained early. Professionals are professionals for a reason.

    Get a lesson!